Also In Jetpack News: Tribes Ascend Trailer

EDIT: Boo, posted this before. Ignore me!

Gosh, I still haven’t got around to playing on the Tribes Ascend beta, but I really must get on with it because things like this trailer (which I missed earlier in the week and post now for the sake of Saturday) make it look fairly promising. It’s been a while since I’ve been taken with a game like this, but between this and Firefall it seems inevitable for 2012. Anyone playing it?


  1. ThTa says:

    This is actually the exact same trailer Adam’s posted before:
    link to

    It’s just that it’s recently been re-added to their YouTube stuff.

  2. SinineSiil says:

    This is soo late. Its one of first trailers I saw before getting into the game.

  3. povu says:

    A series of shots I will never make…

  4. NieArch says:

    They should change name of this game to Shazbot: Ascend or Tribes: I am the greatest Shazbot.

    • HermitUK says:


    • Droopy The Dog says:

      Their website needs a banner at the top that just reads

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      I had never heard the word Shazbot til now, and so from watching the video and the comment “I am the greatest Shazbot”, I presumed it meant: Someone who runs around as compliant, predictable cannon fodder in order to make their friends “Pwnage” video (or beta trailer) look good. Sort of a human bot, whose only purpose is death in the service of glamourisation – as I imagine a girl called Sharon, or Shaz, might do. Hence, Shazbot.

      Then Urban Dictionary told me its a swear word originating from Mork and Mindy. Today has been a day of discovery.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      It’s the notoriously spammable in game curse in the tribes series too. You’ll hear it at least 40 times between the end of the match and the next map loading usually.

      Having recreated a lot of these in the past couple of days, I’m not so inclined to call any of that video staged except the flag pass, and the mortar shot is incredibly lucky but not impossible.

      Also, that video needs more skillshots bouncing the flag about. Most. Fun. Ever.

  5. EmS says:

    this game is awesome
    its finally a game that docent just reward unlocks it rewards player skill and if you just keep playing your getting better and better
    not like some certain other games
    ehem bf3 them where you have to unlock shoes and fuel for the helicopter

    • yhalothar says:

      To be honest, at present this game features some a number of unlocks, which do give you serious advantage in exchange for playtime, not skill. The infiltrator’s Backstab perk (+50% damage to melee attacks from the back), for example, allows you to oneshot medium armor players, but you can only unlock it after grinding a specific skill tree. Same with seriously decreased steal pack energy usage. Same with Juggernaut’s Superheavy perk that lets you defend the flag effectively… You still need skill, mind you. But…

    • mouton says:

      They did say they will heavily modify the skill trees. Also, there will be transferable xp between classes.

  6. Navagon says:

    Now that, that looks like fun!

  7. skedar says:

    This is one of the FPS I have been the most interested in lately. However, I still don’t think that I will give up Shattered Horizon to go play this.
    Both games have a low gravity setting or a floating feeling at least, Tribes looks much more fast, but also offers less freedom in movement. I’ll try it once it is out anyway. Have not played the beta.

    • Gramarye says:

      My first thought was “Tribes, with a jetpack and skis, offers less freedom of movement?” Then I actually looked at Shattered Horizons.

    • Juan Carlo says:

      You still play Shattered Horizon? Who are you playing with? Every time I’ve tried to play I literally could not find even one human player on the servers.

      As to freedom of movement, I think less is more when it comes to FPS’s. If you give them to much freedom of movement, the game basically just becomes a “Descent” clone (which, actually, was my impression of “Shattered Horizon” the first time I played it. Everyone was crowing about how awesome and original it was on release, but to me it plays like a re-skinned “Descent”–with a few minor tweaks, of course, like the ability to drop out of 360 degree movement and walk on walls). Anyhow, being a descent clone isn’t awful if you like Descent, but I think it would be a bad direction for Tribes to take.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah are people still playing Shattered Horizon? If so, then awesome, I’d love to give that another try.

      But realistically, I wouldn’t compare Tribes to SH. They are pretty different games, and Tribes is way more fast paced.

    • Xocrates says:

      No idea regarding the human players, but they did add (fairly decent) bots to Shattered Horizon some time ago, so it is possible to still play it.

    • skedar says:

      There is a core of very regular Shattered Horizon players (just check the weekly leaderboards, you’ll spot them easily), we have fun games everyday, more often between 5 and 10 humans at a time on a given server, and the rest is bots…
      Sadly there is not a lot of players. Enough to have fun games with other humans ? Yeah. But there are times when there is nobody on the servers too… =(

      I wrote an article about how to find Shattered Horizon players easily: link to

      Tribes and Shattered Horizon are not similar, except that there is a floating feeling in both, I was just pointing this out. I don’t want Tribes to be like Shattered Horizon, they’re different and that’s good, but there are similarities that I enjoy nontheless. =)

    • Phantoon says:

      It’s like Descent?!

      I am suddenly very interested in this game which I had let pass me by.

  8. Unaco says:

    I played the Beta, for a short while. “Meh” is about all the enthusiasm I can muster for this… Mediocre, middle of the road, mild, bland, ordinary, middling, of moderate quality. It’s not terrible, but that seemed to be about the most positive thing I felt. The only ‘new’ thing seems to be you have to pay for for decent classes (or play for 1,000 hours).

    • Eclipse says:

      you can unlock everything just by playing and the initial classes, Soldier and Pathfinder, are actually the best ones, you just need to get some skills

    • Unaco says:

      I know you can unlock classes by playing… If you read my post, you’ll even see that I said that. My ‘skills’ are not in question (I have transcended ‘pro’, and am now considered ‘pr0’, though not quite ‘pr()’ yet). Why try to insult me because I don’t enjoy the game? Why insinuate the problem is with my ‘skills’? All I’ve said is that I feel that the only new thing, over the previous games, is the Pay-to-win model… It’s doing nothing else new.

    • paterah says:

      Can’t explain that. Maybe you are just not that good right now? If you get better you might enjoy it definitely.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      I would live to live in your parallel universe where games of this quality are run of the mill and come out all the time.

      There hasn’t been a decent, fast-paced PC FPS since TF2.

    • frChuck says:

      Quake Live was out before TF2? ;-)

    • Dana says:

      TF2 fast paced ?

    • zeroskill says:

      While Team Fortress 2 really isn’t as fast paced as Quake 3, yeah I’d agree, in the light of what is being released nowadays, TF2 is fast paced.

    • Unaco says:

      I’m sorry I happen to find the game mediocre, with nothing new or fresh compared to the original games.


      Not wanting to get into a discussion of Pirsigian metaphysics, “quality” is something of a value judgement, and so subjective. I don’t live in a parallel world where “quality” games are run of the mill… I live in this same world as you, and all the other people do. I just don’t rate this as a quality game from what I played of it.

      I’m not objecting to other people liking it… I understand it’s just a difference of opinion. I do object though to the people saying I must not like it because I’m bad at it.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      I think the main problem is you’re just moaning. You say it’s “meh” without giving any explanation or criticism. People who like the game will understandably want you to expand a bit, not complain about how it’s your right as a human being to dislike it.

      Personally I think quality is objective and not a value judgment, but some people mean different things when they refer to quality.

      edit: for the record I have not played the game and am pretty neutral towards it.

    • DiamondDog says:

      For what it’s worth Unaco, I don’t object to your objection of other peoples objections about your initial objection.

    • Unaco says:

      @Mad Hamish

      I would contest the accusation that I am ‘moaning’, just because I say I’m not too enthused by the game… and I feel I did give reasons for my judgement… but I’ll elaborate some.

      I don’t think it was a terrible game… It was mildly fun, stable, responsive, and it was quite good to get back into the old sliding and nade-fu that I recall from the originals. But that was really all it was… it felt like the originals, with improved graphics and some altered perks, classes and bonuses. That might be what a lot of people are looking for… a new, updated Tribes game, that brings the originals into this new decade. I’m cool with that… there are quite a few games I’d be happy to see given updated graphics/sounds/interface etc. However, Tribes isn’t one of those games for me… maybe I played enough of the originals, maybe my tastes and sensibilities have changed, but playing this didn’t grab me, didn’t hook me in and make me want to keep playing… something I do remember with the earlier games when I first played them.

      It felt too much like the originals (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I understand there are people that want that) with nothing there to really make me want to play, other than having a shiny version of those originals… which, I guess, isn’t what I was looking for from it.

    • Kaiji says:

      I agree.

      I played the beta for a while and was pretty good at it, and definitely enjoyed it for a while.

      I appreciate Unaco’s “meh” analysis, because it’s hard to put a finger on what specifically makes this game hard to want to log in to. I definitely wasn’t bad at it. I understood and enjoyed the skiing/jetpack mechanics and came out near the top in a lot of games I played.

      But honestly, I dunno… Something made it feel very “stale” to me.

      Hopefully it will be different by the time it releases but I can’t really see it catching on like LoL did (which seems to be what they’re hoping for).

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      @FRChuck Why yes, it was called Quake 3

    • DrGonzo says:

      You were clearly looking for an argument there. Eclipse simply pointed out you were slightly off about a point there. He didn’t disagree with your point or tell you you were wrong. But your reaction to everyone was quite strong.

      One might suspect you came here wanting an argument. Not that I ever do that… Ahem…

    • mouton says:


      I find it hilarious that you say this game is “too similar to the originals”, as I had my fill of tribes pro-veterans saying the game was not Tribes but Modern Warfare, ruined, dumbed down etc. Not all tribes veterans say things like that, only the special ones, of course.

      “But honestly, I dunno… Something made it feel very “stale” to me.”

      I have it with lots of games that I intellectually consider good and yet they don’t draw me in. It is “I have played a thousand games and now I am old and nothing is fun anymore” syndrome. Don’t worry, it is temporary.

  9. JackDandy says:

    I’m playing it. It’s tons of fun.

    Devs keep a good ear on complaints and feedback, too.

    • Eclipse says:

      agreed, they fixed A LOT of stuff and the game is improving really, really fast

    • KaptainKnails says:

      If you pay any money into it, they upgrade you to “VIP” and you get double (i think it’s double) xp and tokens. and £5 will get you 2-3 classes.

  10. Vandelay says:

    Really enjoyed the gameplay of the beta. It is so rare to play an FPS that actually does require a lot of player skill and is not just reliant on who shoots first. I just hope the full game has a bit more content then there currently is, as the couple of game modes and maps are not the most interesting yet.

    I do wish I could just put down £30 and have everything unlocked for me though.

    • Eclipse says:

      you can get a vip account and a lot of gold for that and pretty much unlock everything I believe.. but maybe I’m wrong?

    • NthDegree256 says:

      I paid $30 for a VIP account a couple weeks back, and I now have every class unlocked with no additional expenditure. The $30 gets you enough in-game currency to buy 4-5 classes, and it boosts your earned-currency accrual rate enough that you can feasibly unlock all of the other classes over time.

      Granted, I have also been playing a *lot*, but I’m pretty sure you should consider that to be a good sign rather than a bad one.

  11. Eclipse says:

    I’m playing it, and it’s quite awesome, I’m SolarFox inside

  12. Tams80 says:

    I’ve played the beta and while somewhat fun, overall I felt as Unaco put it: “meh”. I suppose it’s just not the type of game for me.

    I think Firefall will be more appealing and as for games already out, I’d rather player Section 8: Prejudice (I assume there aren’t many if any players of that left though). I just don’t enjoy the Halo kind of combat (lots of aiming ahead and boing, boing jumping).

  13. Arcanon says:

    I’m into the Beta and it’s alot of fun! Tweaks and bug fixes are coming along at a good rate, the game itself is VERY skillbased, I couldn’t hit ANYTHING in my first match. My only complaint is that classes cost alot of points, but considering it’s F2P…..

  14. limboing_leper says:

    I’m having lots of fun with this, gets better and better with each patch. Latest one added a WIP map which looks amazing, link to

    Heres some keys for you lovely RPS folks:
    Activate here:link to

    • Tiax says:

      Thanks a lot!

      Took : A2ADC-93FD9-8DD54-F539F-8E7CB

    • mechabuddha says:

      Here’s another key in case anybody wants it:


    • iaintevenmad says:

      Looks like these are already snatched up, care to post another beta code? I’d greatly appreciate it !

    • HarrietTubgirl says:


      More keys, enjoy.

    • Herzog says:

      Two more!



    • Abundant_Suede says:

      Tribes keys are self-serve on Facebook:

      link to

    • limboing_leper says:

      Sure thing, another set to go:

  15. Davie says:

    The beta’s been pretty great. I really love the lack of ironsights and cover the fact that everyone’s shooting all over the map spamming explosives. It’s chaotic and ridiculous and really fun.

  16. Lojix says:

    I despise this game, I didn’t expect people to turn ski on and slide around the map at high speeds attempting to blow each other up.

    • Arcanon says:

      “I didn’t expect people to turn ski on and slide around the map at high speeds attempting to blow each other up”

      You make that sound like a bad thing.

    • SketchyGalore says:

      I don’t think it’s POSSIBLE to make that sound like a bad thing. “I hated all the puppies, fireworks, and free money being handed out at the candy factory”… Just doesn’t work!

  17. SketchyGalore says:

    I was a Tribes 1/2 player back in the day, so maybe this is just a nostalgiagasm that I’m having, but I’m absolutely in love with this game right now. As long as you can distance yourself from the twitch-based iron sights shooters of today (something I’ve grown increasingly tired of) and accept something that simply plays by different rules, it’s an absolute blast. There’s nothing quite like a game of high-speed mid-air jetpack dances with glowy explosives.

    I’d highly recommend anyone who has trouble getting into this game to explore its nuances for a while. Rangers, for example, are an early-unlocked class that uses a rather difficult to aim physic-based assault rifle that requires a great deal of target-leading. However, after a few hours, something just clicks, and spraying down a guy with lead while he rockets across your view becomes less of a challenge and more of a source of glee.

    Also, since I hear a lot of people complaining that the classes take too long to unlock, I’m going to have to go and disagree. I’m currently on day 29 of a 30-day boost and I unlocked all twelve classes weeks ago. I’m not even particularly high-level in game, nor did I play it obsessively (I was on holiday for 7 of those days, actually). The boost certainly made that a lot more possible, but it wasn’t like it was obscenely priced and, since it’s just a double point boost and 4 or so of the classes are super-cheap unlocks, I probably would have 8 of 12 classes playing the same way without paying anything. It seems perfectly reasonable for a F2P model.

  18. DOLBYdigital says:

    I just started playing the beta and I must admit I really like the game. I loved Tribes and Tribes 2 back in the day and even really liked the ‘Legions’ game that was on Instant Action and is now its own thing.

    This is another good attempt to bring back that good ole skiing and jetpackin all over the place. I find it very good and while it isn’t as ‘deep’ as the old Tribes, its close enough. I find having previous Tribes experience helps since I seemed to just jump right back into that mode once playing.

    Anyone complaining about the pricing model is not looking at the game for what really matters, gameplay. I haven’t even thought about pricing or anything, just having fun with the game and its delivering :)

  19. Abundant_Suede says:

    Tribes keys are still free for the taking during January, as far as I know:

    link to

    No need to wait for someone to post them. Just help yourself.

  20. Amun says:

    I’m kind of let down by the game. The jetpacks are weak and almost useless, the cool sci-fi weapons are outright worse than the plain-jane bullet weapons (an assault rifle, 3 shotguns, 2 smgs, and 2 pistols that could have come out of any ho-hum shooter in the last couple years), and the heavy/medium/light armors aren’t well balanced.

    If they threw out the class system and let people buy weapons, packs, grenades, deployables, etc, and use them on any armor that could carry them I think it would be a better game.

    • Redherring says:

      So the spinfusors are worse than the shotguns? You clearly didn’t even bother to play long enough to learn the game whatsoever

    • Aforis says:

      Its not a bad game and im sure if you played more then a few games like our past friend said you would understand more what tribes is about.

    • Arcanon says:

      Looks like you expected something more ordinary.

      You aren’t supposed to use the jetpack to navigate the map, you are supposed to ski and use it when the time is right.

      The weapons are great because they require a great deal of skill and are damn satisfing when you kill your enemy. The “normal” weapons you quoted are hitscan weapons (instahit weps) and would be too easy to use.

      Armor classes are pretty balanced actually: the tradeoff between HP and Speed defines what the class can and cannot do…you’ll never see a Doombringer try to capture a flag or a Jumper blowing up vehicles.

      Your suggestions are kinda sily. They would turn Tribes and yet another generic shooter…..we have enough of that crap already.

    • NthDegree256 says:

      Well, to be fair, buying (or at least, selecting) individual items and deployables *was* a component of earlier Tribes games… and most of the machine-gun-type weapons have been changed from hitscan into fast projectiles for the past few patches, probably for the better. They’re effective, but not so effective that you don’t still see a majority of players firing spinfusors and mortars at each other. (Even if a rifle in the game has higher DPS than a spinfusor, it’s painfully lacking in versatility; no effect against armored targets, no disc-jumping, no throwing the enemy off-course, and let’s not even talk about indoors.)

      That said, Arcanon is right on the other points. The jetpack is not supposed to be sufficient on its own for navigation – it’s one half of a coin, with skiing taking up the other half. Ski down hills and across flat land, jet to gain altitude and to make minor course corrections. If you think the jetpack was “underpowered,” you probably just need more movement practice.

  21. man-eater chimp says:

    So it looks like Tiny Wings with guns. In no way is that a bad thing.

  22. walk_star says:

    I haven’t had this much fun in an FPS since Tribes 2. I’m walkstar in the beta – add me, RPS-folk!

  23. says:

    Am I the only one who feels like the beta is mostly Jetpack Deathmatch instead of the huge, sprawling, class-focused base-vs-base feel of the original? Maybe they’re drawing more from Tribes 2, which I played less. Skiiing kinda happened in the first, but you weren’t doing it ALL the time like you are in TA. Maybe I’m just not remembering things that well from 98/99, but it feels on the shallow side.

  24. Flimgoblin says:

    Been playing since the last thread where people were giving away beta keys.

    I miss my old HoF set up (spinfusor, energy drain gun, shield pack…) but apart from that I’d have to say I’m hooked.

    First matches I played definitely felt like deathmatch – it seems to have rank-balancing, so when you start playing you’re against other new starters… and so naturally everyone’s playing Soldier or Ranger (which I’m told you get to unlock after playing maybe 1 game… mainly so you can see how the unlocks work). Made it up to the silver ranks (about rank 11?) and there’s a lot more variety in the classes, as well as playstyles – you’ll have people playing flag defence, gen defence, Heavy Offence, flag chasers etc. (assuming you’re playing Capture the Flag mode of course).

    One thing that confused me at first (admittedly I’m a bit dim) is the credits in game are just round-credits you use for upgrading base stuff/buying vehicles – spending them has absolutely no effect on what tokens/xp you come out of the end of the match with (obvious in retrospect but I wasn’t entirely sure first match).

    Am Makhail in-game, feel free to VGH or VGTT when you spinfusor me out of the sky…