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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Shooting Stuff

It’s the first bargain bucket of 2012, and I think we’re back to business as usual. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas sales left, right and centre, it’s nice to return to normality. Maybe we’ll even have time to play all the games we bought last year. Just because there’s no big sales on doesn’t mean that there’s nothing of interest discounted this weekend though, read on for my roundup of the best PC deals. If you want regular updates of cheap games across all platforms, be sure to pop along to whenever you get a chance. Here’s the bargain bucket:

The Club – £3.49/$3.49
Brilliant messy run and gun shooter from sadly now defunct Bizarre Studios, this prompted that Kieron fella to say this back at release:

It’s basically a game with one good idea – which is all that a game really needs. But a game really needs to follow that idea to its full conclusion to sell it. Imagine Guitar Hero which only included tunes no-one knew, with no cheers or whatever. That’s basically, The Club. And while I get the urge to play it a few times, it’s not one which anyone should run out and throw down full price for.

Full price, probably not, but for this rather cheap price I’d say it’s worth a bit of anyone’s time. You might love it.

AI War Alien Bundle – £4.50/€5.75/$7.49
This is the complete AI War, the base game and all of the expansions. They should register on Steam, but you’ll also get a DRM free download from GamersGate. Here’s that Kieron fella summarising the game before chronicling the hivemind’s attempt to take it on:

The aim of the game… well, there’s two AI home-planets out there in the solar system. You have to locate and destroy both of them. The problem being, doing exactly that. It makes no pretense of being an symmetrical game, with the AIs acting more as hostile terrain. Push too hard, and it pushes back. Destroying almost any of its structures gets it increasingly angry, amping up its technology and similar. The trick is balancing the few. Well, the trick is many things, many of them we don’t know.

Super Meat Boy – £2.48/€3.48/$3.73
My game of 2010, by a comfortable margin. It’s hilarious, consistently challenging, and bursting with creativity. For my money, this 2D platformer still hasn’t been surpassed. Perhaps it’s won’t be until we get Ed & Tommy’s next game. I think this is the cheapest price it’s been available for (excluding when it got bundled up), so there’s no excuse for not giving this a try. You’ll probably want some kind of controller.

Borderlands – £1.99/$3.99
Coop centric sprawling shooter from Gearbox, here’s an extract from the RPS Verdict:

Jim: It’s genuinely entertaining, isn’t it?
Alec: Yeah, it makes that MMO/Diablo compulsion absolutely a virtue, in that you’re rewarded with something that has a visible and tactile rather than purely statistical improvement.
Jim: Which is a neat trick in itself, given that we’d all said how we were fed up with that stuff. It’s like the linear shooter – everyone says they’ve had enough, and then you get a Modern Warfare. In this case it’s a good shooter that does something else clever.
John: It’s a good shooter. That’s really significant. Name the last good shooter. It’s utterly beautiful to look at, you get stupidly powerful guns and after a few hours essentially infinite ammo, and you can just have a mad amount of fun running around shooting stuff.

Deal of the week
Fractal, Fun With Swarms, Max & The Magic Marker, Nuclear Dawn & Super Crossfire – £2.77/€3.36/$4.27 at time of writing
Disclaimer: I work for Indie Royale/
A bundle of five great games for roughly 56p each, Cracking deal. Here you get Nuclear Dawn, as liked by Comrade Griliopoulos, a nice little doodling platformer in the form of Max & The Magic Marker, colourful puzzle thing with lots of numbers flashing up on the screen: Fractal, and the PC/Mac debut of Super Crossfire from Radiangames. Crossfire started off as a XBLIG series, and I loved all of the early Radiangames releases. Recently Radiangames released Super Crossfire on iOS, and now the definitive version of Crossfire is available on PC. It’s a great looking game on all platforms, but the PC version is particularly nice looking. Mouse controls seem to be the most precise and responsive option too, especially once you’ve upgraded your ship’s speed. Super Crossfire is great on PC, and currently only available via Indie Royale. Fun With Swarms is this, looks fun!

Also of note:
Eufloria – £3.74/€4.24/$4.99

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