Scarygirl Bringing Her Tentacle Arm To PC

My tentacle makes me fly, too.

Square Enix’s Scarygirl, formerly a PSP game, has just been confirmed for a Euro/UK release, and it’s definitely happening on PC. It’s an action platformer, and it’s based on the graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius. Coming out on Xbox Live Arcade on the 18th Jan worldwide, a PC version will follow “shortly after”, whatever that might mean. You can see a trailer for it below.

Oddly enough there’s already a Scarygirl platformer on the comic’s main site – I’m not sure the two are related, but she seems to make much better use of her tentacle arm in the forthcoming game. But this one’s playable now, and is free. If a bit choppy. Anyhoo, here’s the trailer:


  1. InternetBatman says:

    We’ll have to see how it plays, but that is really cute.

  2. fuggles says:

    John, is this not just a release of the browser game, which has been out for some time?

    link to

  3. phlebas says:

    Cute goth Bionic Commando?

  4. JigokuSenshi says:

    They ruined this game by going 3D instead of the nice 2D art style they had before.

  5. jrodman says:

    if it’s awesome, I’d like to know if it is available in the unwashed north american market.

  6. pipman3000 says:

    why would we pc gaming ubermensch want a filthy CONSOLE game on our glorious platform >:(