Smash & Brag: BustNRush Demo

Oh, if only it had anti-aliasing.

Coo, some simple arcade charging around. BustNRush is a Unity-made pseudo-3D smashing stuff game from Techtonic Games, in which you run very, very fast through a stone corridor of obstacles (in the first set of levels, at least). You need to be sprinting to smash through the blue blocks, jumping or dodging to avoid the red blocks, and leaping over ravines. At what eventually becomes great speed. If you fancy trying the demo, be warned that the tutorial levels build up slowly, until you’re dodging, jumping and sprinting so frantically that your brain will finally announce, “Ah, I get it!”

There’s a Challenge Mode, which will require you complete courses smashing a certain number of items, leaping the right number of gaps, or lasting a suitable length of time. And since these levels are randomly generated, it isn’t a case of learning to patterns to complete these, but rather getting better at playing the game.

There’s also an Endless Mode, which throws everything it has at you, while you aim for a high score. And it’s all rather compelling. Oh, and it has a backstory:

“Deep within the Depths of Thurl, a man of pure power and speed makes his home. This man, Kovo, enjoys the simple pleasures of life: a little music, a soft place to rest his feet and, of course, his polymer pal, Paco. Enter The Satellite of Wub, a monstrous villain that dares to strike down Kovo’s plastic pet flamingo. With a shake of his mighty fist, Kovo begins his journey to exact revenge upon the beastly machine that trashed his friend and home. Follow Kovo’s adventure as he traverses his home planet, defies an inexplicably evil factory and finally leaps from vessel to vessel to destroy the colossal Satellite of Wub.”

You can get the demo from here. The full game is on Gamers Gate for £6.

Have a trailer:


  1. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    This game calls to mind those racing games which are more about avoiding obstacles/enemies and picking up powerups than anything else. I figure this is the same thing, only more polished (and expensive).

  2. mrwout says:

    Watching TotalBiscuits WTF of this game totally killed all my desire to try this game…

    Oh and John, you obviously didn’t read that backstory, did you ? Because, well, you don’t like reading.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Yeah, not as much as humping your mum.

      (Seriously, lay off. He found that particular VN not a very interesting read – that’s it.)

    • Baines says:

      Yes, TotalBiscuit made it look like a miss.

      The beginning seems boring. To be fair, that is from the game trying to ease the player into mechanics slowly. (And while playing in one lane looks really bad for an intro, it also makes sense to force them to learn the jump mechanics before you give them the ability to lane change.)

      Later stuff just seemed overly complicated and/or annoying, like the factory with its moving sections, or that section in the endless cave where it looked like you had to do last second dodges between a series of rocks because a jump would smash you into a formation that covered the sky and 2/3rds of the ground.

      The effects also started to make it hard to see what was coming, once TotalBiscuit got a little speed and was smashing rocks almost constantly. The game already looked like it was asking for stage memorization…

      I can see TotalBiscuit’s reluctance to say that “For that price, you could buy other games”… But for that price, you could buy other games. Ignoring graphics, it looks like it has the mechanics of an iPhone app, and you expect to pay less for an iPhone app. Or a free Flash game. Or, if you want to go really oldschool, those old LCD handheld games where you were restricted to three lanes of movement.

    • mrwout says:

      @Raiyan 1.0
      Just to clarify, that wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously. It was just a (very bad) joke. And for the record I agreed with some of his criticism directed at said Virtual Novel.

    • elfbarf says:

      Yeah, too many effects, extremely high speeds, and a seemingly random 30 FPS cap do not mix well at all.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      @Mrwout: Oh, sorry then. :/ Spotting sarcasm is kinda tough these days with the amount of literal idiocy going around.

  3. westyfield says:

    Ugh, that camera angle. Straighten it up a bit!

  4. Prince says:

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this. The game is very well made and gets incredibly frantic, when it sort of ‘clicks’ with you, not unlike Bit Trip Runner. I do believe it would feel more at home on a handheld, though. Worth the price, in my opinion.

    • PUKED says:

      Yeah, I got a heavy Bit Trip Runner vibe from this thing too.

      Not really seeing a reason to go for this over it though.

  5. Enso says:

    The joypad bindings were absolutely mental (using a 360 pad). I failed in the fight to rebind them and there doesn’t seem to be a restore defaults button. Shame, the 8 levels I played on keyboard seemed alright. Balls to ye.

  6. mrwout says:

    This game does remind me (in gameplay mechanics) of a really old game I played as a kid/young teenager. You were a spacecraft floating over a track divided in different lanes, sometimes te track stopped for while and you needed to jump, or the track branched off etc. Very amusing stuff. It was also music based. So a bit of an old school Audiosurf. It also had a christmas remix thing. Anybody remember the name of that game ? Because I really want to play that now.

    • Freud says:

      It looks a bit like TrailBlazer to me.

    • mrwout says:

      This is strange, the game you suggested is more fitting to my description than the game I was actually talking about. By the way, that game is called Skyroads if anyone is interested in it.

    • Urthman says:

      It reminds me a lot of Chromadrome, which is a pretty fun and cute game that works quite well with a mouse. And pretty good music.

      link to

  7. johnpeat says:

    It depresses me quite a bit to see someone write-off a game because it costs more than an App…

    You realise the App market is an utter fucking warzone of companies deperately trying to make money on items priced at a fraction of their worth, don’t you??

    You realise we’ve managed to create yet another market where only the biggest hits have any hope of recouping their costs – even tho the costs are a fraction of the console market!?

    I have a pretty low benchmark for what I consider ‘worth’ in a game – put simply, I expect one hour of entertainment per £1 I spend. That means I’d need a whole 6 hours of fun from this – and if I were the sort of person who like Canabalt-style procedurally generated jump-and-runs – I’m pretty sure I could get that from it.

    Honestly tho – if we’re going to start with the “it costs more than a 99p App and so it should be GTA4” bullshit, we can dismantle the games industry now…

    and that’s before we get into the realm of those people who demand Apps are regularly updated and extended ‘because they cost money’ – I mean seriously, can we just grind those people up and use them as fertiliser??

    • Baines says:

      The App market may be a warzone, but App store pricing is still a reality. The same is true for XBLIG pricing. Flash web apps have been traditionally free, to the point that people don’t want to pay for titles made in Flash, whether you put hours into it or months. (Which, I think, is part of why Flash games have gone more for microtransactions.)

      Bust-n-Rush looks to feel like an App more than a $10-20 PC Indie game. (I know it is an $8 game, not $10.) Or maybe a WiiWare title, but most of those feel overpriced anyway.

      (On a tangential note, I wonder what Steam sales and Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want deals might be doing to PC pricing. Some companies have to be feeling pressure to have their game be 75% off during a holiday. On the flip side, there might be less incentive for permanent price drops, as you can just have your game on sale more often or for greater reductions and still tap into the “It’s a great deal on sale!” mentality.)

    • johnpeat says:

      I hope you’re wrong, because with App pricing would come the level of support Apps get (which is somewhere between none and slightly less than that for most people!!)

      PC gamers expect a lot more from their games – they expect it to run on their GPU at their chosen screen res with their chosen soundcard/surround system etc. etc. – this is a lot worse than the issues you face with Android devices and FAR worse than dealing with the calmer waters of Apple’s “one size fits all” world.

      What’s ACTUALLY happening is that Apps are getting smarter – Games are now created with the same tools developers use for PC and even console games (Unity etc.) and as such, they cost more to make and will need to make more to break even (which means higher prices or more ads!)

      End of the day I think the 69p App is doomed to be special offers and shoddy crap only and that the price of good Apps/Games will rise – maybe not to £6-8 but when you factor in the extras you need to offer to PC gamers (and the licensing costs for WiiWare/XBLA etc.) – not far off.

  8. kochanneo says:

    At first I thought this was called “Brat’n’Wurst” and was a detective game from the same guys as “Ben There, Dan That.” I was rather looking forward to that…