Dark Souls For PC Petition Close To 60,000

Petition now!
Following this story in which I condescendingly suggested that Namco could convert a couple of its better games to PC, 59,900 people have so far signed an online petition to bring the game to the one true format. Is that enough to change the publisher’s mind? Hard to say, but we’re expecting Namco to make an official statement about this at some point soon. Might as well throw your name down if you want another hardcore melee combat RPG on the PC, eh?


  1. dinopoke says:

    The response to the petition has been phenomenal!

    • Khemm says:

      Yep, now the question is whether Namco will care to even consider bringing the game to PC.
      People should start posting links to the Namco Bandai thread more often… It has all information in one place with lots of links and data.
      link to forums.namcobandaigames.eu

    • abigbat says:

      it’s a worthy cause; Dark Souls is my game of 2011 for sure. If you haven’t played it get signing – you really don’t want to miss this.

    • D3kard says:

      I think at this point they would look like some evil suits who dont give crap about gamers/communities if they dont port it. Its been all over the media and this is the most successful petition about a game ever (as I understood).Right now, their reputation could be hurt if they dont.

    • Ultramegazord says:

      “this is the most successful petition about a game ever”
      Actually the Diablo 3 petition got more signatures: link to petitiononline.com

    • D3kard says:

      Not for long, check back tomorrow

    • Khemm says:

      BARELY more signatures – and Diablo is a long-running, multi-million selling franchise!

    • MultiVaC says:

      As of now, the Diablo petition only has about 2,000 more signatures than this one. And the Diablo petition ran its course ages ago, while this one still has plenty of potential to grow. I would be surprised if it doesn’t surpass the Diablo one soon.

  2. Metonymy says:

    Chase cam, mouse acceleration, laggy controls, oh my! It just seems like we can’t escape the horrors of console compromise.

    When I press left, I want my character to instantly move left, with no animation delay, no movement acceleration, no realistic physics, no difference in movement speeds. The physical limitations of inertia, and the biological limitations of reaction time are all occurring within my mind, I don’t need them in the gameworld as well. That is what it means to play a video game. I press a button, and on the exact same game frame, I want the character moving at full speed in the direction I pressed.

    No, this doesn’t look like a work of art, but it’s makes the game itself better, because designers are required to incorporate their ingenuity into the interaction itself, and not illogically rely on more and more excruciating duplications of reality to magically make the game entertaining. We know this doesn’t work, and is tied to the ‘ungame’ concept mentioned on this site.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      >When I press left, I want my character to instantly move left, with no animation delay, no movement acceleration, no realistic physics, no difference in movement speeds.
      This is why we can’t have nice things and this is why most of the multiplayer games look like shit what with the people changing their vector of movement the other way around in a split second. This is why Skyrim’s engine combat looks idiotic, animations are extremely basic and simple and a 80 kg person sidestepping at extreme accelerations is just not believable.

      I do want my character move like I would. I can’t instantly shift my body’s weight from one way to another, why should the character I control be able to? Unless he’s a robot there is no excuse for it.

      Do note however that I despise mouse acceleration with all my being because human arms weigh much less than the whole body and we can move and control them with extreme precision and speeds but no accelerations for torso movements? Bitch please, it ain’t 2000’s no more.

    • The Hammer says:

      “We know this doesn’t work, and is tied to the ‘ungame’ concept mentioned on this site.”

      Can you explain how? Because as far as I can tell, slight delays in action after input do not undermine interaction at all: in fact, they make it ever more crucial.

    • thestage says:

      it might shock you to know, mr. met, that there are in fact different strokes for different [games] and that anyone that played a souls game for thirteen seconds and complained about the controls or the combat system would probably be better off seriously considering the direction of their life than posting on rockpaper anything

      some games are a quake and some games are a not-quake, I promise

    • RetroVortex says:

      If anything games need to slow down a bit.
      Bring back the intelligence and strategy the older stuff had.
      I mean I’ve tried playing some of the stuff on Good Old Games, and I can’t even manage most of the stuff on there.
      (Zork and Ultima make me weep like a little baby! XD)
      Hell, the only Nintendo hard game I ever come close to beating is Megaman 2, and thats like, low tier.
      (Try something like Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, or Contra 3, and prepare to eat your controller out of pure frustration!)

      Lets face it, we’ve been dumbed down too much by mainstreaming.

      Dark Souls is great because its a bit slower.
      You really have to learn all the enemy attack patterns, behaviours, and timings, in order to progress, rather than “mash X to kill stuff” games like God of War have.
      (I know GoW isn’t that bad, but its a similar type of game with an irritating design philosophy behind it that really needs re-interpreting)

      It makes you careful, and preservative, as you come to realise how relatively frail you are.
      If anything all Dark Souls could do with is a more dynamic environment that encourages more strategy, exploration, and experimentation.

      You intergrate a good physics engine into the very level design of the game itself, and it will evolve into something extraordinary.

      EDIT: Its kind of obvious, (well to me at least), but the best game I have ever played in years has been Monster Hunter (PS2).
      Please Capcom! Bring it back to a proper platform!
      I don’t care about the graphics, just give me a chance to play it on something not-rubbish.
      (I mean the Wii and the PSP are the WORST platforms to release the games on!)
      I’d even pay for a subscription. No joke.

    • abigbat says:

      @Metonymy Megaman still exists. You can go and play it if you like.

      The rest of us will get on with playing intelligently designed, immersive experiences in which the heft and weight of your avatar are a vital part of the experience. CaspianRoach nailed it; twitch controls look idiotic in a modern title aiming for semi-realism.

      That’s not to say twitch controls and feedback aren’t viable solutions, they just don’t apply to this sort of game. Dark Souls is hugely physics based, and the time it takes to swing your blade or recover from a blow becomes a tactical element which the player has to account for. Without this it’d devolve into a simple hack n’ slasher, and lose a lot of it’s charm.

    • Dominic White says:

      Inertialess, instantly responsive controls are why melee combat in the vast majority of PC-only games blows goats. A swordfight does not – and should never – involve two guys circle-strafing each other at 40mph and swinging their swords as if they were particularly aerodynamic cardboard tubes.

      Dark Souls is the polar opposite of that. You want to swing around a greatsword? Sure, just make sure you’ve committed to every swing. A leaping overhead attack can win a fight in one move, but if you miss, you’re practically defenceless.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Doesn’t help that Dark Souls is yet another wretched third-person abomination. I can’t be the only one that finds watching some “player avatar” pissing about performing poorly-motion-captured acrobatics to be utterly laughable.

      But then asking From Software to make another King’s Field (you know, a proper, first-person, hardcore action RPG) is akin to resurrecting Diana: Isn’t going to happen.

    • Dominic White says:

      Alright, here’s a thought-experiment, although you can try it for yourself in the garden, if you have one.

      Pick up a sledgehammer. A good hefty one. Now, while running in a narrow circle around a point, and within arms reach at all times and constantly facing inwards, swing the hammer quickly, accurately and powerfully at the target.

      This is why first-person melee combat is a load of bollocks 99% of the time.

  3. Calcographer says:

    I love the HELL out of Demon’s Souls, which was only dwarfed by my love for Dark Souls.

    Though, I’ve played both far too much on my PS3, I would die if I could have this on my platform of choice.


    I never thought I’d see the petition take off like this.

  4. siegarettes says:

    I wish I could sign it twice. Dark Souls is quite compelling, but I can’t bring myself to play much on the Xboxy for long these days. I’d gladly buy it twice if it meant some personal time with the game away from the distractions of younger siblings.

    • Arcanon says:

      Actually you can xD

    • adopter010 says:

      Yeah, but voting more than once is missing the point. Any action to delegitimize the petition is only going to backfire. So please don’t vote more than once.

  5. Arcanon says:

    Many thanks to Speakerpankratz and Tuco on the Namco forums, to TotalBiscuit and all the gaming sites that spread the word, I can’t wait to see this on my PC!

  6. PearlChoco says:

    And….. 60.000!

    • Firkragg says:

      Hai, I’m petition nr. 59,996! Awesome support and great way to get hits, linking to the petition via this site :)

    • Khemm says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever stumbled upon a gaming petition which would gather so many signatures in just a few days.

  7. magnus says:

    As Microsoft are evidently stilll doing their NDA fuckery with certain developers, I’m not realy sure if it ‘will’ happen.

    • ulix says:

      What do you mean?
      I can assure you that there are no exclusivity-agreements between Namco & MS for this game.

      How do I know?

      It came out on PS3 the same day it came out on 360.

    • Kaira- says:

      And besides, NDA stands for “non-disclosure agreement”, meaning those who signed the agreement are prohibited from revealing certain information, and as such has absolutely nothing to do with exclusivity.

  8. Felix says:

    Assumming 60,000 people purchased the game at $50, Namco would take in $3 million. What is the cost of porting such a title to PC? Distribution? Marketing? I do not doubt the long-term profitability of this move, but what about the short term?

    • felisc says:

      there is room for only one felix in this town. i’ll be waiting at the top of hill, 8am. come alone.

    • Arcanon says:

      If Namco is afraid DK won’t generate enough profits on PC, just make it available on digital distribution ONLY. What’s the point of real copies, It doesn’t have a collection edition anyway…

    • Premium User Badge

      daktaklakpak says:

      *watches the collectors edition box vanish off my shelf*

      Damn you Arcanon, take that back!

  9. KingJason13 says:

    OVER_RATED. Although, maybe if I spread rumours of how you have to be “hardcore” to handle my “difficult” comment… you’ll like it!

    • nuh uh no way says:

      you appear to be in the minority here.

      either way, the majority of us won’t get to see what’s it like for ourselves if it’s not on the platform we have.

    • Greg says:

      I agree. I’ve played Demon’s Souls (I like the sound of Demon Souls better, but the implied ownership is important I guess) and thought it was interesting, but ultimately I just wasn’t compelled to continue perhaps for my lack of masochistic tendencies. I’m glad however some really enjoy this style of game and do hope that the game gets a PC port if only for the benefit of the PC’s reputation.

  10. Echo Black says:

    60,000? That’s actually a very impressive number, especially being reached in 4 days.

  11. NothingFunny says:

    This game was on PC 10 years ago, it was called Severance:Blade of darkness )
    PS3 is only 200 euro, come on kids.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      I would buy consoles if they had reasonable controlling methods without autoaim, controller acceleration and no lag delays.

    • sneetch says:


      Well, you already have a PC for most games (especially FPSs and RTSs) so a PS3 for all those non PC games seems like a good idea. The PS3 has some really great games.

      Anyway, I hope this comes to PC, I’ll pick it up again for the technical improvements.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Well the only two console exclusives that interest me atm are uncharted series and heavy rain. Both games are in 3d so it’s a pain in the ass to control them with a gamepad.

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, that’s fair enough it took me a while to get to grips with the controller in Uncharted and I’ve been a multi-platform gamer for decades.

      Here’s hoping the next gen of consoles finally give you the option to use keyboard and mouse in games and won’t all be about waving your hands at things.

    • Dragon Master says:


      What’s the point of having a console then?

    • CaspianRoach says:

      @Dragon Master
      Having no problems with the hardware and compatibilty, making the game developers’ job easier and ensuring smooth gameplay with reasonable FPS for all the gamers simultaneously.

    • sneetch says:

      @Dragon Master

      Exclusives, really. If there were no exclusives and all games came out on all platforms there’d be absolutely no point in having one. I personally love platformers and adventure games and most of those still only come out on consoles (like Super Mario Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank, Zelda for example). It took me a while to learn how to aim with a controller for Uncharted (which is a brilliant game) but as a result I was able to effectively play Space Marine on PC with one and I found it controlled very well.

      And as Caspian says, it’s great for the devs, they have a single target to develop for, PC developers have to target so many different configurations that it’s inevitable that they’ll have problems.

    • Dragon Master says:

      I always thought of the matter as being done backwards. Y’see, a computer with a controller, can do everything a console can, not to mention it’s constantly improving and can, arguably, do it better(depending on configuration of course(and focusing purely on the gaming properties of a PC)). The other way around though…well…no, not so much no. I admit there is the comfortability of not having to worry “will it launch”, but if you game regularly it comes back to bite you trough the more expensive games, which I honestly can’t explain to myself why they are like that.

      And now, the different configurations are pretty much the different consoles. So if you want to develop a cross-console game you still have to put unnecessary amount of work to do that.

      PS: Editing this like a boss, due to it being written in a sleep-walker state.

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, targetting the PC then porting to consoles does seem to make more sense but from a business point of view I can see why they go for consoles first: they get a product out that they’re reasonably sure of from a QA stance and they get money in while they work on the PC version. I don’t like the wait, and sometimes they take the piss IMO (Fable III for example), but I can understand why.

      As for the increased cost of console games, well, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony get a share of every console sale.

    • abigbat says:

      Severance was a brilliant game, and there are some comparisons! Far more linear than Dark Souls though, and the setting itself was extremely generic. Dark Souls has some of the most impressive, intelligent game mechanics in any modern game to date though, so the comparison does fall flat in that regard. Still, wouldn’t mind looking Sev out…

      As for the controller debate, I use consoles for virtually all non-fps titles. A controller offers a far more tactile experience, and for action games (such as Uncharted as you mentioned), it actually enhances the experience. This is, for the record, coming from a ridiculous PC purist.

  12. arrjayjee says:

    Even if this doesn’t work for Dark Souls, I believe it will give Namco and From serious consideration for a port of the next game in the series. And to that end, I would consider the petition a success.

  13. Rudel says:

    Just go and buy a PS3.. it’s not that expensive and you can always use it as a BluRay player. I use mine very rarely (in comparison to the PC), but games like Uncharted, Demons Souls/Dark Souls, Rock Band or Valkyria Chronicles are just worth it.

    Controls with a PS3 controller are perfect for DkS.

    • Ysellian says:

      Cheapest is still 210 euro. Not that I haven’t considered getting a PS3, but for a system that could possibly be replaced soon it’s still mighty expensive.

    • 4026 says:

      Also, have you seen how much they pay for games in consoleland?

      Plus, you know, underpowered hardware, crappy resolutions, &c. &c.

    • Khemm says:

      People already have PCs, families and other expenses – they value their money and sometimes see no reason to spend their cash on a worthless box for a few games, they’d rather pay just for games only.
      Buy PS3 for game X. Buy Xbox for game Y. Buy 3DS for game Z. Suddenly, your room becomes a garbage bin full of various unnecessary boxes.

    • Dowson says:

      I own a PS3, I played Demons Souls on it and enjoyed the hell out of it, unfortunatly I havn’t picked up Dark Souls because I can bearly stand to play games on it because they usually turn out blurry and lacking a lot of detail, as what happened in Demons Souls and hindered my enjoyment quite a bit. I’d much rather a PC version, but if it doesn’t come out, I’ll go with my original plan of picking it up when its cheap as I did with Demons Souls.

    • Gnarf says:


      How about a 360? Or a used console? Or maybe wait until the price drops because of PS4 or something?

      Not that I’d mind a PC version or anything. Might even pick it up, depending on how far into the PS3 version I’ve gotten. But the game is pretty available. You can probably get to play it if you really wanna.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Perfect? Gamepads are only perfect for the platformers and topside shooters. When you add a third dimension gamepads become really clunky and slow way to control the game.

    • Gnarf says:

      “Buy PS3 for game X. Buy Xbox for game Y. Buy 3DS for game Z. Suddenly, your room becomes a garbage bin full of various unnecessary boxes.”

      It actually becomes glorious room with a bunch of awesome stuff in it.

    • Rudel says:

      Actually walking with an analog stick in Dark Souls works much better than trying to walk somewhere with a PC keyboard in i.e. the Witcher 2. Because you can walk slowly or faster depending on your right thumb. Gaming is my hobby so yeah, I invested some money in a quadcore PC, a PS3, X-Box, PSP etc. So what.. if you split it over several years, it’s not that much. And you can always buy used hardware.

    • Tuco says:

      Except we don’t want a Ps3, we want this game on PC.

    • Khemm says:

      You can always hook up a gamepad to a PC, so it’s not a problem. Or use the idea from Splinter Cell games, which used a MOUSE WHEEL to change the speed of your character. It was so intuitive, precise and simply brilliant.

      By the way, Microsoft once showed a pressure sensitive keyboard, which would be ideal for PC gaming.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Yeah I kinda envy the gamepad for the non-binary walking. But then you have camera controls. Ugghhhhh.

      And to be honest I’m not really convinced I need that feature all that much. It’s awesome in racing games but with walking I can just change the period of time I have the button pressed. I’ve played through all the AssCreed games on PC and didn’t really understand the people who say it’s impossible to control ezio/altair with a keyboard. I thought it was pretty fine. I was much greatly annoyed by the autotarget and autofocus on an enemy. That moment when you chase the Templar Captain and some one-hit bastard templar takes a swing at you and ezio is all like ALL RIGHT I WANT TO FIGHT THIS GUY LET’S CHANGE OUR CONTROL SCHEME TO SPIN AROUND THAT GUY IN CIRCLES VERY SLOWLY. UUuuuuughhhhh.

    • Buemba says:

      I have a PS3, but since the framerate in Demon’s Souls drop into the single digits every time you smash a crate (And from what I hear the framerate is even worse in Dark Souls) I’d still rather have them on the PC.

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      I have a PS3, but since the framerate in Demon’s Souls drop into the single digits every time you smash a crate (And from what I hear the framerate is even worse in Dark Souls) I’d still rather have them on the PC.

      Get the Xbox version and you won’t have to suffer with rubbish frame rates.

  14. Atic Atac says:

    Been playing games non-stop for 29 years on multiple platforms since 1982 when I got a Spectrum 48k. I’ve really seen it all and I can quite honestly say that Dark Souls is the best game I have ever played. It evokes a sense of exploration, mystery, challenge and gasping surprise unlike any other game I’ve played. A fantastic achievement and I salute you From Software.

    • Alatreon says:

      I salute you, that is a long time :P I am surprised you think DS is the best game you have ever played in that time! I personally am on the line between Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls which are completely different games but perfect and amazing in their own way.

    • Atic Atac says:

      Lol before Dark Souls…Shadow of the Colossus and Ico were in my opinion “best games ever made” :)

  15. ZephyrSB says:

    As long as they go back to the central server like in Demon Souls where you actually came across ghosts, messages and bloodstains, and not the peer-to-peer empty worlds that we have in Dark Souls. That was pretty much my only dissappointment. Watching poeple run off cliffs never got old.

    • Atic Atac says:

      Did you play on the 360? I played on the PS3 and my Dark Souls world was absolutely filled with bloodstains, ghosts and messages.

    • Kaira- says:

      Seems to depend on the day on X360, some days I see bloodstains and signs everywhere and some days I’m hard pressed to get summoned even once.

  16. JackDandy says:

    I’m really hoping it works.

    I’ve been dying to play this game.

    A big thank you to anyone who signed this!

  17. ShadyGuy says:

    If this works can we do a Red Dead Redemption For PC petition?

  18. Network Crayon says:

    I have to say i wish this had stayed exclusive to PS3, I actually support exclusive games whilst we have multiple platforms, it helps give them a bit of character and helps people choose between. I know this is probably not the ‘right’ opinion, and a good game should have the opportunity to be enjoyed by all but thats how i feel :)

    That being said, now its no longer exclusive to PS3, yeah im all for a PC version, dont see it happening though.

  19. Ckarasu says:

    I’ll repeat what I said before: This isn’t likely to happen. Namco is a strange company when it comes to releasing games. Quite a few of their “Tales of” games aren’t released over here, despite it being one of their flagship series. Whenever I look at peoples’ experience with Namco, it’s rarely ever positive. I don’t really recall them doing much for their fans, as a company.

    Do I want this to happen? Yes, I do. I’m not even a big PC gamer (I mostly play on consoles), but even I can see how good it could be. I’d rather have more people be able to play this game than want it simply to be restricted to consoles just because I think it’s better on there (I do not necessarily believe that, and was just using it as an example). Here’s hoping to success.

    • sneetch says:

      Well, I seem to remember that Demon’s Souls was a Japan/East Asia only release at first. They had no plans to release it in North America but they did. Then it was touch and go whether we’d get it in Europe and we did. Then the sequel was released on Xbox as well as PS3, it’s been full of surprises. I wouldn’t rule it out anymore.

    • Ckarasu says:

      The thing is, that was Atlus (for America, at least). They’re more known for bringing over niche titles. Even Sony didn’t want to bring Demon’s Souls over (and they helped make it, IIRC). Namco isn’t quite as well known for going the extra mile, but I could be wrong.

      I’m not ruling it out, but saying that it’s not likely. I would be happy if it did happen, giddy if it was on Steam, and ecstatic if it incorperated SteamWorks.

  20. Hakkesshu says:

    I honestly think that putting Dark Souls on PC should be a no-brainer. The entire sense of being part of an online community that the game spends so much time building up would be amplified to the nth degree with PC players. Put it on Steam and it will probably sell more copies than it ever would on consoles, and I don’t think I’m being completely unrealistic here. If any console specific game could succeed on PCs, it’s this one.

  21. AmateurScience says:

    Couple of people have suggested just buying a PS3/Xbox. Which got me thinking instead of thesis-writing. Damn.

    There are so few platform or console exclusives these days that are truly ‘must play’* that I just can’t justify a console purchase the way I could last gen (had a GameCube and a ps2 by the end of it). I’m trying to think of some, particularly on the 360 and Dark/Demon Souls is the only one I can think of that I* really want to play.

    Platform exclusivity is completely baffling to me too, unless there’s a genuine horsepower/interface issue (ie ‘core’ games on a wii, strategy games on PC) . Why would you limit yourself**?

    Also this whole thing about not releasing on PC because ‘ hey piracy innit?’. For some reason nobody at this stage mentions the fact the 1) people pirate console games too. 2) The pre-owned games market – of which there is not one on the PC. When over 50%*** of your users buy pre-owned – which completely circumvents the devs/publishers – you’ve got a major dent in your income stream. And one that is (no data here but hey?) almost (probably) 1:1 a lost sale of a new copy. There’s been a lot of intense debate here and elsewhere about the actual impact of piracy on PC developer income, but I think we’ve mostly come to the consensus that a lot**** of the people who pirate a game would not have bought it at it’s current price point.

    As an aside, has anyone actually done an systematic comparison of the relative impact of pre-owned purchasing and piracy on publisher income? Because I’d be interested to know which has the greater impact on profits for pubs/devs.

    Actually there more I think about it the more I think that if I were a dev I would object more to Gamestation selling my game pre-owned at a tidy profit than people sharing it for nothing. At least with software piracy no-one’s profiting directly from not paying you*****.

    So, that turned into a bit of a rant, sorry. Bottom line: release Dark Souls on PC! I guarantee it everyone who buys it will buy it new AND some people who pirate it (and some people will :( ) may end up buying it once they’ve determined it works on their setup and is not a terrible shoddy awful porting job (which of course it won’t be. Right?).

    Footnotes! That’s never happened to me before.

    *This is by it’s nature a subjective opinion. If you want to splash £200 for a 360 and Halo 3 then go for it.

    ** I do science, not programming, so I’ve got absolutely no idea how different it is to code for 360s/PS3s/PCs or how much extra cost/labour there is to go multiplatform – although I imagine there’s some dev tool or middleware that woud help perhaps? Anyway I am ready to stand corrected.


    ****sorry for the vagueness, I have no idea. Does anyone?

    *****Obviously in an ideal world people would pay a fair price for your product.

    Edit: oh so many typos

  22. kibayasu says:

    60,000, huh?

    That’s all?

    Look, even if every single one of those who signed that petition bought the game (and we all know how reliable internet petitioners are, isn’t that right Xenoblade?) that really isn’t much of a sale base. I’d be surprised if even half of 60,000 people bought a PC release of Dark Souls.

    • Khemm says:

      Because every single person in the world knows about this petition or is willing to sign it, even if he’s interested in the game.

      Make no mistake, it’s a really big number achieved in just a few days.

    • gimpyh says:

      Also The Witcher sold over 1 million on the pc. No reasons Dark Souls couldn’t do the same

    • Pointless Puppies says:

      You’re making the mistaken assumption that only the people who signed the petition are going to be the ones buying the game. This 60,000+ group of people are the people who 1) keep up with recent PC gaming news and 2) are dedicated enough to sign a petition about a game they care about. There are far many more people who play on PC who don’t do either, but they’d still have enough interest to buy it either at full price or on sale down the road if they open up Steam (or whatever site they like to buy games from) and see Dark Souls in there.

  23. Jimbo says:

    How many have signed the boycott?

  24. zergrush says:

    And while we’re at it could we have some Monster Hunter too? Pretty please?

  25. mollemannen says:

    cant someone email notch and tell him to tweet the page?

  26. Squire says:

    I hate really really hard games, I like to play games for fun not frustration.

    • Ckarasu says:

      Good news! It’s not a “really really hard” game. That’s a misconception that most people tend to make, out of a lack of knowledge of the game. It’s punishing, but fair. Well, most of the time it is. There are a few areas up for debate, though all hazards are not too hard to spot if you pay attention.

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, the same way the first one wasn’t too hard, it was unforgiving but fair, I think a lot people considered it very hard just because it doesn’t have a checkpoint every twenty metres more than anything else.

  27. John P says:

    A good game but stop calling it an RPG for god’s sake.

    Putting stats in a hack and slash does not make it an RPG.

    • Ckarasu says:

      It’s an action RPG. You do get choices, but their effects are more immediate, and you are playing the role as the “chosen undead”. It’s certainly not a “Hack ‘n Slash” given that playing like that will more often than not get you killed. Magic is also very important, as without it, many fights get much harder. There are also factions, of sorts, that have an effect on the game in a few ways. Feel free to keep calling it that, though. The rest of us will keep calling it an Action RPG, which is what it is.

    • Tuco says:

      You are wasting your time, I gave up years ago about that semantic battle.
      In a world where Diablo is repeatedly listed as a RPG, Dark Souls is a RPG too.

    • John P says:

      Playing the role of a chosen undead, right. Like how Tomb Raider is an RPG because you’re playing the role of Lara Croft. Not trying to be snide here, but you don’t have to look far to see how bogus that justification is.

      It’s an action game through and through. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Khemm says:

      I’ll agree it’s not really an RPG… But hey, if Mass Effect 2 is called an RPG, then what do you expect?
      Well, Dark Souls does sort of come back to the dungeon crawling RPG roots, but it’s too player skill-driven to even consider it a part of the genre.
      Severance was an action game with a few RPG elements tossed in, Dark Souls is pretty similar in that regard.

    • lowprices says:

      Surely the real question in this “is it/isn’t it an RPG?” is “why does it matter?”

    • Pointless Puppies says:

      Action RPG =/= RPG.

      I haven’t played Dark Souls, but Demon’s Souls is one of the very few games that does NOT do what you’re complaining about. I hate slapping RPG “stats” into decidedly non-RPG games as much as the next guy, but trust me when I say that the gameplay in Demon’s Souls (and most likely in Dark as well) is an exquisite balance between both. I did just as much stat crunching, decision making, strategy thinking, and number chasing as I do on any traditional RPG, with the added benefit of precision timing and heart pumping moments of tension of your traditional action games.

      If you want to complain about random games that get called “RPG” for no reason, look somewhere else because these are not the games you are looking for. First of all, it’s an Action RPG and it’s a damn rare one that manages to actually be just as much as an RPG as it does an action game, as opposed to the thousand other games that get called “action RPG” that are actually just straight up action games but with random experience and numbers flying all over the screen.

  28. Starky says:

    Dear Namco,

    Please port Dark Souls to PC so that I may obtain a copy from my favourite digital download distribution service.

    The pirate bay.

    Thank you.


    • Khemm says:

      Stupid joke tbh.
      Considering the 360 version is being pirated as we speak and PC versions of some games surprisingly outsell their console counterparts.

    • Ysellian says:

      We all of us know this to be true. But digital distribution and more precisely the sales have managed to sway a lot of people I believe. I mean what’s stopping someone who pirated a game from removing some of the hassle and issues he has with a pirated copy (and there definitely are issues) by getting a legitimate copy for half the price at a sale.

      In fact I would say that the real reason Ubisoft/EA are looking for stronger anti-piracy methods is not to sell their good games more, but to sell their bad games more. Because that is the real issue in all this and that is that someone who pirated a bad game won’t be likely to dish out money for it in a steam sale.

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      Considering the 360 version is being pirated as we speak and PC versions of some games surprisingly outsell their console counterparts.

      Do they really though – I can’t think of one that has…

    • alseT says:

      Dragon Age(not sure) and Bad Company 2 off the top of my head.

  29. Atic Atac says:

    I work at a high profile gaming studio and the amount of love and admiration coming from our designers and developers is unmatched towards this game. Truly a fantastic achievement.

  30. Velvetmeds says:

    Wait until 59k of those people finally play it and realize it’s a crap game.


  31. spongthe1st says:

    Signed it just now.

    One thing I will say though – I wish someone would make a similar petition to get Rockstar to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC. :(

  32. bill says:

    If it had 14 year old schoolgirls in it then they’d have had it on PC in an instant.

  33. PoulWrist says:

    The guy on the forum talked about Facebook & Twitter as well. Here’s Dark Souls’ Facebook page: link to facebook.com

    Spam it up ^^

    I don’t use twitter, so no idea how to get anything done on there.

  34. Gramarye says:

    Funny thing is, I’m going to buy this either way, but not until they release a statement. If it’s coming to PC, I’ll wait for it; if it isn’t, I’ll play it on my roommate’s Xbox. They’ve just gotta let us know.

  35. the_p says:

    Jim, thanks for mentioning this game as much as possible, even though it’s not yet a PC game.

    It’s a great game and I love playing it and I like the idea other people will play it too. I enjoy it so much I lose the power to talk about it intelligently.

    You are a true gent.

  36. Phantoon says:

    Praise the sun!

  37. nierexy says:

    I just hope FromSoftware do make this game – it was my GOTY I would happily buy it again to play on my new gaming PC

  38. Bhazor says:

    I did a petition on the same topic which I started an hour befor this one. I got five. Five signatures.

    I don’t care. Screw you.

  39. Chris D says:

    Now I have to think of something interesting to say to cover over the fact that this was a rather embarrassing reply fail.

    60,000? Gosh that’s a lot

  40. sbs says:

    this would be like a fairy tale if it happened.
    already saved up for the preorder namco.. don’t dissapoint me!!

  41. Dominic White says:

    On a general note, one of the reasons why Dark Souls is so loved – and why it would (after folks got over how different it is to every other PC game in existance) do so well on the PC – is that the skill ceiling is astronomical. The average completion time for the game is 50-70 hours, but there’s already a video of someone beating the whole thing start to finish, clearing all the major bosses in 86 minutes.

    Once mastered, the game can be utterly conquered by a skilled player. That’s difficulty at it’s best.

  42. DOLBYdigital says:

    I have a feeling they won’t do it although if they do, it will probably be single player only. I agree that even if they don’t port this game, they will hopefully develop the next “something” souls game for PC as well. Truly great games that deserve to be enjoyed by as many people as possible…. really reminds me how much I hate exclusivity and the whole idea of not allowing people to enjoy something just to push people to buying something else they don’t really need.

  43. kud13 says:

    I get the feeling this will be another RDR. not that I wouldn’t like it to come to the PC< but I just doubt it will.

  44. Kdansky says:

    I have bought a PS3 just to play this. I sure hope they don’t port it. :(

  45. UK_John says:

    Over 63,000 now, and i expect 100,000 before the month is out!

    Of course, games companies will just say, “what’s the point if we’re only going to get just over 63,0000 sales?” due to the dumbasses they are!