Z-Axis: Red Orchestra 2 SDK Rolls Out

Red Orchestra 2 SDK at night, modders delight. THAT should have been my headline, but alas it did not fit. Tripwire explain that these tools are now available to everyone who owns the game: “While the limited functionality preview versions of the SDK have been available to select modders for a while, this release now makes the full capabilities of the Mod SDK available to everyone. Users can now make and publish everything from simple mods and mutators, through custom maps and on to full total conversion mods.” The chaps at Tripwire also point out that there are already some mods in progress with the pre-release SDK: Rising Storm, In Country Vietnam, and Iron Europe.


  1. Shortwave says:

    I had originally thought the game to be releasing with mods ready to go, so this is nice news.
    The game has always had a few good servers (Without bots) if you search but the game felt really stale to me really quickly. I’m really hoping this helps bring the game to life because I do enjoy it. I mostly bought the game just for the mod support. In country Vietnam should be amazing.

  2. Synesthesia says:

    they need to fix their current netcode problem ASAP. This was a big game for me, completely ruined by the netcode. It refused to acknowledge it was kind of a niche game. Right now, you have to lead for your own latency, which kind of breaks the experience on such a gunplay-centered game. Yeah.

    Only guys around 50 ping can actually shoot correctly, and most populated servers have a median latency of about 150.

    What a shame.

    • mentor07825 says:

      What a shame.

    • Shortwave says:

      I have to agree sadly. I wasn’t honestly sure if they’ve fixed it or not. Paired with general performance issues and yea, theres one good reason the player base has dropped so much.

      The game ran smoother in beta for me with a single 6950 than it does now for me with two of them. >.>

    • grundus says:

      Yeah, RIP.

    • Spinoza says:

      Shut up soldier and kill the ivan/krauts

    • Film11 says:

      This isn’t a bug unfortunately, it’s an intentional decision. TWI has made a decisive stance against lag compensation, which means you won’t get people shooting you after you go round a corner, but on the otherhand you will have to slightly lead your target and the confirmation of where you aim can be delayed slightly as well.

    • Synesthesia says:

      yeah, about that, thats why i said it doesnt akcnowledge its a niche game. It will never have the latencies to apply that kind of philosophy, ever.

      And, i believe getting shot behind cover a few times is not as bad as having to lead for every shot. Say, how much do you pull that trigger in the game? Last time i checked, shooter was a word somewhere in that genre.

      Its like shooting rifles with 60 foot long barrels, it just doesnt work, shot behind cover or not. You even have to lead for cq, with high velocity rounds. Every. Shot. How broken is that?

    • Velvetmeds says:

      My ping is never above 100. What does your median have to say about that?

    • Bungle says:

      Well said, Synesthesia. Their philosophy on lag compensation would be a good one if it was a mainstream game with servers in every major city. The player base is small and spread out, so their decision turned out to be a very bad one. I pre-ordered the game but canceled my pre-order a few days before the game was released. I made the right decision to cancel.

    • Bungle says:

      @Velvetmeds, you don’t seem to understand what “median” means. Go back to the kiddy table.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      And you don’t seem to understand what “never” means. L2english?

      Of course, this is simply a matter of regions and wouldn’t be surprised if his comment is “fair” as far as his region goes. But in EU i don’t see why anyone would have such a “median”. Cause.. if it’s never above 100…Yeah. You getting it yet?

    • rayne117 says:

      Velvet spews so much venom and hate (incorrectly, at that). I have never felt so disgusting reading something than I have reading his comments.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      I’m so sorry for making sense

    • Synesthesia says:

      link to oi56.tinypic.com

      um, yeah. Thats f2j, one of the last constantly populated servers. I know, dont feed the troll, but a little hard examples always help.

      (never mind my southamerican ping, but the fact remains that the audience is very, very spread out. Im glad for you, velvet, but you are not alone playing this.)

    • Bweahns says:

      My feelings exactly. I would play this game if it had proper netcode and my ping wasn’t 120 to local servers. Also you need populated servers to play as well.

    • Echo Black says:

      And you don’t seem to understand what “never” means. L2english?
      Of course, this is simply a matter of regions and wouldn’t be surprised if his comment is “fair” as far as his region goes. But in EU i don’t see why anyone would have such a “median”. Cause.. if it’s never above 100…Yeah. You getting it yet?

      Why, you gigantic galoot – A median, not a mean average, and eyeballed off Synesthesia’s observed server pings at that. Not yours in particular. The median separating my lowest/higher latencies would be even larger, as I never get to play under 200ms (since my country’s two servers died).

    • derbefrier says:

      link to forums.tripwireinteractive.com

      this is an excelent post in TWI forums explaining why their net code gives the impression of hit reg issues or crap like that. Its pretty much a guessing game on where the bullet is gonna go. it killed what had the potential to be one of the best FPS i have played in years. some people are willing to put up with it or are lucky enough to be close enough to one of the few populated servers to get a low enough ping that this isnt noticeable but for alot of us it was just to much, i would rather die behind a wall every once and a while and still be able to kill someone instead of not being able to hit a guy directly in front of because of no lag compensation.

    • yourgrandma says:

      Never had a problem leading targets and lag compensation has way more problems than it is worth especially with high ping and large numbers of players (rubber banding, advantage given to the lagger). i made this vid with around ~100 ping and can easily hit targets from far away link to youtube.com

    • derbefrier says:


      yeah its well known the issue isn’t as big of a deal for longer shots their are plenty of threads in TWI forums that explain why but for close range shots like the one illustrated in the .gif from the forum post i linked, its ridiculous. it almost just comes down to luck. it completely explains the “I shot that guy in the chest but he didn’t die” posts you used to see all over TWI forums before everyone just gave up and quit playing. like i said if your lucky enough to be close to a populated server and can keep your ping under 100 your very lucky and i am jealous you will get to enjoy this game on a level i never will.

    • buzzmong says:

      The hit detection issues were the reason I uninstalled it.

      Sure, it’s got a poor UI, poor class system, poor unlock/achivement system (which gives longer term players artifical boosts to their characters), poor balance and some rather poor map design but those things are livable with.

      Shooting people in the chest at close range and your shot not counting 9 times out of 10 just ruins the game.

  3. vyktar says:

    oh boy, now i can make a trench warfare map

  4. Spinoza says:

    This is just a beginning.

  5. Shooop says:

    Is there a mod to fix the brightness/contrast?

    Took a test spin of the game and every time I went into a building it was pitch black and I couldn’t see a foot in front of me. So I had to crank the game’s brightness all the way up to see anything. Walk outside and everything’s glowing like the surface of the sun.

    • buzzmong says:

      Turn blur and other post processing effects (HDR) back on.

      For some reason TWI linked the FOV blur and other nicities options into one big post processing toggle. Turning off what you think is an individual option and you turn them all off, including HDR, which has the effect of making the internals of buildings really dark.

  6. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    I’ve enjoyed RO2 massively and, personally, have had no problems whatsoever with it. Here’s hoping this breathes some life back into it.

  7. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Modding could save this game for me. I so wanted to love it but it just didn’t hit the spot.
    Hopefully somebody can repeat the magic that brought Stalker SoC to life on RO2 and we can get our moneys worth from it.
    Come on you Mods, get Phil Daniels on it’s arse.

  8. rayne117 says:

    I’m not sure if mods are such a good idea when there is only one US server that is: – populated to 64 players, – doesn’t have bots, – is centered in a good area for Americans.

    A community has to actually be there before there are mods made for it.

  9. Jimmy says:

    I have played RO2 a lot but it’s a bit limited in that it still does not feature large maps with multiple vehicles, and no servers have tanks because they are buggy and the gunner AI is very unpopular. Perhaps the SDK will liven things up a bit, in 2013…
    In the meantime there is Darkest Hour, but they are losing players to RO2 and there aren’t enough to go round! What a shame.

  10. NYMinuteMan says:

    Love the title of the post. On RO2: Never played it, although I dig the concept. I always hoped for a proper “modern combat” RO, somewhere between Insurgency and Arma.

  11. Nemrod says:

    There’s already a community made map available on the Tripwire forums. Seems pretty cool, waiting for mooooare!

  12. wodin says:

    Biggest let down for me last year. All they had to do was add some more realism features and upgrade the graphics engine of RO. Yet they tried to make the game more open to mainstream FPS gamers, and sadly it became a disjointed game that ended up appealing to the mainstream gamer more than there own core following.

    I hated the idea of weapon unlocks and still hate it. Infact it’s worse than I imagined it would be. yeah we will have modders making mutators etc, however there will be so many that whats already a split community will split even more until you’ll be luck to find a server that plays it the way you like it.

    I’d rather they had made the realism mode a realism mode rather than being the same as the relaxed mode without a HUD. If the realism mode did away with weapon unlocks, slowed down the speed you can run around, have a hit system that actually made a difference to your ability to fight, move, aim. Infact there are a fair few tweaks additions that could have been put into the realism mode. Also added troop transport and made some maps like some of the great combined arms maps of RO then it would be something.

    I wish they’d put effort into adding that over the last few months rather than getting the SDK together and letting the community do it. At least everyone would have what the want more or less in the base game.

    • Deuteronomy says:

      Maybe someone will now invest the time into creating a proper Red Orchestra 2 – Call of Stalingrad just isn’t cutting it.

  13. TwwIX says:

    Too little, too late.

    I should have cancelled my pre-order after getting a taste of the troubled closed beta. What a waste of money. Never again, Tripwire!

  14. Megadyptes says:

    I haven’t played this game for months. I’ll probably reinstall when the WW1 and ‘Nam mods/conversions are finally released though.

    Also some new maps would be nice, some of the ones in the release were a bit shit, the best maps in RO1 were community made so the full SDK release should hopefully sort this out. And some mods to severely limit the availability of the Mk42b would be nice as well.

  15. US_D3ltaF0Rc3Warr10r says:

    Probably the biggest let down in my gaming history.

    Serves me right for being an elitist prick who thought that nothing can go wrong with a hardcore shooter set in Stalingrad and being coded by a bunch of dedicated moders.

  16. Kuroko says:

    I was incredibly disappointed by RO2, but the game still had potential to be GREAT, so its in the hands of modders now to get it right.

  17. Herzog says:

    Why all the hate? Enjoying this game since release and the last two patches gave me a huge performance boost. Dont have any trouble finding full servers in the evening with good pings (50-80) in central Europe. With mods and new maps incoming I know this game will stay on my hd for quite some time.

  18. tigershuffle says:

    I still pop on to it a couple of times a week ….
    Hopefully the mods will come.
    Would love Darkest Hour to be ported and some proper Tank maps would be lovely

  19. buzzmong says:

    I just hope now the Dev team are sort of finished with the SDK they can properly go back and remake lots of the game, namely the gameplay systems and the UI.

  20. Tams80 says:

    Rising Storm and In Country: Vietnam look really interesting.

  21. vanzer says:

    I was extremely disappointed with this product. I have yet to purchase another pc game due to bad product shock.

  22. El_Emmental says:

    The game is too bugged to retains players, mappers and modders (other than the official mod teams working on the Pacific and the Vietnam mods), with that SDK they’re peppering a dead horse in the vain hope it will cover the smell and bring him back from the dead. It won’t work.

    Last time (2 weeks ago) I checked my OpenOffice document (where I keep track of all bugs I encountered myself, with as much details and explanations I can find), there is still more than 50 serious bugs in the game, affecting most of the game dynamics and mechanics, such as :

    – the infantry (movements, interaction with the world, stances, actions bugs),

    – the weapons (many reloading, firing, iron-sighting/aiming, scopes, looting, dropping, world model, etc strong and frequent bugs),

    – the grenades (explosives/antitank/smokes : looting, throwing, HUD display, animation, priming bugs),

    – the classes (class-specific actions, class limits, class promotions bugs)

    – the very spawn system (not spawning, spawning at wrong spawn point, spawning under the map, spawning in third person view, spawning with spectator camera, etc),

    – the user interface (non-functioning buttons, non-functioning menus, non-functioning chat system, entire HUD disappearing until disconnect or map change (not hardcore nor server side mode), all choices resets to default everytime the class menu or the spawn menu is open, infamous server browser bug requiring game restart, “limbo” mode = must “ctrl+alt+del terminate process” to quit the game as no controls are responding, and so on)

    – the tanks (collisions with obstacles totally bugged, collisions with the ground aka stability on surface is a total mess, tank-related networking problem (= teleporting tanks) even on low populated low ping servers, AI crew not behaving correctly in most situation, MG gunner AI mostly based on an AI code short example => makes 10 perfect headshots through smokes in 3 sec, tank world model =/= tank actual model, shell system glitches, lost crew system, etc bugs),

    – the very controls themselves (keyboard hits registering is skipping some key hits under certain circumstances),

    – the maps (missing texture, invisible blocks, wrong/missing spawn points, “holes” in the map, loads of stucking spots, etc),

    – the OpenAL performance hits

    – and of course the best of the best, already mentionned above by other RPS members : lack of any lag compensation, making hit registration at close range a dice throw, “may the luck be with you !”

    => it reward close range spray’n’pray hip-shooting for the automatic wepaons, as it’s the only way to at least get one or two hits. Since I started doing that, I got +40% to + 60% kills per round.

    And they’re not even working on these bugs, so don’t expect any sort of fixes on that.

    I talked about these bugs (and showed the screenshots) to several students (who happen to be friends of a friend) finishing their Bachelors degree and Masters Degree in programming (specialized in video game programming) at the university and many of the bugs fixed during the public beta and the first 2 months after release were bugs well-known for these students, as they are the results of errors you often make when you do such tasks for the very first time, aka “stupid errors you never make again”.

    They laughted when they found these bugs “in a real game”, then they realized people had actually forked 40 dollars for this, and wondered how it could be possible to get away with a flawed piece of software.

    => When Tripwire released their game, they had bugs that should only have existed during the very first private beta stages.

    Red Orchestra 2 should have stayed in development for another 6 months and be released in march/april if it wanted to stay alive more than a couple of weeks. I never thought Tripwire Interactive would rush their first, most ambitious, awaited and beloved sequel like that.

    What a shame.