Ships Ahoy: Naval War: Arctic Circle

Paradox’s near-future naval war scenario got its first developer diary last night, and you can see that below. Naval War: Arctic Circle pitches modern navies against each other in a battle for resources at the top of the world, and judging by this video it’s going to go pretty heavy on the strategy. And that’s good, because we don’t want any of this strategy-lite, with half the mind-calories of normal strategy. We want it all-encompassing, choking our neural pathways with nothing-else-to-think gloopy challenge. Mmm.

The game is out in the Spring.


  1. The Greatness says:

    I wonder when it’ll ship.

  2. Rii says:

    I hope this isn’t only a NATO vs. Russia thing. Where’s China?

    • timmyvos says:

      China wouldn’t have a sphere of influence over the Arctic would it? The only nations with a valid sphere of influence are indeed represented. Denmark, the USA, Russia and I think Canada are all here.

    • Zeewolf says:

      There will be a few more, I’m guessing. Norway for example. It’d be fun to see the Skjold-class patrol boats/coastal corvettes in action (hopefully the enemy won’t…).

    • Zeewolf says:

      Still don’t get what the Chinese would be doing in the North Atlantic. Most likely it will be a NATO vs. Russia-affair.

      Edit: Official info: In Arctic Circle, the factions includes the United States, the Russian federation, the Nordic countries and NATO.

      (which kind of indicates that things will start without NATO being involved as a whole, or something like that)

    • aircool says:

      Depends how far in the future it is. China is busy building a Blue Water fleet at incredible speed.

  3. Colaholic says:

    Reminds me of good old Jane’s Fleet Command.

  4. scorcher24 says:

    Interested, but not going to buy on release. Will be buggy as hell. SOTS 2 teached me a lesson.

    • Arclight says:

      For the record, they are completely unrelated.

      Whether you buy it at release or not is up to you, but that argument doesn’t make sense.

    • Hensler says:

      Same publisher, no?

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      not the same developer

  5. Nemon says:

    Bergen! Haakonsvern naval base! YEEEEAAAHH!

  6. Shadrach says:

    Looks pretty good, I’ve been hoping for a worthy successor to Harpoon. I sure hope they fix some of the most glaring things in the trailer like the lettering on the ship side being mirrored. There’s really no need for that on a modern PC is there?

    And with a name like “Turbo Tape Games” it’s just got to be good :)

  7. D says:

    More trailers should end with the lead developer talking smack about beating me at his own game.

  8. McChubs says:

    I’ve been in the beta for this for a while and honestly, I couldn’t get into the gameplay at all. I was expecting something akin to Silent Hunter, at least in graphics, but it’s actually relatively simplistic. It’s also fairly confusing with the tiny little graphics window and the huge map screen — you can’t easily see what you’re doing. Perhaps I’m an idiot.

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      perhaps. hehe

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Since it shows right there in the video that you can click to switch views, it’s possible.

    • McChubs says:

      No no, I did that in game, but it feels really, really weird. The field of view is off by miles and the graphics are pretty primitive. It’s tricky to tell what you’re doing to be honest. Like I said, I was expecting it to be more like Silent Hunter in execution.

  9. wodin says:

    Command Modern Naval and Air Operations (formerly Red Pill) is the naval type game I’m waiting on. The detail and depth going by the website is astonishing.

    This one though doesn’t interest me at all. I find full on 3D graphics at this kind of level usually is a sign it’s not going to be uber realistic.

    link to

  10. Tac Error says:

    Meh for the Arctic Circle setting. I hope there will be mod tools, so a Cold War mod would be possible…

    • Zibblsnrt says:

      It being a Paradox game I’m sure someone will have crammed Cold War fleets and Roman quinqueremes into the same package within a month of release.

  11. Porkolt says:

    I wonder how a war over the Arctic could lead to letting one nation ROOL THE WUWWLD.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      They’re fighting over Santa’s stealth flying reindeer technology.

  12. heyo. says:

    I’m in the beta, and I’ve been enjoying it (I think I can say that without breaking the NDA. I hope?). Fleet Command comments are spot on – it’s not really aiming for Harpoon or The Game Formerly Known as Red Pill levels of realism, but it’s not utterly gamey by any means.

    Don’t expect Silent Hunter – you command fleets, not single ships.