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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Down South

Lewie’s gone. He’s gone, and he’s left us behind. We’re the SavyGamer B Team of Will and Tony, and we cover for him whenever he’s off somewhere, too busy. Now, he’s too busy for his friends. He’s gone down south and left us behind, and we have to clear up his mess. Oh, sure, he’ll be back next week with his checked shirts and his Lambrini, having gone full native. But we’re still here. The last hope from outside the M25, the last voice of sense. You’d have thought his bargain bone would have kept him away from the higher cost of living. But no, he’s gone, and he’ll forget about us. All about us. Us back home.
Once he’s up and running again he’ll be behind the helm of for all your multiplatform bargain needs. The traitor that he is.

REMINDER: Direct2Drive is officially folding into part of GameFly on January 17th. If you’ve previously bought anything from the Bargain Bucket on Direct2Drive, make a local backup of it as soon as you can – while GameFly are of course going to honour your back catalogue of purchases, it’s always a good idea to keep a local copy, and according to the official FAQ some titles might not appear back on your account for some time. It’s worth noting, too, that all extra content, like guides and so forth, will vanish – so if you want them, make them a priority. Now, to the deals!

Swift*Stitch – ~£4.57/$7/€5.52 / $77.77 (!!)

Some of you may remember Swift*Stitch from the end of last year, when Alec posted about the free Unity demo that’s available. That demo? Still available, and still incredible – give it a go. This week, though, the developer’s holding a weird and wonderful promotion. It’s not a pay what you want – it’s a pay when you want. Each day has a different mystery price – today’s is $77.77, almost disqualifying it from the Bucket, but luckily you can still grab it from Indievania for the regular price of $7. If I were you, though, I’d bookmark it and check back just after midnight, but don’t blame me if it shoots up. Again.

Nation Red – £2/$2.50/€2.25 or a four-pack for £5.99 (£1.50 each)

Zombies are a simple bunch – shuffling, direct and unable to hold interesting conversation. The reason they’re scary, aside from being dead and walking about I mean, is that they they lumber in number and never stop until you are overwhelmed – struck by the possibility that you may be delicious.

Similarly, Nation Red is very simple game – zombies pour into an arena and the players go about making them a higher degree of dead. The surprising bit is how fun it actually is, mostly thanks to the zombies acting like angry meat-piñatas, generously gifting you new guns, upgrades and XP to unlock perks. Which makes you seem murderously ungrateful. Sorry, zombies.

There’s a free weekend right now, too, so you can decide for yourself just how much you want to ruin these poor zombie’s unlives.

Batman: Arkham City – £16.29/$24.99 on Impulse

It’s the details. Grime covers every surface, insane and theatrical villains burn their image onto a corrupt, abandoned city and single flakes of snow melt into my billowing cape as I crouch, impossibly high on a gargoyle, ready to swoop thrillingly into danger… after I brood a bit more. Did I ever mention my parents?

I say ‘me’, I of course mean ‘The Batman’ but that’s where Rocksteady succeed with these games – the responsive controls, the satisfyingly crunchy combat and the unfurling options afforded by constant upgrades – this is a Batman simulator and I am the goshdarned Batman.

Less successful – less tight – is the writing. It’s a shame because the oddly beautiful and ugly industrial nightmare environment is so effective at storytelling that the clumsy writing – meandering in plot and problematic towards female characters – is all the more jarring. But as this is absolutely Batman from the tippy top of it’s pointy ears to the dirt-flecked soles of it’s steel-capped boots, I can forgive having to roll my eyes between the swooping, punching Bat-justice.

It’s worth noting that this is standalone GFWL, so much like the retail version, the Steam DLC is not compatible with this version of the game. Once again Games For Windows Live proves itself to be neither the service we deserve nor the service we need right now.

Dead Space 1 & 2 – £6.24/$9.99/€9.99
Have you played Dead Space yet? If you haven’t, it’s because you probably don’t want to get scared out of your wits in your entertainment time. Have I played Dead Space yet? Yeah, because I’m not completely a sissy. Have I finished Dead Space? Well, err. I’m still somewhat a sissy. Dead Space does a fantastic job of toeing that fine line between survival horror (where you’re afraid of everything) and action horror (where you make everything that’s scary afraid of you instead). Yeah, technically you’re an awesome neon space dude with a laser saw and a stompin’ boot, but that doesn’t mean that a silent, dark hallway with nothing in it won’t make you want to play from behind the chair.

If you only want to buy the first one and see if you like it before buying the second, you only spend an extra penny by buying them separately. Hehe, spend a penny.

Deal of the week

XIII – £2/$3.06/€2.42
XIII recently got a weird point-and-click hidden object game, as if the original FPS never even existed. Honestly, though, it’s almost as if it didn’t, and you’d not be to blamed if you didn’t know of it – the PC version doesn’t often pop up too often. It’s here for a couple of quid and it’s definitely worth a quick look – easily the best adaptation of the original comic book. We’ll pretend the TV film didn’t happen.

Also of note:
Deus Ex: Complete Edition – 97p in-store pickup on one of them DVD things
Mafia II – £4.99

Don’t forget that for up-to-date bargains as they happen,you can come on over to You can also drop us a line and tell us that no-one’s bought Lambrini since the eighties. Or something.

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