Magicka Has Sold 1.3 Million Copies, 4m DLC

Some concept art, as there are no screens so far.

Here’s your other piece of Paradox news, via the fine folks of Strategy Informer, and our Jim stuck in the Swedish wastelands without access to a wifi signal: Magicka has sold a shitload. And there’s more to come, with the announcement of a new expansion pack, The Other Side Of The Coin.

If you were wondering how it is that Paradox were suddenly able to do quite so much, with so many games, and appear to be having so much fun doing it, a lot of it would come down to the sales of Magicka. The game has sold 1.3 million copies since it launched almost a year ago. And on top of that, DLC has cumulatively sold over four million copies.

The new expansion, as its name may hint, lets you play as the enemies. And that’s the sum total of information, but hopefully Jim will be gathering much more detail as he ninjas his way through Paradox HQ.


  1. Teronfel says:

    WOW that’s impressive.

  2. povu says:

    The Stars Are Left was their best DLC so far, I’m definitely looking forward to the next!

  3. PoulWrist says:

    Nice to see these news :)

    • Lionmaruu says:

      yes! been rooting for them since the first buggy demo release :)
      there are bugs and some gameplay and movement could be improved, but the game IS very fun and innovative.
      I support the way they do business and actually think they should have sold more copies!

  4. goldrunout says:

    I guess many of those sales come from Steam, don’t they? I read once that magicka was one of the most successful steam games in the first half of last year.

    • Baines says:

      They certainly aren’t coming from consoles, considering the announced XBLA port never happened.

      One particular problem with counting Steam sales (numbers sold) is Steam sales (reduced price games.) When Steam sells the game at 75% off, particularly during holiday events (and I think Magicka had a gift-giving achievement last Christmas), how many sales come from that period?

      Looking at SteamPoweredSales, Steam has listed Magicka at $2.50 in September (1 day), November (5 days), December (1 day), and January (1 day).
      link to

  5. Lewie Procter says:

    4 million you say? That must be roughly 2 sales per bit of DLC!

    • tungstenHead says:

      Is there a joke that’s completely woosh on me? Because there’s like a dozen pieces of DLC.

      I wrote “like a dozen” and was going to be satisfied with gesticulating that there’s been a lot of DLC, but then I decided that I should be accurate and went to Steam to check how many bits of DLC were actually available. It turns out, there’re a dozen.

    • Hallgrim says:

      @tungstenHead: I suspect the joke is about the number of DLC available.

    • tungstenHead says:

      It’s *that* subtle?

  6. Khemm says:

    Is it worth purchasing for single player only? If so, should I buy the original or any DLC packs, as well?

    • mrwout says:

      It’s fun on your own, but it’s nowhere near as super-duper awesome as it is with friends. I bought the whole pack of magicka + dlc in the steam sale because it was such a great deal. But really the only dlc really worth getting is “The stars are left” (although Vietnam has some fun bits too). But I wouldn’t recommend it for single-player only. To solve that issue I gifted it to a mate as a premature birthday gift. while it might sound generous it was just out of pure self-interest to have at least one person to play with ;)

    • tungstenHead says:

      It’s a fairly hard game when played alone. It’s a rather easy and often hilarious game when played with friends. It’s still quite good when played alone, but it’s a different entertainment. YMMV.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      You really should get someone else to play it with, otherwise you’ll be missing out on all the hilarious situations that come up naturally during play. You could still play through the campaign on your own and enjoy it, but it’s just not the same thing.

      The only DLC really worth buying is The Stars Are Left, and only the host needs it. Everything else is just items and costumes you should wait to come up in a sale to buy in bulk.

    • Kaira- says:

      Last time I played the single player, it was infuriatingly irritatingly hard. And not in a good way like, say, VVVVVV or SMB or Dark Souls or what have you. You die easily, checkpoints are far away and it was generally very unpleasant experience, that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

      Multiplayer is much, much better though.

    • InternetBatman says:

      No. Checkpoints are too few and far between and the game is still liable to crash in key parts. They balance single-player and multiplayer together with the slightest attention focused on single-player, which means that they pretty much took out the ability to heal in single player. I would not buy it for a single-player game until they fix the difficulty spikes.

  7. SquareWheel says:

    I enjoyed Magicka, but the constant DLC packs really turned me off of the game.

    • Pathetic Phallacy says:

      . . . don’t buy them?

    • Chalky says:

      I’m not sure why this would be the case. If the initial game was good… how could additional mini expansions be a bad thing?

    • BoZo says:

      Yeah its not horse armour, DLC actually makes sense in this game.

    • tungstenHead says:

      I think have an idea of where SquareWheel is coming from. The DLC may not present sufficient value to him, so he doesn’t purchase it. Then he may begin to feel that because he doesn’t have the “complete” game, it’s a lesser experience that isn’t worth playing anymore.

      Another likely reason — and this one is probably a bit relevant to myself — is that the game has had its time and a player is done with it. Then the DLC’s complete lack of appeal because no further experience with the game is desired, but constant surfacing just reminds this player that the game is over and she wrongly attributes her lack of interest to the DLC rather than the original game because of positive experiences and memories of the original game.

      The train of thought is still on the rails, even if it’s going through a black tunnel. I think both ideas have a part in some of the ongoing negativity felt towards DLC by many gamers — a negativity born from the poor value of horse armor, catalyzed by the relatively awesome deal presented by a glut of ongoing free TF2 updates (especially in the pre-hat days), and mutating to survive however it can, using whatever perceived injustices of price setting that are available.


    • Koozer says:

      This is literally the only game in existence for which I want all the DLC, no questions asked.

    • Grover says:

      The DLC is god damned non-stop with this game. And as far as I can tell it hasn’t added any value aside from the humorous advertisements (I’ve bought a few).

      Maybe they should lay off the DLC and fix the numerous bugs.

  8. westyfield says:

    Is the multiplayer fixed yet? Apparently it was broken on release, and several months later when I bought Magicka it still would refuse to connect/drop its connection/lag itself to death for no apparent reason.

    • Xan says:

      Not quite fixed yet, tried playing some MP about 3 months ago and still had some connection problems.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      However, there are much (!) less crashing issues and I experienced no troubles with the connection when I was playing with a friend through “The Stars are Left” a few days ago. They also introduced saving at checkpoints, so even if you have to quit / restart the game, you can continue from the middle of a level now.

    • westyfield says:

      Ok, thanks! Checkpoint saves are nice (can’t believe I just said that), I gave up on singleplayer because levels took too long without a friend and I couldn’t be bothered to restart a level each time.

    • Skabooga says:

      I still have some no-loads and crashes here and there with multiplayer, but it’s usually just a matter of restarting the computer or trying to another game or two, and then it works fine. A bit of patience and it’s not so bad.

  9. scorcher24 says:

    I still can’t believe I bought that buggy pile of something… but since they just ignored me while asking for the officially offered refund on SOTOS2, I am not gonna buy anything Paradox related soon anyway.

    • Lord Byte says:

      I’m with you man, I’ve got burned too much on Paradox games lately. Magicka is more than a year old and there’s still lots of bugs that have been there from launch that haven’t been fixed. Coop is hell to play with the random crashes and no way to connect to a game in progress. They do release DLC at least monthly.
      SOTS 2 was a thinly veiled attempt at selling us an Alpha.
      HOI 3 is only remotely balanced and playable after the you’ve bought the latest DLC.
      Cities in Motion doesn’t work any more when you’ve got Crossfire, this wasn’t until a patch a few months ago, and they still haven’t fixed it.
      Only games I had no issues with are M&B (Because it was developed entirely outside of Paradox), and EU3. Although some of the “expansions” should’ve been included in the base game (same goes for HOI… heck most of their stuff).

      I really wanted to buy Sengoku and I really would like to buy Arthur II, but I’m not gonna. At least until I know they’ve got their heads out of their asses and release an actual finished product.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      What irked me about my Magicka demo experience (crashes, events not triggering, spells not working) is that it was pretty indicative of the paid game according to others who actually own it. Why would a company offer up a glitchy demo and then expect me to hand over the cash for an equally glitchy game? It makes no sense.

  10. Popish Frenzy says:

    Funny, the DLC’s title instantly summoned this passage from the teenage section of my mind:

    “He was not Evil, for even Evil has a certain vitality—Bel-Shamharoth was the flip side of the coin of which Good and Evil are but one side.”

    I know its massively unlikely to have anything to do with it but made me realise it be neat to have some Discworld dlc, perhaps a tattered pointy hat with the word Wizzard helpfully emblazoned on it.

  11. Lord Byte says:

    And it’s still incredibly buggy. Playing through it in coop mode is hell due to random crashes, VS even worse as at random moments you spawn invisible to everyone else, picking that person out of all the spells and explosions is hell.
    We finished it but only because I had several saves at various parts near the end of the game.

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      I’ve had wildly varying experiences with this, sometimes playing 6 chapters on end without a single glitch, and another time the game crashed for someone everytime we started a chapter. I suspect network lag/stability might be a big factor in this, it seemed to go better when we were all on a Hamachi virtual network.

    • LionsPhil says:

      If they’ve sold this many copies, I have little sympathy for them not hiring somebody competent or just spending the time to fix the awful state the game is in. They shouldn’t exactly be living hand-to-mouth.

  12. says:

    If they could somehow add drop-in/drop-out to the multi-player, it would be…. well, Magickal.

    Magicka was one of my favorite games of 2011. Even though my spell-casting fingers have grown rusty, judging by how I played to get the Steam Winter achievement, I still love it and look forward to playing that DLC I bought (but didn’t play yet).

    Also, I don’t mind the DLC for this game. The price for entry is low to begin with, and the DLC itself is even cheaper. If you don’t want the cosmetic stuff, don’t buy it.

  13. Frantics says:

    Really something awesome, never played anything like it with the magic combining and how powerful you are and all the deaths, really really cool no wonder it sold so well. :)

  14. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    And all this despite the most bone-headed development decisions known to man regarding saves. They know it crashes and/or bugs out all the time, they know that each chapter takes about an hour to complete, they know you really need to play it multiplayer, and their solution to all of these problems is to only allow you to save at the end of a chapter, with said saves being eradicated if you have the need to verify the steam cache. Uggghhhh.

  15. MythArcana says:

    s73@/\/\ plus toilet humor equals big Money Hat. I will say that the game is chronically cute and offers great value, though.

    • says:

      Where was Magicka’s toilet humo(u)r?

      Most of the humor I can recall was a reference to some piece of nerd culture or Vlad not being a vampire.

  16. InternetBatman says:

    I can’t recommend this game, even though it could be amazing if given enough care.

  17. winterkewl says:

    This game is amazing, and the devs deserve all this success. I wonder how many people bought it after the Yogscast and Total Biscuit did their play through videos. I mean it was selling great before they played it but I bet their endorsement helped drive a lot of people to the game.

  18. HardcoreGamer12 says:

    I’m happy for them