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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Missed The Mark

Games! Not those pricey, expensive ones though. Fabulous cheap ones, all conveniently listed in a big list for your appraisal. When you’re done contemplating these potential purchases, there’s more discounted digital fun to be had over at, where I keep an always updated record of all the best gaming deals across all format. Here’s you’re Bargain Bucket, have at:All the Sonics for cheap (ish)
Let’s talk about Sonic. I bloody loved these games when I was younger. In retrospect, gun to my head, today I’d probably say the SNES was the superior 16-bit console toy, but back in the 90s you’d have struggled to prise my Mega Drive controller out of my hands. The classic Sonic games (Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles and CD) are platformers all about conservation of momentum, learning the level layouts, experimenting with multiple routes through levels and precision controls. Fun stuff all round.

Something went wrong after 1994 though, and ever since then, I’d go as far to say that Sega haven’t managed to make a Sonic game that’s anything better than mediocre ever since. Whether it’s the 3D platformers with universally rubbish controls and camera, massive sections that are either literally or figuratively on rails, and an increasingly distressing cast of talking animals (I shit you not, this Sonic wiki contains 82 entries in the “Anthropomorphic animals” category, everyone remembers Bark the Polar Bear right?), or the likes of Sonic 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Generations, that were supposed to be throwbacks to the glory days of the Mega Drive, but in the end Sega used today’s high powered gaming hardware to have vastly inferior (and more importantly less fun) physics. They also missed the mark on the presentation, the camera is zoomed in a bit too much, and Sonic 4 especially doesn’t even have any particularly original levels (there’s tonnes of recurring themes in the levels throughout the Sonic games, but the previous 2D ones also all have stand-out unique levels).

Plenty of people seem to like the new ones though, and by all means give them a try to find out yourself, but I couldn’t post a link to new Sonic games without fair warning: Even the games that are purporting to be like the old Mega Drive ones really are nothing like them in any meaningful way, and the 3D ones are basically all terrible. Don’t get me started on the recent Character design changes.

I imagine Sonic Kart is OK, not a clue about Sonic Spinball.

The AGS Bake Sale Bundle – Pay What You Want
Minimum of $1.50.
I’ve not had a change to try any of these, and all I know about them is what comrade Cobbett said the other day. For your pennies, you get 14 assorted games, all from different creators, all made using Adventure Game Studio, and all made specifically for this bundle. Anyone got his yet? Are there any particular stand out titles?

Feral Weekend promo at GamersGate
Excellently highlighting how foul the policy of separating licenses for Windows and Mac versions of the same game is, here’s one of the few chances you might get to nab some of Feral Interactive’s Mac ports of PC games for slightly cheaper than full price. Sure, it’s true that they can get away with charging more to Mac users because it’s a market with a far smaller supply of games, but I suspect far many more Mac users would want to play their games if they offered both platform versions in one purchase, or at the very least at the same damn price. I know Feral Interactive need to get paid, but I’m not sure if their arrangement of selling 8 year old PC ports for £16, and selling Arkham Asylum (Mac) for more than Arkham City (PC) costs to buy now, is really all that sensible.

Gaming Greats Promo at GOG
Bit of a weird name for a promotion there GOG, I’d have called it the “ArmA/Empire Earth/Little Big Adventure Promo”, but what do I know. Here all the ArmA, Empire Earth and LBA games on GOG are 50% off, and typically for GOG promotions I’ve not played any of them. They gave away Empire Earth for free a while back, which was nice of them, but you can get the full set at a discounted price now if you like.

Deal of the week
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – £7.99
Registers on Steam.
Not too sure about regional availability on this one, it’s a Steamworks game, and they’re just going to give you a serial to stick into Steam, so in theory if it’s not available to all regions, it should be data smuggle friendly. They’re also offering “Click & Collect”, so if you want you can order it from their website, and then get your download delivered to your local GAME branch. Not quite sure how that’s supposed to work. Here’s Wot John thought:

What you have here is a compellingly entertaining game, with some of the most rewarding stealth I’ve encountered. And most of all, you have choice. Choice about whether you mow down enemies with a machine gun, or tap them on the shoulders and punch them in the face. Choice about whether you sneak in via the roof, through the sewers, or march boldly in through the front door. Choice about whether you hack, smash or learn passwords through information retrieval. Choice about whether people live or die. So in those tiny moments when the game robs you of choice, it rather offends. But mostly it does not, and it’s a fantastic, elaborate, and so rarely today, long game.

Yep, DXHR is definitely quite good. Shouldn’t be missed for under a tenner, says I.

Also of note:
Medal of Honor – £4.99/€7.49/$4.99

For more cheap games, please be visiting the website.

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