Have A Sec For AVSEQ?

Development fact: Jim hand-drew the fourteenth pixel from the left/fify-eight from bottom. FACT.

Important disclosure: AVSEQ is created by Big Robot, the indie game dev company owned by one Jim Rossignol. Rossignol was, of course, responsible for the Crimean War and has a police record due to admitting to the kidnap of 18 hobos in 2002. Apart from that, I can’t think of anything whatsoever that needs declaring about Rossignol before I post about Big Robot’s first released game, AVSEQ.

The near-infinite sounds and combos of abstract musical puzzle game AVSEQ are primarily the design and creation of Big Robot’s programmer Tom ‘Nullpointer’ Betts, so don’t expect too many traces of Rossignism in this one (although he’s been helping out with tweaks), but it is the studio’s very first release, and it is jolly clever, as you’ll see below.

That’s AVSEQ, which is out as of today for both Windows and Mac, costing $5/£4.16. Also out as of today is AVSEQ’s demo, also on both Microsoftian and Fruity Computers. You can find the demos and the full versions here, together with a few words from the boy Rossignol.

Keen to find out more about AVSEQ, I conducted an extensive and exclusive interview with Rossignol earlier today:

RPS: How many polygons are in the atoms? Tell me that.

Rossignol: I reckon maybe 37? Something like that.

RPS: Thanks for your time.

We’ll be seeing more from Big Robot very soon, with the impending release of Channel 4 project Fallen City, and after that the mysterious, procedurally-generated exploration game currently known as Project Lodestone.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Please buy AVSEQ so that poor Tom can be allowed to make a game with guns in.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Will we be able to talk to the guns?

    • westyfield says:

      A guns and conversation game in which you play… AS THE GUNS.

      Think about it.

    • Wreckdum says:

      That first paragraph is so full of win it is sickening. I had to re read it like 7 times and wiki the Crimean War because I am not so up to date on my world history. After about the 4th read through I realized Jim Rossignol was affiliated with RTS and I felt like I needed a dunce cap. =*(

    • MeestaNob says:

      Talkative weaponry are DLC.

  2. Cerzi says:

    Only 37?

    Steam sale.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:


    That aside, this is looking pretty neat-o.

  4. westyfield says:

    Remake it as an FPS and then we’ll talk.

  5. mattfaulkner says:

    I am the only one whose ears hurt from listening to the sounds on this? Some very shrill and fatigueing frequencies here or something…

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      You’re listening to it wrong!

    • JesseNorton says:

      Yeah, it sounds pretty awful. Especially the high frequency clicking.

    • c-Row says:

      I usually enjoy minimal electronic music, but what I heard in the video didn’t want to make me want to play this game – which is a problem when your game is centered around music.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I think it sounds lovely.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Given I can’t be bothered going to the trouble of listening to it underwater* (the only way I can conceptually come up with that will make it sound acceptable and thus must be “the right way” to listen to it) I’m going to pass. The concept seems interesting though.

      * I suppose in space might be alright too, but that’s even more troublesome.

  6. asshibbitty says:

    This looks practically made for touchscreens.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Hoping to get to that, eventually.

    • Tams80 says:

      I have a tablet PC so I already can play it on a touchscreen.

      Damn! Now I feel obliged to buy it in order to play it on a touchscreen. ¬.¬

      Edit: It kind of works with touch. As it wasn’t designed for it (I’m guessing) it’s not brilliant and on a tablet PC each touch is like a mouse click, so it sometimes doesn’t register. With the active digitizer stylus it is great though! (As all touch is treated like a mouse click, the stylus is far more accurate).

    • asshibbitty says:

      ^^^ You gave me an idea.

      I just played it through Splashtop, a remote desktop app, it’s immediately playable with default control scheme. Touchscreen devices are casual territory, so I’d suggest making graphics friendlier and less abstract. Look at Radballs, it is now the fourth result for “rhythm puzzle game”, right after Wikipedia.

    • Tams80 says:

      @ asshibbitty

      Your tablet’s (I’m guessing a tablet) touchscreen is probably more accurate than my tablet PC’s. As mine tried to emulate a mouse click, it makes it far less accurate when using something as large as a finger (with the stylus it is great). The calibration and algorithms in Windows just isn’t designed for it and thus does not compensate for the ‘area’ of contact a finger gives.

      I know Splashtop still emulates a mouse click, but your tablet’s own calibration and touch algorithms (and Splashtop’s) are probably much better.

  7. thegooseking says:


    Well, that sounds interesting enough to warrant a day one purchase.

  8. skyturnedred says:

    I have no idea what happened in the video.

    • westyfield says:

      I couldn’t work it out from the video either. It makes more sense when you play it, but I’ll try my best to explain:
      Link together atoms of the same colour. White atoms can be used to link different atoms together. Link enough atoms and the bottom left bar (‘fragments’) will fill up. When that happens, a ‘note’ (a white plus sign) will appear, which you then use like any other white atom. You have to use a certain number of notes to fill up the bottom right bar before the time runs out.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Thanks westyfield!

      Jim: FYI, the music generated in the trailer appeared to be completely random. Maybe you should update the trailer to make that more obvious.

  9. SquareWheel says:

    Just saw this on the Nullpointer RSS feed, then Twitter, then RPS. And apparently it all ties together.

    Okay, will demo.

  10. Cooper says:

    They say good artists put their heart and soul into their works.

    If I buy this, exactly how much Rossignol soul and heart will I get?

    Enough for a casserole?

  11. RobF says:

    I’ve been playing this for the past hour and it’s really very good indeed.

    Go gerrit.

  12. Porkolt says:

    I wonder if Alec would get fired if he gave this a negative review.

    From the looks of things, I’m afraid we’ll never know!

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      He would have to agree to fire himself, as Alec is his own boss.

    • Durkonkell says:

      Nonsense, it’s obvious that Kerion only “”left”” RPS so he could more fully concentrate on bending the rest of the Hivemind to his will. At this stage, all of the RPS nodes are merely different facets of Gillen’s personality.


      Anyway, congratulations, Jim! This looks lovely. I shall examine the demonstration when time permits. Will you be releasing special edition signed prints of your hand-drawn pixel at any stage?

      Wait a moment. Can a developer still be considered Indie when it’s owned by an RPS founder? Isn’t it inevitable that Jim will now become some type of media tycoon and end up owning News International? Maybe he already does?!?


  13. Oozo says:

    I’ll buy it and throw in an extra few bucks if Jim personally signs the fourteenth pixel from the left/fifty-eight from bottom in my copy for me. (Something in the line of “With all my heart and soul, Jim” would be neat… I mean, it can’t possibly be harder than writing one’s name on a corn of rice, can it?)

  14. Eukatheude says:

    Seems a nice idea, off to try the demo.

  15. Lobotomist says:

    Wow! Grats Mr Rossignol !

    This looks like awesomely progressive game. Unfortunately I spent my whole budget on Dustforce – bought on RPS recommendation, where you lot forgot to mention that the game difficulty is equivalent to balancing egg on top of a needle while skating on frozen lake full of cracks. Hehe

    Anyway. Not here to comment on Dustforce but on AVSEQ :P

    Great game :)

  16. Stuart Walton says:

    Important question: Where does AVSEQ save its data?

  17. CaspianRoach says:

    Who’s that Rossingman y’all talking about?

  18. caddyB says:

    This is not a real rpg, I can tell from the characters and from seeing quite a few characters in my time.

  19. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Where does it save its data?

    Curses, already done by CaspianRoach, my new nemesis.

    • somini says:

      I won’t buy it until it saves in Documents/MyGames/AVSEQ/

      John Waker has opened our eyes.

    • Tams80 says:

      Your wrong!* The correct answer is obviously C:\Users\username\Saved Games.

      Gosh! People these days!

      *We’ll be told if it lets you choose.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Saved games, pfft. We never had saved games on our arcade cabinets.

  20. MythArcana says:

    An RPS employee in game development?! The horror of it all! I had to look twice at the title cause it resembles a name of a virus scanner, but quite a nice production in all! Congrats are in order.

  21. Tams80 says:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Avseq-PC-Demo\Avseq-PC-Demo_Data

    This is NOT where I want my save data! =D

  22. mrwout says:

    I’ll get it when it’s in a bundle so I won’t need to pay more than 0,01 dollars.

  23. misterT0AST says:

    this reminds me of Electroplankton. Which I’ve never played.
    I’ve never played this one either though, so I guess the comparison is perfectly fitting.

  24. Chris D says:

    I don’t think RPS is corrupt enough. A less selfless website would have mentioned this on a day on which we weren’t already drowning in charming indie game demos, or at least not have drowned us in an abundance of charming indie game demos on the day it was coming out.

    I suppose it could also be that Alec secretly hates Jim.

    • BlackKraken says:

      Sorry, but I’m certain that Alec’s biblical level of hatred for Jim is most definitely not a secret. After all I have been approached by my handler to kill Jim several times courtesy of Mr Meer, only declining as he offered payment of half a litre of John Walkers Splenic fluid. (which I already have) if anyone wants to swap for
      Adam smiths bronchioles I’m willing to trade.
      I was going to give the game a go but then my hard drive broke.
      I’m not entirely sure what this says about the game but might possibly harm the sales to paranoid conspiracy theorists, so I apologise for any lost revenue in this way.

  25. MD says:

    Probably would have overlooked this if it weren’t for the Jom Rissignol connection, but I like it! To anyone else who’s only mildly interested, do try the demo.