Insane 2 Released On Steam


Okay, how to go through this without getting confused? Well, since I can barely get through putting on a pair of trousers without confusion (why do they make the arm-holes so big?), it’s not likely. But as far as I can tell, Insane 2 is a sequel to the Codies game from 2000, 1nSANE, a multiplayer off-road racer. And is nothing to do with inSANE, the THQ project from Pan’s Labyrinth director, Guillermo del Toro. But then, it also appears to have previously been released in October, onto GamersGate exclusively. And, oh, I don’t know. It’s out on Steam today, which they appear to be treating as a second coming, and there’s a trailer below. You know what, it looks decent.

It’s the tyres rolling around that pleases me so much.

It’s officially called “In2ane”, but even their own press releases seem too embarrassed to call it that, so we won’t either.


  1. .backslash says:

    Would pirating this brand me as a Thi4f though?

  2. Aemony says:

    This article doesn’t do the title justice. It’s stylished as In2ane (with a reverse/backwards 2)!!!!!

    1NSANE and IN2ANE. Next up is INSAN3 and INS4NE, finally to end the series with IN5ANE.

    17’5 63771N6 1N54N3 1N H3R3!!!

  3. Nighthood says:

    This pleases me. I remember spending long hours playing the first back when I was younger, it had probably the best damage modelling system around for its time (heck, it’s probably still better than a lot of damage modelling in racers).

    Might have to get this.

    • warthog2k says:

      Yeah – really enjoyed the original (and had been recently trying to get it to install on my netbook, though with little success). Might as well give this a whirl instead :)

    • Shadowcat says:

      Your netbook may (or may not) be happier with GOG’s version:
      link to

    • Vanderdecken says:

      I played the heck out of the original, and I think I only had the demo. Good memories. First CTF game I ever played!

  4. SupberUber says:

    Looks like Motorstorm. Hope the inspiration went into gameplay, too.

  5. Davee says:

    Judging for the trailer, it looks like the cars self-right themselves when in the air? I was hoping for some more knife-edge physics – because that’s at least what I remember 1nSANE having that made it so special (together with open-world racing and the awesome damage model).
    Of course; I was young back then and I may be nostalgic right now.

    I’ll wait for a WIT or a review before I buy this.

  6. Squishpoke says:

    You know what I want?

    That new Twisted Metal game on PC.

    • Aardvarkk says:

      The only thing that makes a driving game better is guns. (and rockets, and mines, and oil slicks) come to think of it, I wish they’d make a decent video game version of the old Car Wars by Steve Jackson games, that could be fun.

    • Finster says:

      As to the Car Wars game, they kind of have. Have a look at Darkwind.

  7. Skusey says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the first, but this looks good, so much as it looks like Motorstorm which is good.

  8. BrightCandle says:

    Since its a Codemasters game the first question has to be “does it actually work?”. Its not uncommon for them to introduce a lot of game breaking bugs, very poor framerates and other gotchas that make the games unplayable. F1 2011 being a complete mess of a release which still doesn’t have working Multiplayer for most people.

    • SupberUber says:

      Yep. Crossed my mind as well. I would wait for impressions before opening my wallet.

    • joel4565 says:

      I haven’t played F1 2011, but I did play through Dirt 3 without any issues several months ago. So I guess its luck of the draw.

      My bigger concern is how the physics will work in the game. In the video it looks like it had about the same level of physics as Crazy Taxi***.

      ***Crazy Taxi is a great game that I loved on DC, but I don’t want that style of physics in an offroad racer.

    • Howard says:

      It has nothing at all to do with Codemasters.

      This was picked up by some Russian devs called game Factory Interactive (?). Codies are not involved.

      More disturbing is the install size. 1.2 gig? For a game made in the last 5 years? O_o

    • SupberUber says:

      I looked up Gamefactory. They’ve got a large quantity of shovelware under their belt, it seems. No reviews are up for insane 2, which seems odd for a newly launched title and the fact that we’re in a dry season.
      There are enough warning lights to spell shovelware.
      But hey, it might be a good game.

    • Howard says:

      Ugh – just played it =/

      Graphics are…fine though nothing special. The game however is an empty shell. No physics at all – you hit a jump and just fly and fly – and no damage modelling. You can plough into things as hard as you like and wander of without a scratch.

      Most annoying thing though, given that this is an off-road style racer, is that you cannot drive through the shallow water that litters the map. If you so much as put a wheel in it you are slammed down to about 2 miles an hour. O_o

      The AI is appalling, constantly screwing up and offering no challenge at all.

      As for multi-player? Well, it might be better, but with such banal tracks and no damage modelling..I really cant see it.

      I would say avoid…

  9. Ethyls says:

    It looks a lot like FUEL. I really enjoyed playing that game, even though it has enormous flaws.

  10. jjujubird says:

    This looks cool but the trailer worried me. It was really pretty, but they almost always cut to the next scene before showing any collisions or other physics-intensive events (they showed a couple tame collisions). Almost as if they were trying to hide how bad the physics are. May be best to wait and see on this one.

  11. skyturnedred says:

    I really liked the first one. Capture the flag with cars is awesome. Also, I liked to play the game like I play Flatout or Carmageddon – destroy the opponents as best you can.

  12. Skabooga says:

    Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  13. says:

    This looks like an okay game to get for $20 or so, but Flatout is probably better and I still haven’t played all of DiRT2, so… Yeah.

    My attention span for racing games is limited.

  14. Vanderdecken says:

    Good to see an update, but those vehicle tracks and particle effects look poor…