Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Cinemotions

It's like a less hip Williamsburg I think

Jim had a look at 64-player RTS Gettysburg: Armored Warfare last week and now, thanks to a couple of videos of the game that I’ve managed to hunt down, you can pretend to be his eyes by watching bits of the game yourself. The first video dates back to March 2011, at which point the game hadn’t been loudly announced at a convention and therefore didn’t exist in any form, so let’s assume time has been impossibly sundered to put that there. The second is from last week’s Paradox convention and shows the impressive map editor along with some gameplay.

Do not watch this next footage on a screen angled exactly as the screen in the video or the third dimension will fall over, clutching its side as if it has a terrible stitch, and we’ll be out of both time and space. Not good. I bet something psychedelic and possibly quasi-spiritual would happen, as if Tree of Life and 2001 had produced an offspring. That’d go on for a while and without any temporal structure ‘a while’ would last bloody ages.

I’m looking forward to trying this and shall begin growing the correct moustache in anticipation. For more details, head back to Jim’s words.


  1. Soulstrider says:

    Quite impressive how a single man done so much.

  2. FKD says:

    At first I thought the screen said “Hold Spacebar for Facebook” and I thought oh dear lord..

  3. Cinnamon says:

    So creative assembly are doing Tom Cruise and The Last Samurai while paradox are doing Will Smith and wild wild west? Historical strategy games have gone mad, mad I tell you. I’m waiting for Firaxis to do a game based on Braveheart to complete the set.

    • FKD says:

      Braveheart’s already been done (incase you did not know :D ) and was quite..awful. There were alot of really neat ideas in it, but execution failed.

      link to If you are interested.

  4. timmyvos says:

    *Cough* Guns of the South *Cough*.

    But this looks to be quite an interesting game, I’ve always wanted a game like this.

  5. Davee says:

    This could be interesting… Will see how it develops.

  6. Germanunkol says:

    I really wanna buy this… great work. I’m coding a multiplayer game myself, and I think it’s incredible what he’s achieved (64 players, really low upload)

  7. Ranger33 says:

    This guy is making my dream game. Hopefully at the low price point it will really take off and attract lots of modders. Considering how there is already melee, firearms(new and old), vehicles, aircraft, map editor, etc. in the game, the mind bottles at all the possible mods. Warhammer 40K anyone?

  8. Torgen says:

    I wonder if the steampunk trappings can be removed without unbalancing the game and it be played as a straight-up ACW game with map editor, something that as far as I know is unavailable.

  9. TwwIX says:

    I am really intrigued. I hope that it doesn’t disappoint.