Not Zombie Arkanoid: Dead Block

The cannibalistic corpses of your dead neighbours and friends are hilarious
Cooperative zombie defence game Dead Block hit XBLARGH and PSN last summer and has only just managed to burst through the barricades previously holding it back from a PC release. There are no towers, this being ’50s small town America it’s mostly diners, motels and hair grease. but there’s plenty of defending to be done. Rather than pointing and clicking to place turrets, players control one of three characters, rushing about, hammering boards across openings and planting traps. Zombies must die. Again. It didn’t receive the warmest reception in console land and I’m yet to play it but at least there’s a bit of old-fashioned rock and roll in there. Trailer below.

There’s a fair number of places to buy Dead Block from, some of which I’ve never even heard of. Here’s the list for your perusal. Price is around $9.99/£6.99.


  1. johnpeat says:

    I tried the demo on 360 and it left me feeling stone-cold – sadly…

    Lovely idea but I felt like I was playing a game through thick gloves – the control system was the difficulty level, in effect.

    Maybe it opens-up after the demo – who knows???

  2. Gnoupi says:

    While the idea is interesting, the console version received very average reviews, so I’m not really sure about this (edit: oh, well, it was said in the article also). I will wait for a demo or a WIT.

  3. frenz0rz says:

    The concept of desperately hammering bits of furniture to windows and holding out as long as possible is something I’ve always wanted from a zombie game, and I’d hoped that the Left 4 Dead series would have ventured in that direction by now.

    Alas, this seems to have been poorly recieved in consoleland, and while in this age of constant patching and DLC such troubled releases arent the nail in the coffin they used to be, I cant see myself picking it up any time soon.

    Plus I’m pretty sick of a) zombies, and b) overly cartoony pixar-like visuals. For gods sake people, if you’re going to make a game about the dead rising from their graves at night to consume the flesh of the living, at least try to make it a bit scary or unsettling.

  4. LaunchJC says:

    Can’t link right now, but Totalbiscuit did a WTF is? of this a few weeks back, not something I’d buy, but seemed enjoyable enough.

  5. Belsameth says:

    Tried the XBLA demo, way back, and it was horrible.

  6. Baines says:

    The console version wasn’t bad as a bit of split-screen multiplayer fun, but it wasn’t amazing either.

    One problem with its multiplayer is that the difficulty either doesn’t scale or doesn’t scale enough with more people. Default difficulty with four people is a complete cakewalk.

    You can revive anyone at any time by going to where they died. While this is good for keeping everyone in the game, it is bad for difficulty when it is nearly impossible to die after your first game. (Seriously, of the four of us playing, two died on their first two-player game, then the other two died on the first four-player game, and I’m not sure anyone ever died again.)

    Four humans searching means power-ups are found faster. Power-ups are character-specific, but the single player mode apparently has the player switching between the characters anyway. Four player has an extra bit of “easy mode”, as there are only three playable characters, so someone is doubling up (and thus you have four humans searching for and acquiring only three sets of power-ups.)

    Powered up characters can pretty much plow through zombies. Their traps will tear them apart, and they can even fight them directly decently.

    All this might change on the highest difficulty, but perhaps the ultimate statement on the game is that I don’t know… We played it a couple of days, then went to other games and never came back to it.

  7. Astroman says:

    It looks like zombie themed dungeon defenders.

  8. bhlaab says:

    Zombies AND tower defense?? Thank god we have indie developers around to push the boundaries of the medium like this.