Air Buccaneers HD Floats Towards Commerce

Ludocraft send word that they have opened the shop for Air Buccaneers HD, allowing you to get permanent access to the alpha and all the builds beyond that. They are also following a “benefactor” (ie Kickstarter) model which allows you to contribute more for some additional bonuses and early adopted stuff that won’t be obtainable later on by anyone.

There’s a new version of the alpha up, too. We’ll get an RPS server set up for this next week. Trailer belowdecks!


  1. Reefpirate says:

    In charity I think they call it ‘donor fatigue’, but at a time like this I would like to reference ‘alpha/beta fatigue’. Indies are great, all these new ideas are great. But please stop asking for money before you’ve produced something. The line between consumers and investors has seriously blurred.

    I’m big on free markets, so by all means feel free to ask for money. But I would offer a bit of advice in saying that it cheapens your image, and frankly I don’t have enough money to invest in so many venture projects, as delightful as they might be.

    • jrodman says:

      Or more cynically rephrased:

      I’m happy to invest in your enterprise. What rates are you offering in your profits per dollar invested so that I may consider if it is a good investment?

      I do admit, when I see a game studio with a pedigree of games I’ve loved (typically some known quantities starting a new shop) I’m more willing to toss my cash to the wind. I prefer the model when the fans basically yell at them until they accept the money, rather than the model where they offer access to the alpha for cash.

      Though money-for-work is a more sane model in many ways than the “Maybe we’ll get lucky” model that so many games are built for.

    • johnpeat says:

      The line between consumer and investor is simple

      If you get anything for your money, even if it’s an alpha or a credit or a cuddly toy, then you’re a consumer.

      If they promise any return, be it financial or otherwise, based on future results, then you’re an investor and they’re selling an investment and must be regulated accordingly.

      That’s why Kickstarters can’t promise a share in their future gains and instead offer T Shirts and stuff y’see.

    • Craig Stern says:

      “Indies are great, all these new ideas are great. But please stop asking for money before you’ve produced something.”

      This team has already produced this as a mod; they’re just remaking it as a standalone game.

      More generally: I freakin’ love the open access alpha/beta pre-order system. It’s great for developers, since they get player feedback continuously throughout development; and it’s great for fans, since they get early access and a voice in the game’s final shape.

      “Oh,” you say, “but the game is unfinished!” Um, yeah. That’s what a pre-order is by definition, whether you have early access to the game or not. If you don’t want to take a risk, don’t pre-order. I really don’t see the problem here.

  2. Ankheg says:

    “I’ve got a flying machine!”

  3. roryok says:

    I hate it when game devs put HD after their game title.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      They should use ZOMG! instead.

    • treat says:

      The HD implies that this’ll be little more than a graphical revamp, but whether or not Ludo gets my money depends almost entirely on whether the game is expanded over the original with better balance, more interesting gameplay/game modes and better pacing. The original mod was a fun way to kill a few hours, but it wasn’t much more than that.

    • Oliver the Deckboy says:

      The AirBuccaneers HD will be a lot more than just a graphical revamp of the original. I can promise you that. There’s going to be a large scale war going on in the game and a big bunch of other changes and additions. And the name, well it might change in the future, but I’m not promising that it will. There’s pretty much a 50/50 chance for that.


    • jrodman says:

      I support Jim’s naming system. I vow that I will purchase the next title released for mac, win, or linux that uses ZOMG! As the subtitle.

    • sinister agent says:

      I would personally favour a title suffixed with “, oooh!”

    • roryok says:

      I’ll wait for Super Air Buccaneers 2011 HD (Lite) : GOTY

  4. JerreyRough says:

    I think its worth the $10 bucks. Let’s say you end up playing for ten hours in total and enjoyed it; that’s one buck an hour it costed you to have fun.

    I’ve been looking for new games like this and there ain’t enough of this kind of game.

  5. NamelessPFG says:

    I’ll pay the US$13.56 (converted from Euros; I do wish we had a stronger currency) if it means this sort of game gets revived with a thriving playerbase once more. There’s no other game like it.

    But do note that I’m only willing to pay for the game in its current state, waiting for future improvements over the next year or two until it “goes gold” and drops the beta label, because I loved the UT 2004 mod version just that much. The current released pre-alphas don’t give much of a first impression, what with the lack of players and all, along with the lack of AI (even crappy AI like in said mod version).

    • apa says:

      don’t worry about the exchange rate, it’s fixing itself as we speak… :(