Alan Wake PC Gets Release Date, Pretties

Your 360 can't even do diagonal lines!

Alan Wake on PC gets a release date. It is the oh my goodness it’s only two weeks away. The 16th Feb. And tis being sensibly priced too, for a two year old game, at $30. Developers Remedy have been putting some proper effort into the PC version. Not only has it been souped up with improved graphics, but it’ll also support multiple monitors and stereoscopic 3D.

It’s one of those lovely moments of a PC developer returning to their roots and remembering why they loved it in the first place. Remedy’s CTO, Markus Mäki, released upon the press:

“We’ve done our best to do justice to the PC version and do things the way they should be done for PC. The PC version looks absolutely beautiful. We’re bringing the game to life in a whole new way.”

Here’s the full list of what’s new in the PC version:

– Experience Alan Wake’s Pacific Northwest in higher resolutions and higher fidelity than ever before
– Refined and fully configurable mouse and keyboard support (or if you prefer to play with the Microsoft gamepad connected to your PC, you can do that too!)
– A wide selection of customizable graphics settings and support for 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios
– Multithreaded engine that takes advantage of quad core CPUs
– Additional options our fans have sought after, such as field of view adjustment as well as “hide HUD”.
– Works with AMD Eyefinity 3D 3-screen mode
– Works with NVIDIA NVISION2 Stereoscopic 3D


  1. Kaira- says:

    “Hide HUD”. For the love of god, if there was anything I wanted for the X360 version, it would be that.

    • subedii says:

      I’m just glad there’s going to be FoV adjustment, that can be a real pain with some primarily console based games.

      Trying to play Republic Commando on a monitor just made my eyes water. Had a hard time with Bioshock as well early on.

    • Kaira- says:

      Yes, FoV adjustement is seriously overlooked thing.

      Anyway, anyone who is going to buy/play this game should turn off the HUD. I have a feeling that it alone will improve the game greatly, since it feels somewhat disturbing for the immersion on the console.

    • Suits says:

      Looks like they have been very considerate.

    • Khemm says:

      I’m also very happy there’s an option to easily change the FOV in the options. That should be a standard feature, especially when it comes to FPS games. I found the Darkness 2 demo completely unplayable due to an atrocious default FOV setting.

      The price seems to be fine, so maybe I’ll buy AW despite the mixed reactions. It’s funny how polarizing a game it seems to be – there are those who consider it repetitive trash and those who love it.

    • miasfays says:

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  2. Linfosoma says:

    $30? Hmm not bad, I might actually get this on release.

    • xfxian says:

      Yeah, wow, they are doing things right. I would not have bought it for the full price, but $30 is really okay considering all the PC adjustments. Sold!

  3. Tyrone Slothrop. says:

    Field of view adjustment

    Seriously, SOLD.

    • woodsey says:

      I just wish FPS developers paid even the blindest bit of attention to it.

    • Tyrone Slothrop. says:

      I was being only somewhat facetious in my reply, but certainly, FOV is disappointingly overlooked in so many games and not merely first-person perspective ones at that. It’s just such a basic element to get right yet is routinely forgotten, forcing oneself to open up obscure .ini files (Bad Company 2), hex-edit (Invisible War), run third-party .bat files (Thief), open up a console and set the FOV upon each instance of the game (Skyrim) or even bind the FOV to the ‘W’ button (What the fuck Borderlands).

      Though back to Alan Wake I feel it’s definitely worth a purchase from what I’ve read, criticisms, praise and all. It certainly seems like a graphically impressive game and I was impressed by the ambiance from the previews I saw whilst this was still believed to be soon for the PC, those years ago. I especially love the Lynchian atmosphere*, complete with Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams‘. And the price point is eminently reasonable!

      * Say, why hasn’t anyone sought to make a Blue Velvet-esque first-person sneaker?

    • MattM says:

      Seriously FOV, 10 seconds to implement, world of difference in game.

  4. Puckoidiot says:

    This is like the most PC-y PC game in a while.

    • Khemm says:

      Oh, come on… You know the forums will be filled with people screaming “WAAAAH WHAT A SHITTY CONSOLE PORT!!!!1one” day one.
      That always happens, regardless of how well made the PC version of game X is.

    • Puckoidiot says:

      I don’t read the forums, but I see your point. With that said, a less than comfortable amount of the games released (for PC) lack some of the most basic things that make PC gaming so great when it’s done properly.

    • Khemm says:

      That’s very true.

    • foda500orama says:

      Serious Sam 3

    • Zelius says:

      Human Revolution also did this pretty well.

  5. Shooop says:

    Why are people excited about this? It wasn’t at all that great a game to begin with.

    • Kaira- says:

      It’s a solid good game, though combat may become a bit monotonous. Pump up the difficulty and it’ll be a whole lot better.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      Because some people disagree with you (and unlike Mr. Walker, you can’t shut down RPS when that happens).

    • QualityJeverage says:

      “I didn’t enjoy this game, and since my opinion is obviously the baseline, nobody else did either.” – You

    • Howl says:

      The first 30 minutes were great. It just turned into a corridor shooter with a single gimmick pretty fast.

      After watching the great YouTube videos that led up to release I was expecting an old-school Sierra-esque detective horror with Twin Peaks-y overtones. At the very least I thought it might be like Silent Hill with a bit of roaming around the town, interacting with things and triggering cut-scenes.

      Having said that, I did manage to play through the whole thing but it was a constant struggle against the forces of boredom.

  6. says:

    The screenshot makes it look like Alan is playing Magicka and casting an arcane steam beam.


  7. Starchy says:

    Really looking forward to this and a nice surprise to see a sensible price point!

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      OK I am sorry to be a dick. I can’t help it.

      But you mean price. A sensible price. Price point is a phrase only used on The Apprentice, to sound sales-y. When its hot, I don’t ask what the temperature point is. When confused about my orientation in time, I have never queried the current status of the day point. I have never prodded a Clarke’s sales assistant for the size point of a pair of brogues. I find the first word adequately communicates my meaning, without overcomplicating it for the sake of looking like a professional temperature or day-of-week or shoe size-knower. “Blimey, that’s cheap” is another good way of indicating my pleasure at the cost of a product.

      OK I know it has a real economic meaning, but you really need to know what the demand would be for this game at some other price before you can say its a ‘good price point’. Thats because in a price point graph, demand is a function of price. Sorry to be an utter ponce, but I grind layers off my teeth when I see people say this, and instantly start punching photographs of [Sir] Alan Sugar.

      Also you seem a splendid fellow so excuse my irritability. I would offer you a cup of tea but I barely know you.

  8. Demiath says:

    Nice stuff, although “works with NVIDIA 3D Vision” is rather less than I would have hoped for (“3D Vision Ready” would have been nice).

  9. SiHy_ says:

    It’s a shame that PC users have become so abused by console ports that standard features such as graphics options and remappable controls have become boasting material.
    Still, well done Remedy for doing it right anyway.
    I’ll definitely consider picking this up when it’s on Steam sale in a few years for a pound.

    • Tyrone Slothrop. says:

      I think they’re just reassuring us that it’s there, rather than boasting. Though an FOV option is something to boast about seeing as even traditionally PC-centric developers are liable to miss it. Indeed, I can only think of two games that came out recently that have it (DX:HR and BF3).

    • Rattlepiece says:

      You can change FoV in Hard Reset as well.

    • SiHy_ says:

      And Minecraft. Does that count?

    • Johnny Law says:

      And Serious Sam 3.

  10. HardcoreGamer12 says:

    Awesome i love and respect developers who give the PC a proper remake that it deserves and for that they deserve all the support they can get

    to everyone at Remedy Entertainment thank you so much and you earned the PC community respect
    one thing i hope for this to be complete is that i hope the game will be bug free for a smooth experience.
    and for only 30$ on release thats amazing it doesn’t matter if the game was old or not other studios would’ve charged full price so this is great.

  11. nyarlathotep-88 says:

    I was not impressed by the game on 360, mostly because I just did not find it interesting. However I can see why other people may enjoy the game and I am pleased with how Remedy is handling the port. I hope it is successful.

  12. Drake Sigar says:

    It requires Steam, right? These days I only buy the essentials when Steam or indeed any DRM is involved, the big titles like Skyrim which noone in their right mind would miss.

    • Khemm says:

      Yep. The only thing I honestly don’t like when it comes to things announced thus far.
      Another day wasted on trying to install the game, kicking the wall whenever Steam has a hiccup and cancels my installation halfway through. Then hours of downloading GBs of missing data. Oh joy… There are times when I want to punch Gabe, and punch HARD. The biggest liar and hypocrite in the industry. “DRM is bad, we love our customers, we offer an amazing service, making things easier”. Riiight. Valve = PR masters. People love being told someone loves them and Gabe knows that.

    • Brun says:

      “Steam has a hiccup?” Whenever that happens to me it just pauses my downloads. What are you doing differently?

    • Khemm says:

      It’s either Steam having a hiccup (“Service unavailable”, “Game unavailable, try later”, “servers too busy” etc.) or my internet having a hiccup (connection lost for a single second during installation, and Steam cancelling it immediately because it requires that you are online while the whole process lasts).

    • nrvsNRG says:

      “Another day wasted on trying to install the game, kicking the wall whenever Steam has a hiccup and cancels my installation halfway through. Then hours of downloading GBs of missing data. Oh joy… There are times when I want to punch Gabe, and punch HARD. The biggest liar and hypocrite in the industry “DRM is bad, we love our customers, we offer an amazing service, making things easier”. Valve = PR masters. People love being told someone loves them and Gabe knows that. ”

      i really feel sorry for you….it sounds like you tried out steam once in 2004 (for half life 2), had a bad experience (like many of us did back then), and have refused to try it again since, lol.

      if none of this is true then you need to get better internet

    • Brun says:

      Never had a single instance of the former. As for internet connection, my internet died for several hours during my install of Arkham Asylum and it resumed normally once the connection was restored.

    • Khemm says:

      So would you agree with those who claim “always-online DRM is not an issue and people need to get broadband because it’s 2012 already”?
      No, I can’t afford a faster internet, that would cost me a small fortune since there’s only one internet provider I can rely on.

    • Brun says:

      That just means you’re an edge case to Steam’s design. It makes sense that, without reliable internet, a lot of things about Steam aren’t acceptable, and a lot of things about UbiDRM make it more attractive to you. While as a rule I consider system designs that don’t properly cover edge cases to be lazy, in the real world with finite resources and large numbers of users, you can’t make it work perfectly for everyone every time.

      You have to recognize that for the vast majority of users, Steam is quite robust and unobtrusive. Even if it shares many system design aspects with Ubisoft’s DRM, Steam has proven over the years to have FAR better implementation.

    • Drake Sigar says:

      As it is I think Steam is a pretty reliable service. I mean, it should be, they’ve had many years to perfect it. My issues with it gravitate more towards wanting to have full control of my game and not have my consumer rights diminished. I want to be able to be able to boot it up right from the CD ten years from now (or at least have fewer barricades preventing me from doing so), and I don’t want the threat of a digital kill switch always hanging over my collection. It’s no good anyone saying “Valve wouldn’t do that to you”, the issue is they shouldn’t be able to.

    • Brun says:

      As for the consumer rights and/or digital kill switch issue, that goes far beyond Steam and even the video game industry. I’ve resigned myself to that, however. The forces behind it have been in motion for too long and it will be difficult if not impossible to stop them at this point.

  13. Arclight says:

    Proper job, sold.

    Yes, just because they bothered to make a proper PC version. Though I’m sure I’ll enjoy the game itself.

  14. MythArcana says:

    Remedy Dead Redemption time.

  15. DocSeuss says:

    $30? This is about $5 more than I was expecting, but I’m there day one. Alan Wake was 2010’s best game and damned if I don’t double dip.

  16. FakeKisser says:

    $30 seems fair for all the work they’ve put into the game. I may end up NOT waiting for a sale on this one. :)

  17. Shortwave says:

    Great job to these guys for actually understanding the basic features we expect to recieve on PC.
    Greatly appreciated and I’ll actually BUY this when I plan on playing it now.

    You made daddy proud.

  18. nootpingu86 says:

    I think RPS should make an effort to ignore press releases (maybe not altogether, since that’s a bridge too far for games ‘journalism’) about these things so they don’t get an idea that this is some kind of exceptional undertaking. I mean, they already do, but the least you could do is point out that they are doing the bare minimum. Good job Remedy, you tailored the game to the platform! How about a writeup congratulating you!

    I mean it’s one thing to sardonically point it out and still kind of grudgingly thank them, but posting about this like it’s them bending over backwards to please or reassure anyone is sickeningly apologetic.

    As usual I’m waiting for the $5 or below Steam sale. There’s no reason not to for singleplayer games. Shh don’t tell devs and consumers!

  19. Etherealsteel says:

    I hope maybe they will open it up to mods or mod tools like they did with Skyrim. I wish more developers would do that.

    • nootpingu86 says:

      No way man, they are auteurs. Alan Wake is a self-contained gamesperience, and if you do not enjoy or understand it, then you should buy it anyway because it’s Important or something. They alone know what’s good for consumers and they do not want us queering their rep by spending years and years of unpaid effort making improvements and expanding on their games! Plus you do not have the badass developer rigs we have here in the office, you scrublets. Also you better buy our game you thief. etc.

      PS I’m pretty sure they said mod support isn’t gonna happen.

    • MSJ says:


      Now, tell me where the bad man touched you.

    • nootpingu86 says:

      Well, MSJ, it all started when I was in High School and I began buying my own video games…one thing led to another…and here I am now, a young man with a wallet a small fortune’s worth of dollars lighter…but the worst part is that no matter how much money I earn now… I will never be able buy my dignity back.

    • shovelface88 says:

      I believe the lack of mod tools is due to licensing issues. The game uses several licensed techs that they probably don’t have the means to secure – whether due to a lack of funds or an unwillingness on the part of the license holders.

    • nootpingu86 says:

      Makes sense in this particular case, and boy howdy middleware is its own can of worms i tell ya what.

      Still, the rationale for stripping modding capabilities from most games released post-Xbox 360 have been more along the lines of my rant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the overarching motive, in spite of the middleware stuff.

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  21. nootpingu86 says:

    Well, MSJ, it all started when I was in High School and I began buying my own video games…one thing led to another…and here I am now, a young man with a wallet a small fortune’s worth of dollars lighter…but the worst part is that I will never buy my dignity back.

  22. Prime says:

    I’m really impressed Remedy have gone to this much trouble for the PC port. I know it should be de riguer for any developer on our platform but in an age where it simply isn’t, any example of it should be congratulated and used to shame everyone else. I also like the price. This is now a title I might actually buy, if only so I can decide which side of the love/hate divide to fall into.

  23. amishmonster says:

    Is no one going to stop Alan Wake from murdering that helpless gazebo?!

  24. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    “Not only has it been souped up with improved graphics, but it’ll also support multiple monitors and stereoscopic 3D.”

    Ah yes, the PC, where the mouse and keyboard sacrificied themselves for the pretties.

    Not having been a big fan of the game on release, I didn’t play it extensively, so hopefully I get to see what all the fuss was – or wasn’t – about. 16th of this month? Got to postpone getting it for a month at least, though :/

  25. Agricola says:

    I was at Uni when I first saw the tech demo for this game. 7 years later, Im finally going to play it!