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Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Has A Demo

Who doesn't hire Grunty straight away? Fools, that's who.

Bland headlines, eh? Steam is now host to a demo for Jagged Alliance: Back In Action, so all those people who have been dismissive of the move to pausable real time can see if hats must be salted, peppered and devoured. Similarly, those who have laid out a welcome mat for Colonel Change can see what the blighter does once he’s in their parlour, hanging his hat on the coat rack and his coat on the hat rack. Oh, you confounding swine, Change, why must you play with our expectations so? If you’re allergic to Steam, here are alternate download links.

The actual mission in the demo is preposterously difficult and I reckon the included tutorial is much more interesting. It was a massive help in convincing me that inventory management, positioning and sentry duties hadn’t vanished along with my beloved action points.

Thoughts? Frothing rage/excitement? Mercenary-themed wordplay?

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