RPS Asks: What’s Your Weekend Playlist?

Are you in the Flight beta? Go on, play it for me. Oh, hello. You startled me. Come in, sit down. I was just updating my Google Calander. See, I’m so wonderful and popular and in-demand by just about everyone that I need to mark every minute down, or I’ll just get swamped. I had a look and it looks like I’ll be too busy to play anything this weekend. But what I’d like to do, no please help yourself to a biscuit, what I hope to do is live vicariously through you. You’ll play games for me, while I’m crying in the corner out partying till 6am in a warehouse in Islington. Tell us all what you’ll be playing.

Something new, an old favourite? Are you in a beta? Let me know.

EDIT: Tomorrow is Half-Life 2 day! If you’re unsure, why not dust that off?


  1. Petethegoat says:

    Metro 2033, more Analogue, possibly the MISERY (their caps, not mine) mod that just came out for Call of Pripyat. Definitely a little bit of Trackmania, I can’t rest until I’ve unlocked the black Nations tracks. :(
    Oh, and probably some Thief, if I can get past the blasted zombies.

  2. Valvarexart says:

    Uh, probably something along these lines and in this order:

    1. L4D2 co-op with friends (alternatively Killing Floor or even Magicka)
    2. Arcanum of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura – classic that I missed
    3. Continuing my replay of The Witcher 2 on Dark Mode
    4. Playing Bioshock, another great game that I missed
    5. Minecraft
    6. Drinking beer
    7. Learning to code

    • Matt says:

      I would advise attempting step 7 prior to step 6.

    • otzenGulasch says:

      Apparently, you have not heard of the phenomenon that is the Ballmer Peak!

    • DuddBudda says:

      My roomie at college was a coder, he swore there was a two beer optimum for his best code.
      ofc, he’d never see it that way when salvaging his game he day after

    • Premium User Badge

      Beerey says:

      Absolutely a two beer optimum. Of course, your code is sometimes so brilliant even you can’t read it the next day…

    • BigSmallFeet says:

      I laugh at point .4

    • lordhughes says:

      The Ballmer peak is real, done some of my best work after a few drinks.

    • lordhughes says:

      Excellent :) Love ArmA online but hate the idiots who are usually on server. WIll check you guys out :)

  3. Brumisator says:

    Oh, tomorrow is Half-life 2 day.
    Using that excuse of that whiny steam group trying to make everyone play HL2 for 30 minutes (no really, that’s their idea of sending Valve a messge to release HL3: playing HL2 for half an hour.)
    So I challenged a few of my buddies to a race: first one to play thorugh HL2, lost coast, EP1, EP2 wins the biggest loser award.

    Then, on sunday, a serious arma 2 operation.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      I have a rather slow connection, so instead of playing HL2, I just bought and downloaded Half-Life Source instead. It’s been a long time, I’m interested to see how it holds up.

      I got an invite to the Diablo 3 closed beta a couple days ago. Not sure if I’ll try it or not.

    • lordhughes says:

      Is it public operation or clan deal? looking for a good group to play ArmA 2 with.

    • Unaco says:


      There is the ARPS (ArmA, Rock, Paper, Shotgun group), which has a good player base, plenty of sensible/reasonable admins, very, very few ‘rules’, no requirements as far as mods go… check out the RPS Forums, Gameclubs, and ArmA2 has its own subforum there. Or, you could jump on Steam, and the RPS Steam chat room… there are a lot of the ARPS members that idle there, and a lot of discussion of ArmA2 goes on there. We’re ‘public’ in as much as, if you come in and say hello, and jump onto the servers at the same time as us, you can play. We’re always willing to welcome new players.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Mostly L.A. Noire. It has its flaws, but I’m genuinely enjoying it, even if I like the similar Heavy Rain a fair bit more.

    May find time for some BF3 and/or drift back into Skyrim.

    • archimandrite says:

      I thought the writing in L.A. Noire was superior to Heavy Rain’s, but I liked Heavy Rain better as well. Heavy Rain knew it was interactive fiction and always behaved that way. L.A. Noire can’t decide if it’s interactive fiction or a videogame(complete with end-level scores) which made it especially frustrating to me when the game behaved unpredictably.

  5. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    I’ll be doing a Half-Life 2 marathon session with my flatmates, starting Saturday evening. The episodes too, if we can.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Adam Smith says:

    I shall be playing Pineapple Smash Crew for at least a little while.

    But mostly drinking beer in Durham and scribbling occasional thoughts onto paper. I may even scribble on Risk: Legacy if I find the time to play it.

    • Jockie says:

      Whatever you do regarding drinking in Durham, if anyone tries to trick you into entering something termed a ‘nightclub’, avoid like the plague.

    • NathanH says:

      Wish I was back in Durham :-(

    • Grinnbarr says:

      Ignore Jockie. There’s this magical place called Klute where you really must go.

      Seriously, it’s apparently the official worst club in Europe. But they do 4 shots of vodka in a pint glass for £4 so…

    • NathanH says:

      Klute isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s bad, but it’s not particularly bad.

    • Chris D says:

      I’m hoping to play Risk: Legacy this weekend myself. Definitely some kind of board game action but we might have more than five people show up and I’m not quite ruthless enough to turn people away just so I can play the game I want to.

      Plan B is Fortune and Glory though so it’s all good.

    • Josh04 says:

      I have a potential Game of Thrones: The Board Game of Thrones, but i’ll probably blow it off because jesus that game is long.

    • Aedrill says:

      Lord of the Rings the Card Game and Summoner Wars on Sunday and A Game of Thrones on Monday (I’m off). Is there anyone playing this game in Leicester?

  7. SAeN says:

    My blitz through the Mass Effect story in preparation for 3 will continue, but tonight I plan to smash some cars in Grid.

  8. juandemarco says:

    Skyrim. I’m not yet over it.

    • One Pigeon says:

      Seconded. I bought so many games in the steam sale and I CAN’T PLAY ANY OF THEM BECAUSE OF SKYRIM!

    • roryok says:

      Yes. This.

    • The Tupper says:

      Agreed. Steam now tells me I’m 359 hours in. Send assistance ASAP.

      Apart from a dabble in the MS Flight beta it’s the only thing I’ve played since November.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Thats where I’m heading too.

    • The Tupper says:

      I know everything that could possibly be said about it has already been done many times, but the game’s a true work of art. I still find myself stopping and just watching the scenery.

      I don’t know any technical stuff, but the lighting/environment part of the game engine (if indeed they are separate entities) deserve some special recognition. Mrs The Tupper maintains that it’s possible to tell the difference between sunrise and sunset in the game just by looking at the surrounding environment and I tend to believe her.

  9. Faldrath says:

    I definitely want to find some time to play Analogue. Why does time hide so well? :(

  10. GibletHead2000 says:

    I’ve been playing nothing but X3: Albion Prelude since it game out. It’s absorbed me to the point where I haven’t even finished Skyrim yet.

    Yeah, I know it’s an acquired taste.

    • Wolfox says:

      I’m in the exact same situation. I have plenty of games I should be playing right now (Saint’s Row: The Third, Space Marine, Shogun 2, Skyrim, AI War, Distant Worlds: Legends, etc, etc, etc) but I just can’t stop playing X3: Albion Prelude. What a great game.

    • Chainspork says:

      I too have fallen hard into X3AP. Second straight week of total immersion, no end in sight. Fantastic sandbox, even if it has sort of ruined my life, and taken the shine off all my other games where I can’t board and capture a rare frigate, or run an illicit Space Weed operation in a pirate sector, while slowly amassing an armada for my eventual invasion of Terran Space.

      It’s gotten to where I’m just going to drop everything and rush to play any deep game I see people complaining about the learning curve on. They always end up as such amazing, rewarding experiences. Easily the greatest game I’ve played since Dwarf Fortress.

    • Wisq says:

      I’m holding out on trying the X series until X:Rebirth, only because I would feel kinda silly to learn X3:TC’s interface only to be handed a supposedly much better and more accessible one in X:Rebirth.

      Of course, if reviews end up deciding it’s actually a step in the wrong direction, I’ve no qualms about going back and learning X3 instead.

    • Chainspork says:

      It seems clear from what I know, Rebirth is going to be a different game. It may be great in its own right, and I hope it is, but it’s not “X3 with a better interface”. It will be shedding some of the charms that make the learning curve in X3 worthwhile, hopefully for charms of its own. I’m not convinced that being limited to a single ship and piloting risk-free VR drones is really a 1 to 1 replacement for being able to capture and fly around in any ship you see in the game.

      X3 didn’t really come alive for me until the first time I capped an enemy fighter, went through the immersive task of exiting my ship in a space suit, to fly over in wide open space and weld it up enough to make the trip back to the shipyard, and sell it for a ton more money than missions were offering at that point, which in turn let me pimp out my own ride. The game owned me after that, and continues to own me as I’ve just completed a successful boarding action against my first un-purchasable Hyperion Vanguard, which I have renamed the Void Hammer, and has become my new personal flagship. It is a joy to jump it into a Terran incursion, and watch it tear through entire swarms of fighters and frigates.

      By the way, I found the interface thing to be overblown, not that there aren’t notable issues. But I didn’t find the interface to really fall down until it came to doing more metagamey (and optional) micromanagement oriented activities like building and managing a factory. As far as basic flight controls, flying around, taking missions and shooting stuff, it’s more or less like Freelancer, and I found it intuitive and picked it right up, after making use of the game’s extensive keymapping abilities to relocate more obscure (boresight) or oft-used (SETA) functions to more logical real estate.

      But then, I found the interface and learning curve hype about Dwarf Fortress overblown too, so take from that what you will. Some games just require more personal investment, but pay off many times over, with rich, rewarding experiences you cant get from other games.

  11. Ding says:

    Got the weirdest urge to play Dwarf Fortress…

    • SpaceTapir says:

      Ding withdraws from society…

    • Duckee says:

      An appropriate time to pick it up again too. Looking forward to the next large patch which adds necromancy, curses and generally more fun to the fortress. It is meant to be out this month

    • Easy says:

      I also have such plans once I decide to retire from society…

  12. wab1981 says:

    I’ve been replaying the Baldurs Gate series so will be continuing, just arrived in the drow city and I hoping I can keep my disguise up all the way through, never managed before.

    • jaxlewis says:

      Absolutely love the BG games, have taken characters I’ve made from first level to godhood so many times. Did you get to underdark through the fish city, or just down through the monastery?

    • wab1981 says:

      went through the fish citry and betrayed king unpronuncable, currentlky fighting the lizard men and trying to remember how to kill all the demon knights in the temple room. Think i’ll sleep on it.

    • bill says:

      Me too…. but it’s my first play through.

      I have no idea what’s going on with the mechanics (THACO?! good god…) or what skills/spells are useful, so i’m just playing it blind and looking around. I’m on my first trip south towards some mines… but only got as far as the mountains so far.

    • jaxlewis says:

      @ bill low thac0 good, low armor class also good

    • BigSmallFeet says:

      THACO is a piece of piss. And this is coming from someone who is intellectually challenged. Someone wrote a rather famous guide for it. Or someone famous wrote a normal guide for it – can’t remember which….Ask google.

    • bill says:

      Yeah… I googled it that morning. It’s not a complex idea, but it’s a ridiculously meaningless name and it seems very counterintuitive.

      I got a bow that had “thac0 +1” and I had no idea if that was a bonus or a drawback. Infact i had no idea what it meant at all. After googling it i knew what it meant, but it still isn’t exactly clear if it’s a benefit or drawback. I’m assuming it must be a benefit, but it sounds like a weakness.

      Or maybe it was Thac0 -1?

      And when you have negative Thac0s and negative ACs it all seems a little weird to me.

      (makes me realise how games have changed now we don’t read manuals though….)

    • NathanH says:

      It was pretty silly, which is why they moved to a “higher values are always good” system in the next edition. Basically in Baldur’s Gate, if something is +n, then it is good for you, and if it is -n, then it is bad for you. Very occasionally there can be a mistake in a description that goes against this, but it’s usually obvious.

      One exception that can be confusing is that different armor types give different modifiers against different types of weapons. These are applied to your opponent’s To Hit roll, so negative values are good. For instance, Full Plate has bonuses listed as slashing -4, piercing -3, which means it is good against swords and daggers. As an irrelevant-outside-PVP aside, these special bonuses don’t count towards the AC cap (which is -20 + dec bonus) because they’re modifiers to your opponents roll.

  13. jikavak says:

    I are on the Path of Exile beta,so I’ll be playing that.Some team fortress 2 for variety maybe too.

  14. phlebas says:

    Some more of the AGS Bake Sale games (Highlight so far: Entrapment, nice little mystery game. Though I might have loved Red Volition if I hadn’t got so frustrated with being rubbish at the minigames) and maybe a bit of Dark Star One (bought a joystick recently and have a backlog of spaceflying games to work through).

  15. Kaira- says:

    Finishing The Witcher 2 replay, finishing Alan Wake replay and if possible, finishing Dark Souls finally, after a measly 120 hours on a single character.

    If all that fails, Dawn of War II.

  16. Kinch says:

    Rayman Origins, as he’s just arrived at my door. Tee hee.
    And probs will be finishing Bulletstorm – never thought I’d enjoy it so much (fuck the QTEs though).

  17. DanPryce says:

    Spacechem. I told myself that I’m not a complete thick-brain and that I can do this if I just apply myself. I figure being snowed in is plenty of excuse to spend all day Sunday applying myself.

    • Esoteric says:

      Good luck! I got to the fifth world I think, before I took a very extended break. I’m still on it. I do plan to go back to it someday, but then I most likely will have forgotten everything and need to start over.

    • Carra says:

      Heh, I’m stuck on the seventh world and I’ll get back one day…

      Was stuck a few months ago but tried again and won!

    • Anathem says:

      Spacechem really is a wonderful game.

    • beekay says:

      After six months of hard work, I managed to get to the second-last world.

      A year after purchase, I am now at the last level.

      I project that it will take literally forever.

  18. Sirico says:

    Just got Crimson Skies working after finding the almost non-existent fix. Also found a copy of X3 Reunion when going through some CD’s 2011 backlog be dammed!

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      You must tell me where you found the fix! I’ve been completely unable to get it working, and had to fall back on playing the Xbox version.

    • Gary W says:

      It’s here I think.

    • roryok says:

      what fix? do tell

    • mtjerneld says:

      Seriously! I was hunting for that Today, but to no avail… Could not find a way to get rid of the black box corruption. Please post link to fix!

    • Sirico says:

      GaryW is correct sorry I should have posted the link, anyhoo is runs fine on an i7 build with a 560ti bumping it up to 1080p causes the menus to bork so I’d say keep it native to the game, you can always force some pretties via your graphics drivers.

      On the left there’s a section called “csfix (Crimson skies)”

    • TheComputerGamer says:

      Wow, just wow. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:


  19. NathaI3 says:

    I’ve just started Arkham City and kind of wish I hadn’t said I’d go out tonight so I could play it, its amazing. Nimbus, because I’m still working through the bundle games I bought about 3 months ago. Maybe a bit of Just Cause 2 for the sheer hell of it, maybe some classic UT2004 (I’m planning rename the bots as co-workers), maybe some Red Alert 3. I’ve got a lot to get round to

  20. Gary W says:

    Shenmue II — perfectly legally — on a DC emulator.

    After that, I’ll have a go at The Last Express, which I’ve started many times but never finished.

  21. mickygor says:

    I’ll be playing Visual Studio 2010. Coursework deadlines! :'(

    • roryok says:

      I can never beat that end guy. I’m always this bloody close, and then he hits me with

      Object Reference not set to an instance of an object

    • Squishpoke says:

      Don’t forget LNK2019: Unresolved External Symbol.

      Whenever I get a whiff of that I usually rage quit and resort to online guides (Stack Overflow).

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      Have you installed the Achievements mod?

      link to channel9.msdn.com


    • Kaira- says:

      Oh shoot, that reminds me I should get around reinstalling Eclipse and try to get the bloody Android SDK installed. Bastard cries about unmet dependencies, but won’t reveal what they are (because there should be none).

    • step21 says:

      @Kaira ^^ On what platform? What is complaining, Eclipse or android sdk? Did you make sure to install a proper jdk?

    • Kaira- says:


      x86_64 Linux 3.x kernels, with Eclipse from Ubuntu’s repositories, having both OpenJDK and Oracle’s implementation installed. And yeah, I can’t install the SDK since when I try to fetch it from Android repos it just states about missing requirements (trying to install the ADT Plugin). Anyway, there seems to be numerous possible fixes around, gotta try ’em.

  22. FCA says:

    On the skis outside, trying not to freeze to death. If that fails, some old games which run on my netbook (Geneforge, Might and Magic, Eschalon, maybe Civ 3).
    Somebody might bring a Wii, so jumping and shouting could also happen.

    • LostViking says:

      Hehe, if you fail “not freezing to death” I am afraid playing games might not be an option, unless you can bring your laptop to the afterlife ;)

  23. Forceflow says:

    Arkham City. Damn you Sidequests!

    I still have Skyrim and SR:The third downloaded on Steam and ready to play… oh boy.

  24. Meneth says:

    I’m trying to get a Hearts of Iron 3 game going in the Evolve RPS group (I moderate it) tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll manage to get enough people to join in to have people playing all the major nations.

    Here’s the thread if anyone wants to join in: link to evolvehq.com

  25. Skusey says:

    Currently downloading Dragon Age Origins, as I just bought the Bells ‘n Whistles Edition. Got pretty much all I can out of Skyrim, and I need another hearty RPG to fill me up on these cold nights. Will probably play a bit of GRID too, as I’ve just started that again. Making computer’s call me Spanky never gets dull.

    • soco says:

      I just played DA:O for the first time a few months ago. Just a friendly bit of advice, skip all the DLC campaigns outside of the main game (I mean things like Darkspawn Chronicles and Golems of Amgarakk) All of them were short and didn’t have any of the depth like the main game did.

    • MadMatty says:

      i think Codies just shut down their multiplayer matchmaking for GRiD- wouldnt do an internet game without it, we also tried Hamachi emulated LAN but it didnt work :(

    • DarkNoghri says:

      GRID multiplayer is supported by GameRanger, I believe.

      link to gameranger.com

  26. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Analogue. Also, probably some of the free games Mr. Walker and Mr. Smith kept mentioning during the week.

    If there is still time after that, I’ll play Mass Effect 2. I want to play all the DLC before ME3.

  27. Kleppy says:

    Kinda over Skyrim at this point, so I’ll be doing the smart thing and playing the ‘studying for my BioChem exam’.

    Intersperesed with some Modern Warfare 3 probably.

    • Kleppy says:

      reply to myself; just spent 3 hours playing Skyrim. Not over it yet, apparently.

    • The Tupper says:

      Ha! I know that situation.

      Only made worse since I realised that I can up the difficulty level and make my massively-overpowered sword mage slightly less massively overpowered. I am truly in love with Skyrim.

      Good luck with the exam, btw. You’ll need it.

  28. ZamFear says:

    Fortune Summoners and Spellforce 2.

  29. jezcentral says:

    Tomorrow is Half-Life 2 day, so I’ll be playing that between 7pm and 7.30pm, at the very least.

    Otherwise, SWTOR, and possibly a bit of Saints Row 3.

  30. Kandon Arc says:

    Taking a break from my Mass Effect save-game building to play the new expansion for Victoria II which is rather excellent so far.

    • Torgen says:

      Is that the ACW expansion? I was hoping it was an expandalone when I got the Gamersgate email newsletter, but it seems I need Vikky 2 in order to play.

      Perhaps they’ll make a demo. I can’t justify buying the base game, then the expansion for $20 on the off chance I”ll like it.

    • Chevy says:

      I’m not sure whether the deal of the day cut-off time is the same all over the world, but Victoria II is Steam’s deal of the day for me for 10 more minutes, at a price of $6.79 USD

  31. bear912 says:

    TF2, Warsow, Serious Sam: TFE, and perhaps some Dota 2 or Super Monday Night Combat. There’s also a Heroes & Generals alpha play-session this weekend that I’ll hopefully get to drop in on.

    If I get around to it, perhaps else out of the Eastern Bloc. Maybe STALKER or The Witcher. Suggestions?

    Also Half-Life 2. I think I’m booked. :P

  32. jayP says:

    Recently realized I was a secret Warhammer nerd so I’ll be playing Space Marine and DoW2 single player and maybe later some DoW2:Retribution 1v1 :o

    I would be playing the Diablo3 beta but apparently the the installer decided it would rather give me errors instead so no D3 beta for me. Funny thing,… the beta forums only let you post if you’ve created a character in game, but since I can’t even get into the game to create a character I can’t seek help on the forums for this problem.

    So yeah…Dawn or War it is :]

  33. Drow says:

    FM 2010…yeah, I know.

    and maybe some Prophesy of Pendor.

  34. Demiath says:

    Some more SWTOR now that I’m level 36 Jedi Knight (after 70+ hours) and just finished the first chapter of one of the eight class-specific storylines. Even if you discount the obvious MMO filler Old Republic still feels like a bigger game in terms of actual story content than, well, almost all of Bioware’s previous RPGs combined. Sure, size isn’t everything – and the game has lots of problems that a singleplayer fanatic like me can’t get over – but at least it’s one thing…

    If I find the time to do anything else I might stare with amazement at the recently purchased Victoria II’s lovely history-packed menus and maps (actually playing the game is not for mortals like me), try getting to the mythical part when Serious Sam 3: BFE actually gets good and maybe even hack some orcs in LOTR: War in the North.

    But, yeah, SWTOR is probably where the action’s at for this weekend.

    • Daedalus207 says:

      Me too. Just got my Trooper to Hoth at level 38. Looking forward to finishing up Chapter 2.

  35. phanatic62 says:

    Skyrim. I wasn’t happy with my first character (breton mage), so I restarted as a female orc and will actually make an attempt at doing the main quest. I’ve never been real big on the main quest in TES games. Morrowind’s was just too long although I think i made it pretty far once, and in Oblivion I closed one gate with my first character and never did the main quest again, but I feel like Skyrim’s might be pretty decent.

    Also Defender’s Quest and Warlight, whenever my friends get around to playing their turns. I suck pretty bad, but it’s a fun passive way to play multiplayer with friends all over the country.

    • Blackcompany says:

      MQ has its high points. Worth it once. I do hope modding adds some replay value to the game, long-term, but I would definitely do the MQ the once.

  36. Torgen says:

    I need to show myself more in Perpetuum, since I”m in the RPS crew, and a buddy gifted me a month’s sub to World of Tanks (our clan took 3rd in the North American tourney recently concluded) so there’s that, but I”m also alpha testing a game being made by a friend’s indy studio.

    Oh, and I”m 2 weeks late in starting my vegetable seedlings for my garden. :P

    • Torgan says:

      That is a pretty cool name you’ve got there. I will also be maybe possibly planting seeds if the weather warms up in Scotland soon.

      King Arthur 2 for me if Neocore patch it soon to fix the thing they broke with the last patch >< Otherwise…I might play a bit more From Dust, it's actually not as bad as the Steam forum made out.

  37. Godwhacker says:

    Picked up Rage for £5 in game, and amazingly it works pretty well, so I’ll be playing that. TF2 will be played if I’m hungover.

  38. Stepout says:

    Tribes Ascend

    Repair our generator!
    Repair our turrets!

  39. MonkeyMonster says:

    TF2 more than likely.
    Maybe some borderlands if my whorederland buddy is awake.

  40. armaankhan says:

    Pineapple Smash Crew, mostly. And probably Law and Order Legacies, with some Flotilla mixed in between.

    • AlexClockwork says:

      Bought Flotilla on Steam some days ago… I’m surprised, it’s amazingly good, specially for that price. If only it had some save feature… >.<

  41. Phinor says:

    Just finished Witcher 2 and I’ve no idea what to play next. I need something that lasts exactly six days because come next Thursday-Friday, I start playing Amalur.. Reckoning.

    What I’d really like to play is Batman: Arkham City but as I lost my saves due to the known-yet-terrible-and-unavoidable bug, I’m waiting until they finally find a fix and patch the damn game before starting again.

    • One Pigeon says:

      I had that too, right after completing the main quest and being just about ready to really collect everything/do all the side missions and campaigns.

      I nearly hulked out and smashed my house apart. My gf brought me a cup of tea at just the right time.

  42. CinderellaMan says:

    Dungeon defenders… It’s become very popular this week with the kids, although they kicked me out of a game last night because my l30 Mage was too powerful.

    Skyrim of course… Into hour 180 now.

    Space Marine just went on sale and I am loving that also. Sp campaign over the weekend.

    A little kings bounty on the side.

    So much gaming goodness all around.

  43. Jockie says:

    League of Legends, might try the Nights mod for Civ V, might try dead Space 2 or LA Noire, which I bought in sales but havent started, or may finish Bulletstorm!

  44. SpaceTapir says:

    Perhaps STALKER: SoC, though that may give way to a Dwarf Fortress or some Minecraft. But all this XCOM talk is making me want to delve into some UFO Defense—I’ve never played the series.

  45. LaunchJC says:

    Braid, yeah LTTP I know but I picked up in one of the humble bundles and am finally getting round to playing it!

    The usual suspects (TF2, CS:S), maybe some Tribes beta, and either Pineapple Smash Crew or Dustforce depending on which I get first!

  46. Vinraith says:

    I’m modding up New Vegas (with all DLC) for a fresh run. Project Nevada (don’t play without it), Nevada Skies, some extra spawn mods, should be a good time as long as I don’t destabilize the whole mess.

    I’m also playing through an operation in Close Combat: The Longest Day and having a great time with the night fights.

    And, finally, I’m playing a new co-op AI War campaign with a friend. I’ve played that game over 400 hours and it’s still entertaining, enough said.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Funny, just worked on a whole series of mods for myself in this same game, but I lean the opposite direction. Mine is making the game starker…less shooter, more survival. Scarce loot, fewer caps, faster hunger/thirst, that sort of thing. Needing a real RPG again, and New Vegas was a good one in this regard.
      Perhaps someone can tell me…was Honest Hearts any good? Seems like one I would like. Did Old World Blues and Lonesome Road…thinking another playthrough of this soon. Or I could get Witcher 2, but I read somewhere W2 was not much of an RPG, more a linear action title with RPG aspects. And for that I have Skyrim, with its bigger open world.

      Enjoy FONV!

    • Vinraith says:

      Mine is making the game starker…less shooter, more survival. Scarce loot, fewer caps, faster hunger/thirst, that sort of thing.

      That’s exactly what Project Nevada does. When I say “extra spawns” I mean more hostiles in the wasteland, not more loot.

    • Blackcompany says:

      My mistake. I took a gander at Project Nevada once. Loved many of the features it adds. And I mean loved them. But it seemed to make the game more of an action FPS. Perhaps I will take another look at the mod now, since it makes things harder and more scarce and also adds some features I would love to have.

      In your experience, has it been pretty reasonably stable? With grenade hot key and immersive goggles, etc, I would love to give it a try.

    • zeroskill says:

      Nevada skies is amazing, I couldn’t even touch Fallout NV without it.

    • Vinraith says:


      I’ve not had stability problems with it, personally, and I know several other folks on the forum here have used it without issue as well. It’s worth noting that it’s very configurable, providing a number of in game menus to customize what the mod does and doesn’t do. It should be straightforward to use the elements you want and disregard any you dislike.

    • Archangel says:

      The Witcher 2 is a very, very good RPG. It has some action-oriented combat, but also skill trees, crafting, inventory management, quests, and — by the way — incredible story, characters, and dialogue. And how you interact with the game MASSIVELY impacts the game. One of the finest RPGs of the modern era.

      HOWEVER — the Enhanced Edition (free to all TW2 owners) is coming in April, so if you can wait, do so for the very best experience.

  47. zeroskill says:

    Half-life 2. And Cart life. A lot of Cart life. That game, so good.

  48. NathanH says:

    Dark Project, Duels of the Planeswalkers, For The Glory, maybe a bit of FM2012.

    • NathanH says:

      Wow, Thieves Guild is an annoying level!

    • Snargelfargen says:

      That’s probably the hardest level in the game if you are trying to avoid knocking people out while still getting most of the loot.

      The casino in particular. I find it’s easiest to leave a couple things until the last moment, grab them and then sprint out of the room.

      The basements are filled with patrolling guards too. Yarr

    • NathanH says:

      I don’t really have the patience for avoiding blackjacking, particularly on a level I’ve never played before. It’s confusing and I keep getting lost, so it would be really tedious to have to avoid all the guards while repeatedly lost.

  49. CaLe says:

    I’m slowly making my way through From Dust after thieving it from the Steam sale. It’s not as dynamic as I expected but I’m still enjoying it. Probably won’t play anything else this weekend, but I’m looking forward to The Darkness 2 next week.