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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Crackle Of Pigskin

The bucket’s being delivered slightly later than usual this morning, I accidentally spent an hour or so playing Mirror’s Edge to help soothe my post-Bit of Alright weary head. Those indie developers sure know how to pour alcohol down their mouths and into their bellies. But soothe my head it did, and so I’ve managed to pull it together just long enough to compile a list of cheap games for your digital typewriters this weekend. Now I’m off to find some bacon. Remember to visit my website about cheap videogames when you get a chance. Here’s your bargain bucket:King’s/Police/Space Quest promotion at GOG
I had the demo of King’s Quest VI on the Amiga 1200, and played it rather extensively. I particularly enjoyed seeing how deep I could make the little man walk into the water before he drowned. I imagine there was a bit more to it than that when you had the full game, but I was kept quite entertained just instructing this man to commit suicide-by-sea over and over again. Here GOG have got all the King’s Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest games (except for the ones they haven’t got) on sale for 50% off, split up into sets of two or three for five of your American Dollars each.

Warhammer sale at Steam
Lots of these were on sale last week over at GamersGate, but due to regional pricing bollocks and slightly different discounts and prices, these might be cheaper or more expensive depending on which games you’re looking at and which region you’re in. Isn’t Digital Distribution delightfully simple? Here’s the same quote and links I included in last week’s bucket, Alec’s two parter opinion of Dawn of War 2:

The reason to play is to entertain yourself, and ascertaining the attack combinations that both deal out the most damage in the quickest time and most delight your eyes is the lynchpin of that. In singleplayer it is an action-RPG more than it is an RTS, but surprisingly the desire for more experience points and loot isn’t its backbone. Part of that is that you know in advance what the main reward for each mission will be. This neatly removes the obsessive hunt for stuff during the mission. You know full well you’re going to get that shiny prize anyway, so you can relax and enjoy the fighting that much more.

Section 8: Prejudice – £3.39/€4.41/$5.09
This is only on sale for a few more hours, so you might want to get a move on. Here’s what Jim said of this:

There were other things that appealed about Section 8, and those find their way back here, too: the big ape-like robot suits that could clobber each other or grab and squeeze infantry to death, the variety of missions that arose spontaneously on the battlefield, the range of punchy futuristic weapons. Jetpacks! Impeccable Unreal-engine performance. And so on. Best of all were the maps themselves: hyperbolic space architecture that melded beautiful alien topologies with structural fantasies and the burning ruins of crashed spacecraft. Prejudice has all this, and a great big overhaul too. This second Section 8 has more space architecture, more guns, more possible kits for you to take into the battlefield, and more toys to call down from the sky, whether that’s in multiplayer, or the game’s sizeable single-player offering.

More here. The DLC is on sale too, if DLC is your thing.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos & World of Goo, Android/PC/Mac/Linux – £3.83/€4.61/$6.06 at time of writing
The latest Humble Bundle, special because it’s the first to include Android versions of games too. Here you get all the games except World of Goo to at any price, and if you beat the average you’ll get that too. They all come either as DRM free downloads for PC/Mac/Linux/Android and you get Steam keys too. It’s a shame that Google don’t allow developers to get keys for the android market to resell, but I suppose their cut of the Android Market sales is one of the major revenue streams for them. Edge, Osmos and World of Goo are all fabulous games. I’ve not tried Anomaly: Warzone Earth yet, but I know a man who has.

Deal of the week
Indie Gala 2
Deep breath everyone. This includes:
Bunch of Heroes, Critical Mass, Fortix 2, Greed Corp, Hacker Evolution: Duality, Hacker Evolution: Untold, InMomentum, Roboblitz, Your Doodles Are Bugged & Zombie Shooter 1 & 2.

Although that’s only if you pay $7 or more. For $1-$3.99 you get:
Bunch of Heroes, Critical Mass & Fortix 2.
For $4-$6.99 you get:
The above, plus Greed Corp & Roboblitz.
And for $7 or more you get the above, plus all the games from Indie Gala 1 (minus Saira it seems).

They also come with some albums, and I think you just get Steam keys for all of these games, not 100% sure since they don’t seem to mention it on the website. This bundle is limited to 50,000 sales, and it looks like 3,000 of those have gone since it launched earlier on today. I reckon you’ve got a fair bit of time before they sell out, but it’s probably worth going for it immediately if you don’t want to miss out.

Also of note:
EA action sale on Origin. Particularly of note are Dead Space 2, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge and DarkSpore. Probably UK only.
gShift – £2.99/$4.73 is where all the cheap games live.

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