The RPS Bargain Bucket: Crackle Of Pigskin

The bucket’s being delivered slightly later than usual this morning, I accidentally spent an hour or so playing Mirror’s Edge to help soothe my post-Bit of Alright weary head. Those indie developers sure know how to pour alcohol down their mouths and into their bellies. But soothe my head it did, and so I’ve managed to pull it together just long enough to compile a list of cheap games for your digital typewriters this weekend. Now I’m off to find some bacon. Remember to visit my website about cheap videogames when you get a chance. Here’s your bargain bucket:

King’s/Police/Space Quest promotion at GOG
I had the demo of King’s Quest VI on the Amiga 1200, and played it rather extensively. I particularly enjoyed seeing how deep I could make the little man walk into the water before he drowned. I imagine there was a bit more to it than that when you had the full game, but I was kept quite entertained just instructing this man to commit suicide-by-sea over and over again. Here GOG have got all the King’s Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest games (except for the ones they haven’t got) on sale for 50% off, split up into sets of two or three for five of your American Dollars each.

Warhammer sale at Steam
Lots of these were on sale last week over at GamersGate, but due to regional pricing bollocks and slightly different discounts and prices, these might be cheaper or more expensive depending on which games you’re looking at and which region you’re in. Isn’t Digital Distribution delightfully simple? Here’s the same quote and links I included in last week’s bucket, Alec’s two parter opinion of Dawn of War 2:

The reason to play is to entertain yourself, and ascertaining the attack combinations that both deal out the most damage in the quickest time and most delight your eyes is the lynchpin of that. In singleplayer it is an action-RPG more than it is an RTS, but surprisingly the desire for more experience points and loot isn’t its backbone. Part of that is that you know in advance what the main reward for each mission will be. This neatly removes the obsessive hunt for stuff during the mission. You know full well you’re going to get that shiny prize anyway, so you can relax and enjoy the fighting that much more.

Section 8: Prejudice – £3.39/€4.41/$5.09
This is only on sale for a few more hours, so you might want to get a move on. Here’s what Jim said of this:

There were other things that appealed about Section 8, and those find their way back here, too: the big ape-like robot suits that could clobber each other or grab and squeeze infantry to death, the variety of missions that arose spontaneously on the battlefield, the range of punchy futuristic weapons. Jetpacks! Impeccable Unreal-engine performance. And so on. Best of all were the maps themselves: hyperbolic space architecture that melded beautiful alien topologies with structural fantasies and the burning ruins of crashed spacecraft. Prejudice has all this, and a great big overhaul too. This second Section 8 has more space architecture, more guns, more possible kits for you to take into the battlefield, and more toys to call down from the sky, whether that’s in multiplayer, or the game’s sizeable single-player offering.

More here. The DLC is on sale too, if DLC is your thing.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos & World of Goo, Android/PC/Mac/Linux – £3.83/€4.61/$6.06 at time of writing
The latest Humble Bundle, special because it’s the first to include Android versions of games too. Here you get all the games except World of Goo to at any price, and if you beat the average you’ll get that too. They all come either as DRM free downloads for PC/Mac/Linux/Android and you get Steam keys too. It’s a shame that Google don’t allow developers to get keys for the android market to resell, but I suppose their cut of the Android Market sales is one of the major revenue streams for them. Edge, Osmos and World of Goo are all fabulous games. I’ve not tried Anomaly: Warzone Earth yet, but I know a man who has.

Deal of the week
Indie Gala 2
Deep breath everyone. This includes:
Bunch of Heroes, Critical Mass, Fortix 2, Greed Corp, Hacker Evolution: Duality, Hacker Evolution: Untold, InMomentum, Roboblitz, Your Doodles Are Bugged & Zombie Shooter 1 & 2.

Although that’s only if you pay $7 or more. For $1-$3.99 you get:
Bunch of Heroes, Critical Mass & Fortix 2.
For $4-$6.99 you get:
The above, plus Greed Corp & Roboblitz.
And for $7 or more you get the above, plus all the games from Indie Gala 1 (minus Saira it seems).

They also come with some albums, and I think you just get Steam keys for all of these games, not 100% sure since they don’t seem to mention it on the website. This bundle is limited to 50,000 sales, and it looks like 3,000 of those have gone since it launched earlier on today. I reckon you’ve got a fair bit of time before they sell out, but it’s probably worth going for it immediately if you don’t want to miss out.

Also of note:
EA action sale on Origin. Particularly of note are Dead Space 2, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge and DarkSpore. Probably UK only.
gShift – £2.99/$4.73 is where all the cheap games live.


  1. Samuel Erikson says:

    This won’t be of much help to people outside the US, but Amazon US has Dragon Age 2 for 5$: link to

    • LazerBeast says:

      Well for that price I guess I’ll give it a go.

    • Heliocentric says:

      If you can stomach the cloned people and cloned areas (every warehouse is the same warehouse remixed slightly blame the lack of storage on the xbox 360 but quietly accept that Bioware were lazy when 6mb games can have expansive environments.

    • LazerBeast says:

      I less-than-legally acquired it when it first came out and played it for a bit before losing interest. I guess I’ll give it another go, even though I have lower expectations. Bioware got lazy but less then what I’ll spend on beer today I’ll bite.

    • InternetBatman says:

      It’s predecessor is four times the price, that sends a pretty strong message about quality.

    • Ruffian says:

      play Origins again. lol. Or awakening. Not missing anything cool by skipping DA2. Crappy story gay characters, weird re imaginings of half of the races, and no overhead tactical view (I think – no real need for one considering you’re party will pretty much auto attack the whole time, cept for when they use their 3 skills.) It’s like bioware gave sat one guy in a room with the art assets from Origins and told him to make a game in a week, and I’m a huge bioware fan – most of the time. Might be entertaining for a while, but you’ll ultimately be disappointed from wasting hours on a story arc that goes nowhere.

    • Duffin says:

      Heliocentric – exactly, and the people who keep running the size of a 360 disc out as some kind of legitimate excuse would do well to look at what Skyrim accomplished with the same constraints.

    • Suits says:

      Just wanted to point out the last Indiegala sold little over 45,000 so you’d have some weeks time before all 50K run out.

  2. Flukie says:

    Its probably worth mentioning that Seciton 8 with the DLC is the same price as without the DLC. Just sayin

  3. applecup says:

    Is Section 8’s single player any good? since multiplayer, no matter how good, isn’t currently much of an option for me.

    • magnus says:

      Goodish, I guess, nothing special but it passes the time.

    • trjp says:

      Section 8’s single player has always just been an extended tutorial, really, it’s not a campaign or a solid single player game in it’s own right.

      Predjudice’s single player was longer and a bit more comprehensive that the original (which really was just a 30-40 mins tutorial) but it’s still not something you’d be amazed by – you need other people to make this game work.

    • westyfield says:

      It’s got Stevie ‘Steve Yoghurty’ Hogarty from Nintendo Magazine in, hasn’t it?

  4. Kaira- says:

    The Origin sale seems to be on Finland also, so it might not be just for the UK.

  5. cptgone says:

    approximately half a year ago, Bargain Bucket mentioned this:
    link to

    …it has been “temporarily out of stock” eversince.
    what’s going on there? in my country, it wouldn’t be legal to do this.

    • Supahewok says:

      Battle for Middle Earth 2 is almost six years old, and the online servers for multiplayer were shut down either last year or the year before. EA isn’t making any new copies of it anymore. That site probably sold out of copies when it was in the Bargain Bucket and are just too lazy to take the game off of their catalog. If you want to play, your best bet is to find a torrent somewhere, it’s not as if the creators are going to make any money off of it anymore and who knows if you could ever find a used copy.

    • cptgone says:

      thanks for clarifying that, Supahewok, i didn’t know it’s out of production.

  6. fishdinner says:

    Bunch of Heroes is pretty much one of the worst games I think I have played in the last ten years.

    • trjp says:

      It’s not brilliant – but Fortix is a fantastic update of Qix and Critical Mass is pretty good (got a good write-up here IIRC?)

  7. Xocrates says:

    The EA sale isn’t UK only, as at least I can see it in the Portuguese store

  8. koen says:

    Yeah I can also see the EA sale over here in the netherlands. The more the merrier!

    • Suits says:

      Maybe Dead Space 1 and Alice Madness Returns have good deals if you haven’t played those.. But seen better on Steam.

  9. CaspianRoach says:

    Indie Gala sale is indeed a series of standalone Steam keys you have to register one by one. Oh well at least you can give copies of the games you already own to your friends. All games from Indie Gala 2 register on Steam.

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      Where were you during the Cannon Fodder thread? Your Russian know-how would’ve been appreciated so you could tell me if it was bad or not.

    • Unfair says:

      If anyone wants to see a quick compendium of all the Indie Gala 2 games with the good/bad aspects I’ve posted a Youtube video of it here.

      / shameless self promotion

  10. alundra says:

    Sorry to say this but, pretty piss poor bargain bucket, again. No mention of Get Games, Green Man or Amazon.

    It was almost lazy.

    There is a 75% off Square Enix games on Get Games btw.

    • Tams80 says:

      I would have advised people to get Mini Ninjas in the Get Games sale, but damn it. It’s cheaper on Amazon.

    • trjp says:

      Amazon is still US only so that’s not useful to everyone (or, in fact, most of the people reading this I suspect).

      Mini Ninjas is just £2.98 from Coolshop and £2.99 from Play in “boxed” format – how quaint eh? :)

  11. BarneyL says:

    Misleading everyone on the best deals for at least one of the games you mention again Lewie. Dead Space 2 is cheaper in the EA sale on Green Man Gaming than it is on Origin.

  12. wanderer_nl says:

    The Origin sale is here in the Netherlands as well. Bought DarkSpore with some friends, it’s a bit rough around the edges but great fun if you play it with friends.

    • alundra says:

      By purchasing always online games that permanently store parts of the software on the publisher’s servers you are reinforcing this kind of behavior from the big publishing houses, and effectively contributing to the erosion of our customer rights.

      Please don’t do it.

    • jaheira says:


      What “rights” are you asserting exactly? Where are they enshrined?

    • alundra says:


      Was I talking to you? What?? you intend to bullshit me with the way you shill for the greedy software industry?? Find a better patient.

    • jaheira says:

      @ alundra

      Yes, clearly you were “talking to me” since you posted on a public forum. Feel free to answer my questions by the way. Why so hostile?

    • bill says:

      How about: By supporting a service that will screw us all the moment it gets strong enough you are screwing us all..

  13. Vandelay says:

    What was the consensus on Space Marine? Bear in mind, I have no interest in Warhammer and it’s mythology, outside of quite enjoying the Dawn of War games. It looked like a solid tps, but is it worth £10?

    • trjp says:

      It’s a solid third-person mixed melee/ranged combat game which has a few nice tricks but uses them up a bit quickly resulting in quite a bit of repetition.

      That said, it’s FUN repetition for the most part – I paid £7.50 for it and I consider that well worthwhile…

      Even if you don’t care about Warhammer stuff, the atmos is good and you get the right feel from it too…

    • Suits says:

      Feels like publishers just promote their game with spamming their DLC on the storefront.

  14. Baines says:

    With the increasing releases of DLC, online stores are going to need to look into a better way of listing some of their products.

    Steam’s “Specials” tab normally has ten or less things listed. However, when a game goes on sale on Steam, its DLC tends to go on sale as well. Yesterday, it had I think 56 items, the majority being Warhammer DLC. Today it has 100. Yes, there are some package deals where each game gets individual listing, but it still looks like the majority of items listed are DLC. All the Warhammer stuff is still present, Magic the Gathering, EDF, Arhkam City, Saints Row, etc.

    It is starting to look like the new DLC listing on the Xbox 360. (If you’ve never looked at it, the list of “recent” releases is almost entirely individual songs for music games like Rock Band. Made worse now that they list the “trial” and “full” version of songs separately.)

    • trjp says:

      Game developers must dread releasing a new game on the same day as something like an MTG DLC release – because their ‘new’ game instantly demotes to page 3 of the ‘New Releases”

      Steam need to add a ‘New DLC’ tab really…

    • Blackcompany says:

      This is a problem. Cannot stand having to wade through Wizards’ numerous marketing schemes for their stupid card game in order to see real PC games for sale.
      Because really, that is all the Magic games are: Extended marketing campaigns trying to get people to pony up for their digital card game. Wizards is a one trick pony. They have one game they focus on and its all they care about. Wonder how much longer until people realize they haven’t done anything new with it in the last decade or so.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      What’s worse is that most of the MTG DLC is in fact just paying to unlock decks and covert them to foils, which is stupid. You unlock the decks as you progress the game and foils are worthless in the game as far as I have played / can see – just visually shinier.

    • NathanH says:

      I used to think it was crazy that people pay to unlock a deck, but then I realized that some decks are quite tiresome to unlock but get fun when unlocked, and in the time it takes to unlock the deck i could make more money from part time work.

      Still, I have an aversion to paying for what I’ve already paid for and can get without paying given sufficient time. Am I taking a principled stand against insidious practices, or am I being sillyface?

    • Baines says:

      NBA Jam on XBLA had a DLC called “Time is Money”. If you bought it, it unlocked all the unlockables. Basically, you could pay around $5 extra to have everything available immediately.

      While it seems silly, I liked the idea. The game wasn’t horribly expensive in the first place, and if you immediately want to have fun, then that is a great option.

      Now, I don’t think a paid DLC unlock is a good reason to include difficult-to-unlock items, nor is it an excuse to have a restrictive way of unlocking stuff (like only being able to unlock stuff in a single-player mode when your game has a strong multiplayer aspect). But as long as the unlocks are reasonable, I have no problem including a DLC unlock. And if there is enough to unlock, I have no problem with people being willing to pay a little extra to get everything unlocked that way.

  15. Blackcompany says:

    Origin sale is region-specific. Not available in the U.S.
    Does EA even want customers on PC any more?

    • snv says:

      Seems fair:
      Do you know any PC gamer who actually wants origin?

    • InternetBatman says:

      I figure that Mass Effect 3 will be the real litmus test of Origin, and really Steams domination of the PC market. Since Steam takes a 30% cut (estimated, but it’s the best figure I’ve seen), they can afford to drop quite a few customers if some make the switch to Origin.

      Personally, I think they will bite the bullet and go back to Steam after ME3 fails to meet sales expectations: Bioware lost a lot of respect after Dragon Age 2; Steam sold three quarters of the copies of the Witcher 2 and Gog is probably the most respected Digital Distribution site; Origin has gotten very negative press that has changed from an instinctual distrust of what’s new to a sustained “I’ve tried it and it stunk.”

    • Jimbo says:

      I don’t think they’ll go back to Steam unless Valve relaxes their DLC rules. I think ME3 will do just fine on Origin + other non-Steam distributors. Some diehard Steam fans will be stubborn about it, but most people who wanna play ME3 don’t care about any of this and will just go wherever the game is.

    • Phinor says:

      Origin sales seem to always be region specific. The thing is though, it seems like 90% of the time they are U.S. only offers so you shouldn’t feel too bad the one time Europe gets few discounts.

      Plus it’s not like 12.45€ for Mass Effect 2 is really that big of a discount. Dead Space 2 is 9.95€ etc. All these games have been a lot cheaper in U.S. Origin as well as Steam, Amazon and other digital stores.

    • Kaira- says:


      Steam sold 3 quarters of Witcher 2’s digital copies. Physical copies outsold Steam.

    • Bhazor says:

      “Origin sale is region specific”

      Regional pricing. Regional sales.

    • StranaMente says:

      @Jimbo: about dlc’s, try this: find the dlc’s for dragon age origins on steam.
      Simply they aren’t there. If you want them, you have to buy them through bioware store. So I don’t think the problem is there.
      Still I’m undecided if they’re evil or just plain stupid.

  16. edit says:

    From a great hight…

  17. wastelanderone says:

    Did Darkspore’s activation problems ever get cleared up?

  18. Thermal Ions says:

    gShift is only $4.99 at the developer’s store, so may as well buy from there – give them a better cut presumably. Off to try the demo.

    link to

  19. bill says:

    Look, the indie bundles thing has officially gotten stupid. I like indie games, I really do, I bought the first 3-4 humble bundles and paid over the odds for them… but my reason for not buying the last indie gala was that I didn’t have time to pay the 15 or so indie games I got in the last few bundles, so another 5 was actually more offputting than just one… and now it’s another 10!

  20. smokingkipper says:

    That’s it sir, you’re leaving,
    the crackle of pig skin,
    the dust and the screaming…

    do I win an internet?

  21. Knufinke says:

    And there’s TW: Shogun 2 for ~£8

    Tropico 4 seeems to be the same price. Probably no steam key though.

  22. MaxNormal says:

    Koya rift – on sale for a week ($2 US):
    link to

    “You shoot up a bunch of aliens in a procedurally generated set of levels with random weapons and encounters. The difficulty level adjusts as you fight during different levels to keep the challenge pressured on you. It has an overall casual feel, so if you’re a competitive person who wants a game that you can easily pick up and put down from time to time, then it’s most likely for you”