Oh What A Lovely War: Arma III

Is this a real tank, or is it just fantasy?

Ultra-realistic military sim to contain fictional near-future vehicles and weaponry. Upon hearing the news, four retired colonels smash crystal brandy decanters while blustering angrily through their majestic militarised moustaches. If you think you can stay resolute while squinting at intensely detailed visual representations of things that do not exist, Arma III may be the game for you. Put the brandy to one side and focus your monocle below.

All this can be yours in the third quarter of this very year.


  1. Mashakosha says:

    I believe I speak for many when I say that looks pretty impressive.
    Shame it’ll probably be buggy as all heck, but I suppose that’s part of the charm.

    • Artist says:

      Well said! A while ago a pal asked me what I think how A3 will be when it comes out. My first thought was “As always” with a certain “has-to-deal-with-yet-another-Bohemia-game-smile”! Glitchy and great..!
      Its Bohemia, its Arma – and I will be in again! *shrugs*

    • Shortwave says:

      You do in fact speak for me, I still can’t even enjoy the first one due to how buggy it is.

    • kzrkp says:

      I really dislike how “it will have bugs” gets repeated in ArmA discussion. Bohemia is a small studio making a very ambitious game, a game with scale and scope that AAA titles are afraid to tackle. It will have bugs on release, it would be impossible not to! The open-ended nature of the game would require impossible hours of playtesting to make a bug-free release. The game has to be played for these things to be found or not released at all. The post release support of Arma and Arma 2 has been phenomenal. You’d be doing a major disservice refusing to play arma2 in its current patched state because of a preconception about bugs.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      kzrkp, look at how phenomenal those graphics are! I’m willing to bet that if they put that sort of time and money into optimisation, bug-crushing and accessibility then the game would be twice as playable. I wouldn’t be entirely unsurprised if it reviewed and sold a heck of a lot better too.

    • schiapu says:

      I think the bugginess is part of the charm in Arma Games.

    • Shortwave says:

      Well, I just need to point out that they are not “preconceptions”.
      I love the idea of the game and have enjoyed one of the SP missions a lot.
      But I find it really difficult to enjoy a game that breaks down on me half the time.
      I more or less just see it as a fun benchmark to run around in honestly.
      I try it out each time they make an update but usually fall to the same conclusion.
      Hell, I’ll likely still give them the benefit of the doubt and buy the new one just for it’s benchmarking alone.
      I just wish the gameplay itself didn’t feel so shotty, as dude above me said..
      They spend how many hours making this game beautiful, I don’t understand why they can’t invest some of that time in making it run smoothly and optimizing it decently. The second still feels like a bugged up mess after how many years.. Hopefully they’ve made engine changes which will fix this.
      No matter how beautiful a game is, if it didn’t run like butter I won’t be pumping hours into it.
      Which is sad because I’m in desperate need of a good new realistic war shooter. The only other one on my steam list is RO2. And we all know how that went.

      I’ll honestly go give it a try right now and see if things feel a bit smoother. : )

    • kzrkp says:

      It’s not perfect and there are things I’d like to see changed, but the iterative community-involved bug tracking and patching is a good solution. Held against other companies the amount of support and polish that is still going in to it is fabulous.

      … video!

    • Nevard says:

      Yes, but it’d also take them exponentially longer to release

    • El_Emmental says:

      Shortwave, you need to try ArmA II (if you haven’t), it’s (slightly) less bugged than ArmA I last time I checked.

    • Baines says:

      Does “buggy as all heck” mean less, more, or about the same as Modern Warfare 3? I’ll just assume it means more buggy than Battlefield 3, but Modern Warfare 3 has in spots reached Bethesda quality (like the akimbo fire rate reduction patch that instead increased akimbo fire rate).

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Well, if they made it for consoles it’d be less buggy: only one set of hardware/software to test it on.


    • soldant says:

      BIS games have ridiculous bugs on release and usually run at an astounding 5 FPS with even basic graphics settings on the best hardware. Most people don’t care about the uber eye-candy, they’re after the simulation aspect. I’d much rather BIS make something that works properly (they can start with the AI!) rather than something that looks pretty.

    • kzrkp says:

      link to youtu.be Here, have a Musical Wonderful :)

  2. Tom De Roeck says:

    The third one looks like crap in comparison to the others.

    • Captain Hijinx says:

      Say what?

      It looks fantastic.

    • mrjackspade says:

      It looks pretty fantastic. Which is probably bad news for ITV.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Is it an unmanned ground vehicle? Will be fun to see how they implement it, although UAVs in ArmA II always frustrated me.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      I agree with Tom. These shots don’t seem to be quite up to the standard of earlier screengrabs. Admittedly they may have been heavily cherry-picked, but to my eye these shots don’t look as good … as good as I thought they were GOING to be. That says more about my expectations than any actual failing by Bohemia, and yes I am a total graphics-o-phile. Always have been, ever since the days of watching the progress from PONG, to my C64, to the Amiga 500, to the PC and the first voodoo cards. I just lurrrrve graphical fidelity and get a buzz out of seeing the next steps in games.

      OK I am a graphics snob. Dont give a shite. Sue me :D

  3. Bishop says:


    • Sirico says:

      two return to formation….Where are you?…two return to formation….Where are you?…two return to formation….Where are you?…

    • HermitUK says:

      Oh no. Man. Is history. (Still the oddest OpFlash/ArmA callout I’ve ever had).

    • pepper says:

      One is Down.. I am the new actual..

    • Aedrill says:

      Two. Go. To the. Unknown. Unknown.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Whilst watching top gear last night I spotted a Mi-24 in the background (on the airfield in the background of the big ejit testing the merc) and was compelled to shout
      HIND! four Hundred………………….Meters………………..THREE…………oclock

      possibly OpF has broken my brain.

  4. Moni says:

    God, it just looks like another rubbish modern warfare man shoots [/sarcasm]

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      By which you mean “dear christ, I appear to have spaffed over the lining of my inexpensive briefs”

  5. thekyshu says:

    O_O That looks stunning! I thought BF3 had good graphics, but this is amazing :)

    • ch4os1337 says:

      Arma 1 has BF3 beat, and Arma 2 is probably the hardest to run game i’ve ever seen.

  6. Dhatz says:

    Is it the right time to bee-yetch about absence of tesselation? *checks calendar: 2012* dang straight it is!

  7. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    They better bloody replace the Humvees with Oshkosh M-ATVs by now!

  8. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    It looks… brown.

    OFP was actually a pretty green game. Wouldn’t mind some more green.

    • RaytraceRat says:

      brown is the new green

    • noom says:

      Brown is the colour of WAR, my boy.

    • El_Emmental says:

      Green was the Cold War colour, mainly because it was North American or Russian (in summer/spring) forests and valleys colour.

      => for the most recent examples, see “Wargame European Escalation” from R.U.S.E. devs.

      Brown is the modern/near-future war, because US/European/Russian (direct or indirect) wars are now happening in the Middle-East, because of the arid/desert climate.

      There’s a good economical reason to choose a specific colour palette:

      You have to be culturally relevant to maximize sales, and since the US market represents nearly 50% of the western culture video game market… when the US Army go in the Middle-East and US medias reports a lot on these wars, you have to mimic that colour palette (brown/dust/desert).

      And since many game devs/publishers are run by americans/based in the US, it’s pretty normal for them to represent “war” as it’s pictured in their culture.

      So brown it is, until real-life wars and/or devs/publishers move to another place in the world.

  9. konrad_ha says:

    The brown palette it is then.

  10. kataras says:

    I can’t wait to race with those thingies in the 2nd screenshot. And for Alex to crash those new jets!
    It does look too brown for a Greek island but I guess this takes place after the collapse due to bankruptcy?

    • Prokroustis says:

      Not all islands are the same you know. Looking at one of the earlier trailers they did a pretty good job recreating it.

    • MrWeed says:

      You’re right, Kataras, it actually looks a bit too dusty and brown for a greek island.
      Reminds me more of Takistan than Greece.

  11. netizensmith says:

    I know the way they talk is weird in Arma II but that’s because they are actually conveying useful information rather than “Let’s go kill these motherfuckers YYYEAAAAHHAAA!!”. I’d rather know that there’s an enemy at my 2 o’c clock, 100 metres than simply “Tangos up ahead”.

    Wonder what spec this’ll need. My current PC manages ARMA II ok and I think that the CPU is the bottleneck in these games yes?

    Also, website says Q4, not Q3.

    • Wisq says:

      It’s worth comparing the voices in the OpFlash / ArmA series with the voices from, say, Falcon 4.0. They’re able to say things like “sentry one, falcon one one, request vector to threat” and “falcon one one, sentry one, nearest threat, MiG-29, two-ship, bearing zero three zero, forty miles” and sound pretty darn natural doing it, despite having recorded a whole bunch of different voices (and not just pitch-shifting like OpFlash did).

      I think it just takes some willingness to string them together tighter, to choose a good intonation standard, to re-record things if they don’t sound right, and most importantly, to not skimp by reusing the same words in different contexts if the intonation doesn’t make sense in the new context. I.e. you might need several different “man”s rather than just reusing the same one everywhere.

    • EthZee says:

      To be honest, I think a lot of people (myself included) would be miffed if they made the voices in ArmA sound human. We’re used to stilted robot delivery – it’s almost comforting, in a way.

  12. squirrel says:

    Hey isnt that an Israeli tank? The most elite armor cavalry in the world!!!

    • Dana says:

      Nope. Most of the equipment are new designs (made by devs), since game takes place in the future.

    • Derbysieger says:

      You’re right. It’s an israeli Merkava Mk. 4 (or at least based on that model). There will also be Namer IFVs and other israeli equipment

    • Gaytard Fondue says:

      The vehicles in the background of the last shot are Fennek LARVs.

    • Tams80 says:

      The Challenger 2 would like to speak to you.

    • Joshua says:


      I thought most of the new equipment consists of already-designed prototypes or cancelled weapon lines (such as the M8s in PMC)

  13. Nallen says:

    Oh Arma, with your pretty screenshots.

    I’m not falling for this routine again.

  14. B0GiE-uk- says:

    I really hope they reduce all the keys on the keyboard to a commorose.

    I gave up on the other ARMA games because I was sick of having to consult the manual to find the right key everytime I wanted to do something.

    • BrightCandle says:

      I really don’t want that. Arma is built for the PC where people have 105 keys to put to shortcuts and Arma is a game all about realism. There are a lot of functions in the game and quite a lot of them are needed close to hand. That isn’t to say the UI doesn’t need work, it needs a lot of work, but I don’t want them to assume I am playing the game with a console controller, because the PC has a much richer interface than that.

    • egg651 says:

      Sorry, what? Last time I checked the scroll wheel menu functioned pretty damned well for anything that wasn’t running around or shooting.

  15. Adriaan says:

    Those jets look a little dated compared to the rest of the hardware shown. Are those F5 Tigers? Otherwise, great looking screens!

    • gabe says:

      No, they aren’t. I agree with you, they look somewhat misplaced.

    • egg651 says:

      Those are L39ZA armed trainers. They’re used by the Takistani Army in Operation Arrowhead and are pretty poor in combat compared to the more modern jets (though they ARE fun to fly). I should imagine these will be used by some kind of resistance forces on the island, or by a minor OPFOR faction.

    • CyberHippie says:

      According to BIS those jets actually are Aero L-159. They seem to be a more modern/advanced version based on the L-39.
      link to en.wikipedia.org

  16. tigershuffle says:

    as an ITV researcher…………I cant believe they have uncovered some footage of *insert evil Syrian despot* attacking defenceless/heavily armed* civilians

    Im off to contact UN/Associated Press* imediately

    *delete as applicable

    :) looks awesome and will be cos its BIS

  17. MountAndGames says:

    Well this looks bloody tempting, i was looking into Arma2 the other day, and this looks… gorgeous. Reckon a 4.5GHz GTX560Ti rig would cope with this game? Are arma games any good offline? Anyways, if they can fix the supposed bugginess of the old arma games and get decent ai (just making the complaints reviewers all seemed to mention, ive never played arma myself) this looks like one to watch. Nice to see a dev taking advantage of what pcs can do, imagine showing this to a console fanboy on a hdtv connected to a gaming rig… it would blow his tiny mind

  18. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:


    Bugs never change.

  19. MajorManiac says:

    I love Arma games. The one change I hope they make is being able to assign AI group leaders, to AI squads on the fly. Particularly vehicle crews. Then have the group disappear from my squad and be replaced by just the leader.

    So as a tank commander I could then have my own crew of 3, plus another another 9 tanks in formation. I guess they’d also need to improve the path-finding for vehicles when you have more than 3 in formation too.

  20. Napalm Sushi says:

    I for one welcome the opportunity to shoot at new things rather than yet another parade of T-72s and AK-47s.

  21. jimbobjunior says:

    Relevant Things that don’t exist

    Edit: payoff at 1:40

  22. BrightCandle says:

    Arma 3 looks pretty, but lets hope it runs a little better than A2 does. A2 needs a serious computer to run it well, especially in eyefinity!

    But beyond the graphics and the extra features it would be really nice if they could also work on the interface to make the day to day things (grabbing gear, getting in vehicles + much much more) a lot easier as these things are very slow and cumbersome at the moment.

  23. Shooop says:

    Shame that it’s probably still nearly impossible to actually play.

  24. wodin says:

    I love Arma when your just a squaddie (though the AI lets you down), I can just about handle it when your a squad leader (but the AI lets you down), I detest it when your high command…with a vengeance.

    When the game get to that point I quit.

  25. Kevin says:

    Bohemia, please. Just this once, release a game that’s decently optimised. We can deal with the mad-libs dialogue (you guys aren’t native-speakers of English, we understand). We can put up with AI bugs… for the first couple of months while you patch them out (like Boiling Point, they can make excellent stories at the water cooler)…

    …but seriously. Going by past-experience and considering that an Intel i5 is stated to be the minimum requirements to play ArmA III, that roughly translates to: “You need a computer with the computational power to rival NORAD’s systems to play this game at a semi-decent frame-rate.”

  26. ThaneSolus says:

    i love how these guys are still alive making a profit on hard niche. Very interesting concepts, they just need to learn how to polish. Still GJ!

  27. pertusaria says:

    I think I’ll steer clear of this one until they demilitarise the moustaches. The thought of facial hair with little Uzis and AK 47s sticking out of it is just too worrying.

  28. PedroBraz says:

    A lot of brown going on there

  29. yourgrandma says:

    Please no more desert combat i avoided buying operation arrowhead because of it… and now i cant play with anyone because the community moved to it… mainly because it preformed better because its the desert. Desert combat is incredibly boring to fly in and play as infantry especially in coop because you can always see the AI before it sees you.