Chocks Away: MS Flight Flies Feb 29th

Just looking at this screen costs you 200 Peggles
Just like Holly Genarro’s plane had to circle the airport at Dulles Airport in the 1990 classic Die Hard 2: Rudder Me This, Microsoft’s free-to-play air-to-plane sim Flight is still up in the air. But fret not, fokkers, for Microsoft will be getting all John McLaine on its crew section, and exploding a planeful of terrorists to create runway lights on the 29th of February. That’s when everyone will be touching down on the crunchy snow and into Bruce Willis’s comforting embrace. Er, and the game’s out.

Also on that day the first paid content lands. You’ll get the Big Island of Hawaii for free, but for 1600 points (£13.60 in the real world, or 6.7777 Peggles in the surreal world) you can add all the other Hawaiian airspace with additional missions and challenges, and a new single-engine plane, the Vans RV-6A.

Further wallet troubling beggary includes new aircraft to buy: 1200 MS points (£10.20, or asadaf Peggles) for utility craft the Maule M-7-260C, or a mere 640 points (£5.40, or ERROR: PEGGLE CONVERSION FAIL) for the North American P-51 Mustang. So, all in: £29.20. Erm, that’s a lot. Particularly when Flight Sim X gave you the globe, dozens of planes and a platform for modders. I’ve barely played the free content, so maybe it’s generously proportioned, and I’d understand if the only way to make it financially viable was to make it free-to-play, but still: a lot. Count me out of anywhere but the free skies.

Here’s the latest developer video. They. Never. Blink. I’m off to Hunt down Hans Gruber’s brother.


  1. Untruth says:

    Jim Piavis might actually be Robert California.

  2. julianbenson says:

    The devs don’t blink…It’s like they’re poorly simulating human behaviour.

    • Spakkenkhrist says:

      it’s because they’re afraid of what they will see when they do.

  3. lordhughes says:

    Wow that pricing is atrocious! I know MS want a piece of the 3rd party market but that pricing strategy is not the way to go about it. £30 and you have Hawaii and a few extra aircraft.

    Oh hi FSX you’r not perfect but at least you only cost me £50 for the globe and a decent selection of aircraft.

  4. Kdansky says:

    That’s clever pricing. Simulation players are pretty much always whales, and only getting 50$ or so from each was a bad deal to begin with. Check out the Steam page for DLC for those train sims. You can literally spend over 1000$ on digital train models. It will be the same here.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I don’t think so. Obviously they’re looking at the train sim model, but that has no free competition like the hundreds of add-ons for FSX and X-Plane. One studio can only do so much, even with MS behind it.

      When you have hundreds of free plane models and scenery packs to choose from in the other two major civilian flight sims, as well as high quality payware at reasonable prices, why would anyone be attracted to what MS is offering here?

  5. asshibbitty says:

    This is seriously hard to read.

    Twenty bucks for the land seems reasonable, the free stuff is a starter. Planes shouldn’t cost that much, that’s tiny independent enthusiast dev pricing, MS could afford to sell them for 0.99

  6. Stuart Walton says:

    The terrain price is OK, but the aircraft pricing is a joke. I’ll be waiting for when they get discounted.

    • Zeewolf says:

      And you don’t even get a cockpit for the Mustang… what’s up with that, in a SIM?

    • asshibbitty says:

      For comparison, the last Forza car pack is 560 MS Points, has ten cars, all with cockpits. Sure, the market is smaller etc. etc.

  7. antelpe says:

    I thought Peggles were a download size measurement. When did they become a monetary unit?

  8. Tams80 says:

    What happens when you get to the edge? “Please buy the Hawaiian Island DLC to continue” and turns your plane around?

  9. soldant says:

    So much I want to say… and yet I still can’t say it. But I will say this: see those instruments? They’re not for decoration. Fears be reduced.

    As for the pricing: the default FSX scenery was abysmal in quality and realism. Regular 3rd party scenery packs can easily go for around $50 to $100, and high-quality aircraft (higher than what is in FSX, which is what Flight is mostly aiming for) can range around $20. Flight’s pricing isn’t exceptionally bad unless you don’t know the flight sim market.

    • Stuart Walton says:

      I’d agree but the way this has been marketed, it’s not being targetted at the incredibly niche flight sim enthusiasts. It’s not a small market but it’s not big enough to support what MSF is trying to achieve. The free to play model works best when you have a vastly greater number of customers, with a varied initial selection of DLC on offer and a constant stream of new content at a low price.

      FSX addons are priced so high because the people who want it, really want it and will pay that amount but the casual flight sim aviator would be turned away at almost any price. If it wasn’t that expensive, the creator wouldn’t recoup their investment. If MS want to appeal to the massive casual market, they need to sell DLC at mass appeal prices. If they want to maintain a level of quality that matches the top FSX 3rd party stuff and that turns out to cost too much then they’ll have to offer content in varying levels of quality (which appears to be the case with the P-51) and price accordingly.

  10. xcession says:

    “…not about the act of operating an airplane” – er…isn’t that the only reason people buy flight simulators?

  11. iteyoidar says:

    The beta was pretty fun and kind of reminded me of the Flight Unlimited series; the flight model was still accurate but it didn’t feel like you were flying a Microsoft Windows interface anymore.

    That pricing is pretty bad though (which is what I was afraid of), considering with all the DLC’s it isn’t much variety in planes and you’re trapped in Hawaii. I got bored with the big island in a few hours and I’m pretty sure the Hawaiian islands get exponentially smaller as you go down the list. Maybe if it came with a chunk of Alaska or Canada and some bush planes and a business jet or two…

  12. JBantha says:

    Yey! Finally! Woo hoo! I’m so exited but i won’t last more than a month in there.