Plant Life: Meet Botanicula’s Cellulose Chums

I couldn't bring myself to use the word 'exclusive' in the headline

Coming later today, we’ll be posting a chat with Amanita Design (Samorost, Machinarium) mastermind Jakub Dvorsky about new game Botanicula, the IGF et al, but as part of it he passed along a couple of mega-charming (I do like using the word ‘mega’; it reminds me of being young and over-excited about new issues of Look-In) and never-before-seen new trailers that entirely deserve their own post.

If anything ails you today, a glimpse of this beautiful, strange and funny point’n’click exploration game will almost certainly help.

All three of these introduce playable characters in this exploration’n’puzzle-packed tale of ‘little tree creatures who set out for a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.’

Mr Twig, which you might have seen already:

Mr Lantern, appearing for the first time in the whole wide world here:

Mr Poppyhead, also taking his first-ever bow (and who is my personal favourite of these):

There are two more of these delightful chaps yet to be introduced, but we can safely guess they’ll also be plant-related, oddly-shaped acrobats of some sort.


  1. Casimir Effect says:

    This could be a new happy, soothing place.

  2. Alethron says:

    I really love the art style, the voices, the music – awesome.

  3. Vexing Vision says:

    have no idea what’s going on, but I want this.

  4. empyrion says:

    Looking forward to this, Amanita Design’s games are always interesting. Looks like they’ve created some iconic characters too. Also, Mr. Twig is such a troll.

  5. Hydrogene says:

    I’m slowing working through Machinarium and I love evey second of it. This looks (and sounds [I love the sound design]) even more fantastic !! Go Amanita!

  6. RagingLion says:

    This just puts a big happy grin on my face. So much pure joy in their work. Sound design seems to be excellent again.

  7. Khemm says:

    Being a fanboy of Samorost and Machinarium, this one of my most anticipated games.

  8. Skusey says:

    Man, this looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  9. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    Gumming thoon
    Cumin thrrru
    Airing Hoon