Periscopes Up For Naval War: Arctic Circle

Aren't they supposed to be pink? Tony Curtis, you big stupid liar!
Fancy watching the developers of Paradox’s Naval War: Arctic Circle play their game? I know Super Bowl vs Wrestlemania is on tonight, while they’re also projecting the World Cup final onto the full moon and fixing the Earth’s rotation so the moon stays overhead for the duration of the game. But if you can’t make it to the Battle of the Megashows AND if it’s cloudy, Paradox are streaming a live demonstration of their strategic ship simulator. You won’t even need 4D specs to see it.

Nope, all you’ll need to do is point your browser to this address at 7pm UK time tonight (11am PST/2pm EST/8pm CET)and the developers will be playing their game and answering questions via the magic of chat. It’s a neat little bit of interaction, I think. And I hear if you pay enough credits, they’ll take you to a private show and show you their frigates! I’ve a made a Google Calendar link, so click this to add it to your packed schedule of streamed online game demos. I’ve gone to the trouble of making it, so you better bloody use it: Google Calendar.

Here’s every video they’ve ever released to get you in the mood. A Developer Diary.

And the Gamescom 2011 teaser.

And an interview with the lead designer.


  1. Thermal Ions says:

    That’s some front page summary.

  2. Belsameth says:

    You broke the site…

    Also, “they’re frigates”?
    I’d wager you mean “Their frigates” ;)

    • Llewyn says:

      Maybe. Or maybe they really are frigates, in very constricting disguises!

    • Belsameth says:

      I actually pondered that for a while before pretending to be a grammar nazi (a none english one at that. *boo, hiss* for making an error I notice!)
      But since it’s changed now :p

    • Craig Pearson says:

      Wih none prof thet it ever happesned at ill.

  3. The Army of None says:

    You drunken pole vaulter, Craig. Never change.

  4. Sarlix says:

    Oooh, this must have slipped off my radar. I’m peri-excited..

  5. fuggles says:

    Nuts, though this would be DLC for Naval Warfare. Oh well, life goes on.

  6. 0rpheus says:

    Can’t wait for this. :)

  7. wodin says:

    Me thinks I will rather play Red Pill (Or the now sadly named Command: Modern Air\Naval Warfare..(or somethink)).

    It looked great, but odd at the same time..sort of a hyper real look. I made that up.

  8. Valhuen says:

    I am in heaven given the subject matter, I only hope it isn’t buggy as all hell on release (as some Paradox products tend to be). Modern naval sim is something sorely needed, still playing the NWS Fleet Command mod after all these years, but would kill for a realistic sim with decent graphics.

  9. langlo94 says:

    I recommend this game, I’m actually in the beta!

  10. trentdarby126 says:

    So craig i may be slightly behind the times but are you working for RPS.

  11. Craig Pearson says:

    Just temping for a couple of months.

  12. buzzmong says:

    How on earth do you pronounce the second part of the game’s title?

    Naval Aaaaaarrrrrr?

    It’s certainly not a W.

  13. Torgen says:

    Didn’t get a chance to tune in to this. Anyone have a summary and/or impressions?

    • heyo. says:

      I’m in the beta, so I probably can’t say too much, but my impressions have been generally positive. Definitely positioned as a successor to Fleet Command, and I think it could very well do that. It’s not quite Harpoon (or ex-Red Pill) complex (and it still needs NTDS symbols!), but it’s proper meaty.

  14. DigitalSignalX says:

    I like big boats and I can not lie.™

  15. destroy.all.monsters says:

    This looks really bitchin’. If that weren’t enough using a segment of Demonaz’s March of the Norse in the first preview guaranteed a sale here. Never enough Norwegian black metal in games – or really anywhere. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL EVERYONE IS WEARING CORPSE PAINT.

    And spikes.

    Thanks Craig for making this even more entertaining. :)