Eary Indie An’ Ya: Game Music Bundle 2 Live

A musical based screenshot. I'm so happy this exists!
For those of you that skip to the last paragraph of The Sunday Papers for a music recommendation, this whole post is nothing but a route into the aural delights of game music. The music this time isn’t Jim’s brand of 2001’s Monolith’s sneezes, nor is it my mashup nonsense. Nope, it’s the Indie Game Music Bundle 2‘s collection of soundtracks gathered together in another pay what you want bundle. For as little as a dollar, you could get some gorgeous music.

For a dollar up to $10, you’ll get MP3 soundtracks to Aquaria, To the Moon, Machinarium, Jamestown, and Sword & Sworcery soundtracks. More than ten dollars opens up access to various soundtracks and albums in FLAC and MPS: Shatter (OST), Cat Astro Phi (OST), Passcode (OST), bonus Machinarium tracks (OST), Chip-hop EP, Tower of Heaven (OST), Eternal Daughter (OST), and Songs For The Cure. More unlock when the bundle shifts over 9705 copies. I just bought 9704 1 dollar copies to give someone the giddy thrill of unlocking them!


  1. siegarettes says:

    There’s some really good music in here, the Machinarium soundtrack being on top of course.

    Only bad thing is that I own a lot of the music here from various Humble Bundles already, and most of the Disasterpeace music, just because I like his stuff a lot. In addition, I still haven’t listened to everything from the last bundle.

    Speaks to the quality of the music, however.

  2. thegooseking says:

    As pun-happy a loon as I normally am, that headline makes me… uncomfortable. Fortunately the music makes me feel better.

  3. Mike says:

    Even if you haven’t played either game, To The Moon and Machinarium have painfully good soundtracks (To The Moon is nominated for Excellence in Audio at this year’s IGF, too!). This is so worth it. I stumped up ten dollars to get the rest, and a few albums are already seeming like quite good chiptune collections.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I bought the first one of those and found some really nice surprises in there. Musicians which I would probably never heard of, and who now have a permanent place in my playlist.

  5. Nero says:

    Yeah I bought the first one despite having several of the albums bought before and found many great albums that I’ve never heard of (still have some to discover) and will probably do the same here. An incredible value.

  6. Buemba says:

    The Sword & Sworcery, Shatter, Machinarium and Jamestown soundtracks are well worth $10.00+ each.

  7. MichaelPalin says:

    Any possibility for that Swords & Sworcery game to have a PC release? I’m really intrigued by it.

  8. Roshin says:

    Bundle 2? Was there a first one, then?

  9. squareking says:

    You will buy this at least for the Machinarium soundtrack…or I will find you.

  10. Medo says:

    This is definitely worth what is asked, but it is interesting that at least the Machinarium bonus EP, which you don’t get unless you pay at least 10 dollars, can actually be downloaded for free directly from Amanita. Similarly the Mighty Switch Force OST is on Bandcamp as “pay what you want” with no minimum, and the Eternal Dauhter OST on Bandcamp ist straight free without even the option to buy. The artists definitely deserve the money from this, but it seems to be a somewhat strange decision to use these soundtracks which you can get for free anyway as a bonus incentive.

    As an aside (shameless plug), I made my own version of the Eternal Daughter OST (with permission) before David Saulesco released his. So if you like comparing alternative takes, you can find it at link to ganggarrison.com

  11. Magus44 says:

    Got it, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the Mighty Switch Force OST. Bit random, considering its out on DS or something. (most of these seem to be PC, or mobile?) Also, Aquarias is beautiful. So much awesome. Just about to get the Machinarium and To the Moon and try them out. $10 is a steal.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    Amazing. This people are going to achieve the incredible: many people paying for digital music downloads.

  13. Tams80 says:

    Got it. I forgot to buy the first one and was hoping they’d do a Humble Bundle type thing where you got the first bundle if you paid enough. =(

  14. shoptroll says:

    Probably grabbing this tomorrow since it looks awesome, but could one of these bundle groups come up with a different layout that isn’t shamelessly ripped from Humble Indie Bundle? That should be the second step in fighting the impending doom of bundle fatigue.