Firefall’s Bossman Shows Off With Laser Map Trailer

YOU haven't got one of these.
There’s a bunch of new content appearing in the Firefall beta, and Red 5’s bossman Mark Kern has been wheeled out to explain precisely what is going on in a new dev diary video, which you can see below. Basically signing up gives you a chance to sign up, and then to invite others. Kern also does some clever stuff with a map made of lasers. I’m genuinely interested to see how the PvE world works, which is what Red 5 are beginning to roll-out properly now. If there game can give players a genuine sense of urgency in fighting the NPCs, rather them just being a conveyor-belt of MMO-style targets, then it could make for an interesting proposition. I’m a bit less interested in the PvP because, well, Planetside 2, or Tribes Ascend. Anyway, there’s some new footage in there, so take a look.

“Very unique”, eh? Sounds unique.


  1. Sarissofoi says:

    Wonder if something from this fog can push ppl back.

    • ImOnTheRadio says:

      Yep, there’s these mutated monsters like aranhas that are mutated because of the melding if I’ve understood correctly. Also there’s this human-like faction called “The Chosen” that basically want to kill every man alive. Also there is propably a story behind the Chosen, actually Orson Scott Card is writing (or helping to write) the story for Firefall.

  2. Blackcompany says:

    This is a game I very much looking forward to. Love good co-op game play, and having an MMO shooter focusing at least in part on PVE is a nice change. Would love to get into this game asap, but the Beta rollout is very slow indeed. Nonetheless, eagerly anticipating a chance to play something not focused solely on PVP for once.

  3. Coccyx says:

    Laser map at 2:25 if you’re anything like me and just wanted to skip to that bit.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Is that CGI or some sort of hologram thing I’ve been waiting to program por- I mean uh, landscape photos into all my life.

    • westyfield says:

      CGI. If Red 5 had hologram technology that advanced, I doubt they’d be making games still.

  4. Monkey says:

    there – their, just sayin’

  5. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m still a bit up in the air about their armor-designs… I like the “light” style compared to fully enclosed bulky stuff like Halo or Tribes’ armor, but the glowing protrusions look kinda awkward.

    Still, I’m looking forward to it as a sci-fi game amongst the swamp of tolkien-rejects that dominant the MMO space.

  6. Suits says:

    If you need more Tribes and MMO fix at the same time.

  7. Ganj says:

    First encountered this with TB’s coverage at GC last year and was smitten – especially by the mention of it being out in December – at the time it seemed TOR and GW2 were still some time from release.

    Now TOR’s been, (and gone) and GW2 is still some time away, it’d be the perfect time for a beta invite to arrive – *tabs to thunderbird, is swamped by tumbleweeds* – buggerit, I guess I need to start work on Plan H for getting a key.

  8. Mashley says:

    This game looks so sweet, where’s my beta update firefall? D:

  9. Jahnz says:

    I have been signed up for this beta for months now. This is an incredibly slow roll-out, but I am still salivating for this. This new information about how they are going to do the territory expansion is very interesting to me. I’m cautiously excited for some fun PvE action here. I have TF2 and a Tribes:Ascend beta for any PvP hankerings that might crop up.

  10. DexterPepper says:

    Another beta I can’t get into. Better add this to the sticky note on my monitor with Diablo 3, Hawken, and Tribes: Ascend to stare at wistfully.

    • alseT says:

      The only one I am able to help you with is tribes. So leave a mail address so I can send you a key.

    • Quasar says:

      Isn’t the tribes beta pretty much open now? I seem to recall you can get a key just by going to the Facebook page.

      If not, I also have a spare one to share, drop me a line if you want it.

  11. noom says:

    Wait, Firefall is an MMO..?

    • Baines says:

      This video actually makes me a bit interested. I’d always figured it was just another free PvP shooter.

  12. ThaneSolus says:

    A CEO that knows something about his game? BLASPHEMY!

  13. mraider94 says:

    The art style reminds me of borderlands, like a borderlands MMO.

  14. UnravThreads says:

    Insert negative, yet justified, comment about Orson Scott Card here.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      He wrote great books. It is only things I care about him.

    • UnravThreads says:

      I care about how he’s trying to make the lives of certain people hell, but of course financially supporting organisations to restrict and/or remove the civil liberties of certain minorities and re-criminalise their sexual habits isn’t important if they write good books, is it?

  15. valiantjared says:

    Oh how I want to play you firefall beta you would be the perfect cure for my 70 hr work weeks

  16. killmachine says:

    go to their site, register and be active in their forums. you might spam the off-topic as well. very effective.

    make a name, be friendly and your chances are pretty high to get invited by one of the community members that are already invited.

    (tribes is no closed beta btw. go to their faceboock, like them and you get a key.)

  17. yurusei says:

    Game is unique, developer commentary is stupidly generic.

  18. Pootie says:

    After the second time this guy said “unique game” I knew this game unfortunately wont be unique at all :(