In Today’s Helicopter News: TKOH Hind DLC

What shall we do, John?
Take On Helicopters is going to getting some big fat Russian helicopters in its first DLC. Like this: “Highly detailed models of the Mi-24 V, Mi-24 P and Mi-35 Super Hind helicopters across a range of over 25 different liveries.” That is some Cold War helicopter sex, right there. It’s also going move away from the commercial helcopterings of the base game, and allow you get back to Bohemia’s more traditionally shooty territories. They explain: “after launching the game, we felt there was room to complement Take On Helicopters with a more ‘action-packed’ experience. Our Hinds DLC is perfect for those who are seeking the adrenaline rush of flying a classic military gunship and getting into combat.” It’s coming out on the 15th of March and it’ll cost €12.99. There’s some kind of crazy bundle order deal, too, which you can read about over here.


  1. Crimsoneer says:

    So, is anybody playing this? I’d love to give it a shot, as I’m a bt of a sim newbie who loves trying them out, but not willing to pay full price. How’s the RPS crowd found TOH?

    • jimbobjunior says:

      It’s a good introduction, not arcady but not exactly full on sim either. There’s a decent sized demo that will definitely let you know if you’ll like it or not.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      I enjoy it, but I do wish it did not run at such a poor framerate. It’s passable, for sure… but my system has some pretty hefty specs, and it should be performing a whole lot better.

      Also, whenever the main character’s brother has an ultra-cheesy flashback to “the war”, it gets a bit odd. One mission has you shot down and suddenly you find yourself leopard crawling through the dirt with your M-16 while being hunted by insurgents. And as you shoot them dead from behind the cover of a burnt-out vehicle, you wonder where the helicopter sim went.

      You can also drive land-based vehicles.

      Still, it offers a lot of variety in the types of helicopter you can fly and plenty of different types of missions to keep it fresh.

    • westyfield says:

      I like helicopters but I’m a bit rubbish at flying in ArmA2. Are the helis in TOH easier, harder, or the same to fly as ArmA2’s?

    • simoroth says:

      I hear there is a new flight model thats much less “wiggy”.

      I’d buy the game if they reduced it a bit from £31!

    • Zenicetus says:

      I’ve got a on old simmer’s bias about these things, and think it’s not really worth trying to fly a computer sim of a helicopter without a full control setup — joystick in your right hand, throttle (collective) in your left hand, feet on pedals for the tail rotor. Smooth flight with mouse and keyboard, or a gamepad, means the flight model has to devolve into something closer to just moving a camera around the scenery.

      That said, it’s not a bad sim as these things go. The flight model isn’t nearly as accurate as the one in X-Plane, which can be a good thing if you’re fairly new to flight sims, and especially if you don’t have a full control setup. The systems modeling for things like engine startup is better than the flight model, but the flight model is good enough to fly the missions and have fun. You can bypass all the deep systems modeling if you want to (I did, I’m more into the flying).

      FSX and X-Plane both have much better terrain and city models for the Seattle area (and beyond), but this gives you more to do than just look at scenery and navigate. Having the missions to focus on, helps offset the terrain quality.

      It works best on a fast machine with a good graphics card, although it doesn’t need to be an uber-powerful setup.. I’m running it on an i7 920, 2.67 GHz, with a GeForce GTX 560Ti and I’m getting very smooth frame rates. There’s a demo available, so that’s the best way to see if you’d like it.

  2. db1331 says:

    I still wish the idea of DLC never got off the ground.

    • Doesn'tmeananything says:

      Yeah, I wonder what would’ve happened, if DLCs had got the chopper.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The DLC is a good deal, if the models are as heli detailed as they say. Of course if they’re just cyclicing through their collective of old 3D models, it won’t be that great.

    • TheWhippetLord says:

      My worry is that players’ reaction to DLC could cause havoc. That might just be hokum though.

  3. El_MUERkO says:

    I’m going to assume this is an asset from ARMA 3 so it’s a good way to make something for two different experiences.

  4. MonolithicTentacledAbomination says:

    A Hind D? Colonel, what’s a Russian gunship doing here?

  5. bytex666 says:

    Actually, the mega-hind used in Rambo II and III isn’t really real, it was a Hind that they modified with LOADS of plastic/carbon to look more intimidating and less “bubbly”.

    • stahlwerk says:

      No, it wasn’t a Hind at all, but a large western model (Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma) which they cleverly painted and modded to look evil-russian. Same as they did with the supposedly Libyan (?) F-5 Tigers for Top Gun.

      I like the Mi-24 a lot, on an aesthetic level. You can clearly trace its lineage from the Mi-8 “Hip”. It’s like the Designers went to the drawing board with the question: “how can we make this look more menacing?” And they added the military equivalent of racing stripes (i.e. “Underbite”, Pylons etc.).

      It’s an honest design. A shame it’s used as a weapon.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      I love the bubbliness of the Hind. :3

    • Kollega says:

      I agree with Stahlwerk. The thing is bloody awesome, and pylons do indeed serve as a military equivalent of racing stripes. The only helicopter(s) that might be more awesome is/are KA-50/52, because you simply can’t rival having two counter-rotating main rotors. “Everything’s Better With Spinning”, so perhaps it’s even better with double the spinning.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Not to mention the KA-50 has ejector seats.

      Ejector seats on a fucking helicopter.

  6. BAshment says:

    we can finally simulate a one man attack on Seattle in a hind. Then blow up steam HQ for there crimes against physical copies.