Mario, Ryu and Bob Too: Super Mario Crossover 2 Out

Fanfiction often has surprising visits from other fictional places, although the fact that I’m here and not writing on that other lovely PC gaming site means it happens in real-life as well. Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 is the gaming equivalent of fanfiction, bringing characters from all over the Nintendo universe and having an office party with them in the Mario world.

How would Simon from Castlevania make it in the world of Goomba’s and Koopa Troopas? Well he’d obviously whip them into a rather tasty mushroom and turtle soup. Megaman’s arm blasters cooks them in their shells, Link prods them with his silly little pointy sword. Just like when I came into RPS and brought my PC Gamer ‘tude with me. I hugged those cold, mean RPS guys with all the strength I could muster. With the original trailer showing off a few more characters than the game has in the menu screens, I expect there’s some unlockable fun to be had.

Here’s the trailer once again to compare to the finished thing.


  1. Vegard Pompey says:

    I played for a while, then I restarted and ended up in stage 9-8 somehow, which looked exactly like stage 1-1. After I completed it, I got to a broken menu screen and was unable to do anything. Strange.

  2. joel4565 says:

    That looks very interesting and cool.

    How in our “file lawsuit first, ask questions later” society does this project continue? I mean I am glad such projects exist, but I can’t imagine that Nintendo hasn’t heard about the project by now.

    • Pajama says:

      It can continue because it is protected by a parody law, also, hes not making money off of it so its legal under Fair Use.

  3. Yougiedeggs says:

    Nintendo seems to be pretty lax on fangames, see the several hundred or more that already exist.

    Especially Psycho Waluigi, that game is amazing.

    • Dominic White says:

      Just dropping a link to that:
      link to

      Psycho Waluigi is a genuinely good, full-length fangame that doesn’t play like any traditional Mario game, and is all the better for it. Plus, you get to play as the biggest jerk in the Mushroom Kingdom, on a quest to beat up all the royalty because he’s a jerk.

  4. Phantoon says:

    Playing as Samus and Bill Rizer/Lance Bean are easy.

    Everyone else is harder in some way.

  5. TidiusFF says:

    The only char who is missing now is Sonic !

    • Deadly Habit says:

      What part of it being all characters from old Nintendo franchises didn’t you notice?

    • SooSiaal says:

      well, there are sonic games on the gba for a few years now,and on the Wii if. not mistaking…and nowhere did it say old franchises?

    • SiHy_ says:

      @Deadly Habit
      Definitely the Nintendo bit. What the hell does Nintendo mean!?

    • SooSiaal says:

      also, streetfighter isn’t a Nintendo only franchise

    • Frosty840 says:

      @SooSiaal Different Ryu, I believe…

    • SooSiaal says:

      oh my yes,forgot all about ninja gaiden, which also reappeared on other consoles later on :p

    • Ridnarhtim says:

      Sonic and Snake made it into Smash Bros – no reason they couldn’t be in here!