Men Of War: Assault Squad GOTY Is Worth Buying

In retrospect, I should probably have made more of a fuss over the superb Men Of War: Assault Squad, because it was one of my favourite experiences of last year. Yes, it was a co-op/multiplayer remix of the original, and all the DLCs meant the pleasure was sort of fragmented, but actually I spent many meticulous hours playing through this game both solo and with my MoW-playing friends, and the result is always one of the best RTS experiences I can think of. The original game and all the DLCs are now being bundled together in a Game Of The Year edition. 1c explain: “The pack totals 25 skirmishes, over 50 multiplayer maps, 5 playable nations, over 100 infantry weapons and over 200 vehicles.” It only seems to be on GamersGate so far, but I expect it will pop up elsewhere today.

I’ve posted the most recent devs versus game video below to provide the clueless with a taster.


  1. mrwout says:

    Men of War ? Isn’t that the series that continued on the sort of gameplay that “Soldiers: Heroes of WWII” had ?

    Is it better ? Because I really liked the idea of that game but, the controls were a bit annoying.

    • BoZo says:

      Oh yes it is, and they’ve finally done the MP versus part correct. I’d say actually that it’s pretty similar in singleplayer to S:HoWWII albeit with larger armies, its in multiplayer versus and coop that it really shines.
      The controls are much better than in Soldiers but they can still be a little bit daunting as there is so much you can do. Best WW2 RTS easily though.

      The devs are still balancing and updating the game also, finally fixing that damn stationary MG…

  2. Mechanicus_ says:

    Also, please buy this so in future they make more Assault Squad style Men of War games and fewer of the tedious normal Men of War games.

    • Lokai says:

      If I recall they are actually working on a Men of War 2 now, but I don’t think it’s been announced or anything. It was just hinted at when the last DLC came out for Assault Squad. Anyways, Assault Squad is one of my favorite multiplayer games and like Jim I have played it so very much with friends over the last year. They have the Skirmish mode where you attack or defend an area against enemies and it changes up the gameplay quite a bit compared to normal multiplayer.

  3. Snids says:

    I think they missed a bit of a trick not calling this “Mans of War” or maybe even “War-Mans”. But I’ll buy it anyway I think. I have the original War-Mans and War-Mans red tide.

    I just don’t have time for multiplayer. It this worth it for SP?

  4. tigershuffle says:

    I still havent tried multi-player……..and will one day,
    but Im having lots of fun in single player

    the amount of decent single player Campaigns and Mods is v good

    will try an pick up some DLC once its on sale ….. 99p is my limit :)

    • hunsnotdead says:

      Your sir are seriously missing out on a lot of cooperative enjoyment!
      The singleplayer missions are actually coop missions that can be played alone if so desired, but they are still the most fun(and least stressful) with 7 other players around.


  5. svr says:

    If you buy the GOTY version aren’t you basically saying it is ok to fragment the community with map packs? Would you buy a single map 3€?

    Get the original Assault Squad for a better price and get these 66 free maps instead in 3 different packages:
    link to
    link to
    link to

  6. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    WAR MANS has a problem: When I finish a mission I’m so emotionally drained by the whole experience I can’t bring myself to start the next mission for weeks afterwards.

    Does SQUAD THAT ASSAULTS THINGS have the same problem?

    • Snids says:

      Same with me. Especially when you just scrape through by the skin of your teeth.

      Plus I’m physically exhausted from all the helmet collection. I feel like a fussy Victorian child-minder. “Oh James, you’ve lost your hat again!”, “Felix, do try to keep your hat on dear” etc.

  7. Sian says:

    I’m a tad confused. On Gamersgate I find this bundle: MoW: Assault Squad and MoW: Vietnam (29.95 €) as well as the GOTY edition with all the DLC but without Vietnam (34.95 €). Which should I buy? Is Vietnam very different from Assault Squad?

    By the way, the GOTY edition is on Steam too:
    link to

    • Jimbo says:

      Be sure to check out SavyGamer if you’re about to buy from GamersGate. Or indeed if you ever intend to buy anyhing from GamersGate.

      Actually this just applies to everybody: go check SavyGamer.

    • Sian says:

      Thanks for the tip. Will make this a habit, although they didn’t have anything recent on MoW yet.

    • Jimbo says:

      I meant the ‘15% Off GamersGate For Life’ thing on the front page.

  8. Everyone says:

    No, sorry, any game where I have to tell 30 soldiers individually to put their helmets back on is just a bit over the top in the micromanagement stakes for enjoyable playing.

    • Solomon Grundy says:

      Yes, the helmet thing was an absurdity in the original MoW. They’ve added chin-straps to Assault Squad so you don’t see that so much anymore.