What Is Going On In This Air Buccaneers HD Trailer?

Ludocraft sent light-than-air messages up to Castle Shotgun to inform us that there’s a new trailer for the Air Buccaneers HD alpha. I might be a bit behind on what’s happening in this remake, to be honest, but WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? See below.

In other Air Buccaneers HD news, there’s a devs vs fans game going on tonight! The details are here. Let’s be there to show them who really owns the skies.


  1. Elltot says:

    Michael Jackson : Moonwalker

  2. Nevard says:

    I kept thinking that the text in that trailer was suddenly going to change to “In their tongue he is Dovakhiin; Dragonborn!”

  3. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Aaaand the server’s full already.

    • frenz0rz says:

      I just left after playing for an hour, so you can have my spot!

      So far I’ve found it to be a brilliant and very unique experience, but it definitely has a long way to go. My framerate utterly collapsed with the game at max server pop despite having it on the lowest settings. Melee combat is also a bit naff right now, with no feedback indicating whether you’ve actually hit someone or not. Repairing ships is painfully slow too, although perhaps thats a design choice.

      Regardless, its only on alpha 0.3 right now, and this game has buckets of potential.

  4. Doomsayer says:


  5. Davie says:

    I totally predicted the gigantic scary thingy popping up out of the ground.

    That said, what the hell.

  6. Squishpoke says:

    Lo, there do I see my father…

  7. amishmonster says:

    Fus Ro Dirigible!