By Your Command: FemShep Lives

I prefer FemShep even the male Shep is played by a guy named Meer. I HATE MY NAME

God forbid we’d post yet another Mass Effect 3 trailer, but… well, here’s another Mass Effect 3 trailer. It stars, at long, long last, the female version of Shepard, finally getting just a tiny fraction of the official marketing acknowledgment she deserves. You will, I trust, understand.

Seriously. Come on, seriously. Why does anyone play as BlokeShep? That voice! That is the voice of authority. I’m a bit :/ about the new, more glamorous look, but as far as I can gather it’s not going to be forced onto us, and hopefully we can make female Shepards that remain very much in the not-here-for-your-entertainment vein of our ME1 & 2 characters.

I do hate the portmanteau ‘FemShep’ by the way, but it is part of popular culture lexicon now, so I suppose I can’t ignore it.


  1. MellowKrogoth says:

    All NPCs should have male and female versions.

  2. BlackMagicMarkel says:

    God dammit. I absolutely love Jennifer Hale’s voice as shepard, over Mark Meer as male but… I just can’t play a female. No matter what game, if I have a choice, I play my own gender. It just feels… wrong not to.

    Maybe I’m just crazy?

  3. Ham Solo says:

    I’ll use my femshep back from ME1&2 anyway, so the default looks don’t really matter to me.