Prepare To March Into The Ghost Recon Online Beta

"I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."
Subliminal message warning: Ubisoft have just announced the closed beta of Ghost Recon Online kicks off next month. That month? March. See how I snuck it into the headline? You already knew before you got to the story. The first raft of Ghosts will be let into the secretive world of the closed beta on the fifth of next month. You can sign up here and pray you’re chosen. I’m quite looking forward to running around pretending to be a ghost. Bagsy Slimer! There’s a video to run alongside the announcement. I’m about to watch it for the first time, so do join me.

What? It’s just a stupid tactical shooter? That’s like calling it Prawn Recon Online, and having it be about cars! Next time I won’t assume words are used in their correct context. Way to destroy my trust in titles, Ubi.

Via Blues News.


  1. iARDAs says:

    Something different is always welcome.

    I just hope this game turns out to be something different.

    Will sign up for the beta.

    So far I can see this game averaging 79 in metacritic.

  2. MuscleHorse says:

    It’ll start in March if they stop dicking about with their servers that is.
    While I’m not especially interested in this game, it’s a shame that so many great games are paired with such an atrociously arrogant publisher. Driver: SF was one of my favourites of last year and went to have another spin on it earlier only to find their DRM cancer had become terminal.

  3. Rattlepiece says:

    But 95% of us will just pirate it!

  4. jplayer01 says:

    I wish they’d have gone into more detail on the abilities. The video above makes the game seem like a poor man’s MW3/BF3.

  5. Flaringo says:

    is that the ragdoll bugging out terribly at 35 seconds? It looks hilarious

  6. Vagrant says:

    I’ve heard some people say this is pretty rad. If this is online-only (Free to Play?), maybe it will be spared the horrors of UbiDRM. Either way, it’s always sounded a little interesting.

    • Tams80 says:

      DRM doesn’t really matter for online multiplayer games. Usually.

    • Baines says:

      Yes, but it *is* Ubisoft….

      Would you really put it past them to not let you access your account if you unplug a game pad or change your speaker volume or something?

  7. Hoaxfish says:

    Ghost Recon Dev1: Hey, what shall we call this last class?
    Ghost Recon Dev2: Er, how about Recon?
    Ghost Recon Dev1: What about this ability he has?
    Ghost Recon Dev2: Er, how about Ghost?

  8. Shortwave says:

    The game looks good but the trailer made me laugh trying to boast itself as something new.
    Blah blah blah threee classess blah blah blah a shotgun! >.< K' sorry.
    I've been signed up for beta for a while now and look forward to playing.

  9. Yuri says:

    “Ghost Recon online beta? Looks interesting, i’ll give it a go. Wait, Ubisoft? LOL. Nothankyou.jpg”

    • Khemm says:

      See, this that ridiculous “hate for the sake of hating” attitude I’ve mentioned a while ago.

    • boywithumbrella says:


      but it has always-on DRM! (as in: doesn’t work offline)

    • Prime says:

      “See, this that ridiculous “hate for the sake of hating” attitude I’ve mentioned a while ago.”

      Game with Ubisoft DRM = $40
      Game with Steam DRM = $40
      Khemm oblivious to his own hypocrisy = Priceless.

  10. Shooop says:

    Wow, look at that animation! It’s like 2001 all over again!

  11. boywithumbrella says:

    what happened to the second video?

  12. abrokenchinadoll says:

    I got into the closed beta…except I had no idea it had started..because they didn’t give me a email..WTF :/

  13. BroGaw says:

    I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there’s a slip inside my Splinter Cell that offered “exclusive access” to the ghost recon beta, did that ever happen? Or maybe I’ve just misread/forgotten/made up something in my mind. I’ll have a look when I get home.