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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Longer Subheading Than Usual

In an ancient ritual that dates all the way back to 2009, here’s my weekend deals roundup, with all the best value PC downloads compiled into a convenient list for your consideration. When you’re done reading this, why not pop over to and have a scan of the other cheap games available now. You didn’t need that money anyway. Here’s your bucket:Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection – £3.74/€4.74/$4.99
These are all individually discounted too, so you can get them à la carte if you prefer. Here’s a slice of John’s Eurogamer Dark Forces 2 retrospective:

And by crikey, it’s good. It’s very, very good. It’s so good that you can only look down at the ground, shake your head in confusion, and slowly pen a letter to LucasArts asking them what the hell they were thinking when they abandoned FPS development and handed the reins over to Raven. With this, Dark Forces, and indeed the enormous Mysteries of the Sith expansion, LucasArts demonstrated a rare and brilliant skill with a genre that’s so often so mediocre.

More here.

Plants vs. Zombies – £1.39/€1.99/$1.99
Popcap’s brilliant undead versus platlife tower defence thing. Here’s John’s “Review“:

It’s mindless to compare it to Defence Grid, or your other favourite TD game – it stands on its own as something unique, daft, and special. Once again PopCap have managed to find that place that spans casual mainstream and specialist hardcore audiences. Like Peggle and Bookworm Adventures, Plants Vs Zombies will be loved by your mum as much as your angry brother. Too easy? Yes, definitely. But it’s damned hard to care. There are zombies on your lawn, and they want to eat your brains!

I’d say the (rude!) joke in the description of the garlic plant in the almanac is worth the asking price, never mind the rest of the game.

Hoard, Lume, Soulcaster, Soulcaster II & Zeno Clash – £2.78/€5.23/$4.38 at time of writing
The latest Indie Royale bundle is quite good, I reckon. There’s the PC debut of previous XBLIG only Soulcaster I & II, bonkers first person punch ’em up Zeno Clash, Walker adored first person pointy clicker Lume, and Hoard, which I’ve not played, but I know a man who has. All for the price of whatever the price is at the moment, and if you pay more than the minimum you get a download of RPS chums/rivals One Life Left’s recent compilation album “Music To Play Games By Too”. This bundle is valentines day themed, but valentines day is bullshit.
Disclaimer: I work for Indie Royale/

Batman: Arkham City – £15
Like with many Origin deals, I can’t be sure of the regional availability of this. All I do know is that it’s a rather good price for Rocksteady’s brilliant bat-sequel. How come there’s no link, you ask? Well this offer is only bat-available via the Origin client. Any customers with the audacity to buy this from the Origin website instead of the client will be charged an extra £9.99. Poor form EA, poor form indeed. Here’s Wot Adam thought of Arkham City, ignore his quibbles about DX11 at the end though, they’ve been bat-fixed now, at least for me.

Deal of the week
15% Off all purchases from GamersGate forever and ever and ever*
Full instructions over at SavyGamer, but the upshot is that if you register for an IGN Prime account (their paid subscription service) you get given a code for 15% off anything you buy at GamersGate. However, since you can register for a free IGN Prime trial, grab the code for 15% off at GamersGate, then end your IGN Prime free trial before they even take a penny of your money, this is a bit of an amazing offer. The 15% off discount doesn’t seem to have any restrictions, it works on preorders, new releases and special offers. It doesn’t even expire after you’ve used it once, all the marketing material suggests that this discount applies for “life”. I’m not sure of the grisly details, but presumably GamersGate are fairly compensated by IGN for this promotion. They’re also dishing out free games, I got King Arthur: The Role Playing Game and Rochard Steam keys when I registered the other day.
*Well, it says it’s for life, so I guess you’ll not be offered posthumous discounts.

Topware Promo at
Koya Rift – £1.25/$1.99
Gotham City Impostors – £9.19. Apply coupon “pcgamer20”. Not sure of other regions prices or availability here.

More cheap gaming can always be found over at

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