Off Road And Off Their Meds: Mad Riders

He sure looks mad!

Techland are a developer famous to different people for different things. Some know them as the people behind the Call Of Juarez series, others for last year’s very decent Dead Island, and others still as the racing game team who gave us Nail’d. (Oddly though, they don’t seem to know this about themselves, with a website that doesn’t mention the latter two games at all.) It’s in their racing guise that they offer Mad Riders (also not mentioned on their site), an Ubisoft published off-road arcade racer that just about gets a mention on their site.

I say “just about”, as the their site”>UK version of that page lists it as an XBLA game with a release date of “COMIN”. It seems more accurate information straight from Ubi reveals it to be coming out on PC, XBLA and PSN in the Spring. Nowhere, from its trailer, the email, press release, nor the website, seems to want to say the word “quadbike”, but the trailer seems to indicate that’s what you’re riding on here.

Anyway, I reckon it looks fun.


  1. Dyst says:

    I really quite liked Nail’d. I mean, it was shit, but I liked it.

    I’ll probably get this because of that.

    • perruci says:

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  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    There must be a market out there for quad bike games with shit nu-metal / rap soundtracks featuring the worst sort of extreme sport caricatures you could dream up.

    • Mctittles says:

      I think there is just a market for quad bike games; People put up with the rest but universally hate it.

      I still enjoyed Dirt 2 even though it had super annoying announcers in it.
      I’ll still watch Sopranos even though the director has cheesy music ideas like playing the song “Gloria” when a girl named “Gloria” walks into the scene.

  3. AmateurScience says:

    I’m surprised they’d still want to be associated with the Call of Juarez series after The Cartel. Just awful ignorant crap.

    Says a lot that there can be a massive objection to ‘6 Days in Faluga’ because it was a depiction of an ongoing conflict (an objection which caused the eventual cancellation of the game) when The Cartel was set in the currently ongoing and horrific drug violence in Mexico.

    Sorry massively off topic, it’s just that any mention of CoJ makes my inner Angry Internet Man start frothing at the mouth.

  4. somini says:

    Oh, how I miss Pure. That is a game that disappeared totally from the commercial circuit, you can’t buy it digitally anywhere and even boxed copies are rare.

    • The First Door says:

      That was great… always saddened it didn’t have split-screen play though.

  5. Dhatz says:

    They are diverging attention, and that’s exactly why I hate these publishing houses type of hell.

  6. brulleks says:

    My guess: they know if Ubisoft are publishing no self-respecting pc gamer is going to buy it whatever it is, so why bother putting it on the website?

  7. ZIGS says:

    So, they took their previous racing game Nail’d, added more bikes/tracks, touched up the graphics a bit and called it a new game? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Nail’d a lot but this is just blatant laziness

  8. Armante says:

    So there are many countless games, with new ideas, new mechanics, new IPs.. and yet publishers keep pushing the same old stuff? How many of these cool/mad/rad/xtreme games are there already? Is there really a market for these?

    Then again they can keep publishing manshooterwar partthenext every year, so maybe there is.. :/