STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! MechWarrior Tactics Sign-Ups

Where do robots go on holiday? Mechsico.
I don’t know exactly what Mechwarrior Tactics is, but it has a countdown on the webpage that ends on Monday. Two things happen at the end of countdowns: either a thing will be revealed, or a ex-cop will snip the wire on a bomb, saving the orphanage. I’m presuming that it’s choice number one, because its from the same people currently making the free-to-play reboot of the original game, MechWarrior Online. You can go to the site and sign-up, ensuring you protect your commander name from the rabble, while I ponder what it could be.

Well, the name “Tactics” is something of a hint towards a more thoughtful, strategic game over MWO’s mechabiffs. There is a precedence: MechCommander was a real-time tactics MechWarrior game released towards the end of the ’90s. It would make sense to support the action game with a smaller, strategic cousin, that’ll reinvest people in the universe while they wait for the main release. I wouldn’t expect a straight port, though. They’re rebuilding the series and the last peek at MWO made it look like this.

EDIT: Whoops! This trailer has nothing to do with MechWarrior Online. It’s footage of a cancelled game. I was taken in, fooled by a group of international Game Writer Confusinators, looking to undermine this site for, ooh, bad reasons. But look at it anyway: it’s pretty.

Via PCG, who state it’s not a Facebook game despite it being developed by social developers Roadhouse Interactive and Acronym Games.


  1. caddyB says:

    Yay It’s Mech Commander!

    oh wait free to play. Mechville?

  2. Tyrmot says:

    MechCommander was (and is) a great game! And it’s free to download now – so you should.

    • Elltot says:

      What legally free?

    • MrMud says:

      Yes, MechCommander 1&2 as well as MechWarrior 3 and 4 are avaliable free (legally) online from what i recall

    • The Least Fun Human Being On Earth says:

      Engine is free, a lot of the assets are missing though.

    • Vorrin says:

      +1 on the ‘Mech Commander’ was really ace train. One of my favourite RTS ever

    • mentor07825 says:

      Link please?

    • Inverselaw says:

      Both Mechcommander Gold and Mechcommander 2 were released for free at one time. Then later the Mechcommander 2 source code was released without the video codec so no FMV on that version.

      To the best of my understanding they are all legaly free, after all the download is hosted on many places including file planet, not exactly a pirates den. Plus when you do searches you get lots of gaming news articles about how its been released for free.

      One problem though is that the installer is 16 bit and thus completely incompatible with windows 7. apparently the game isint compreseed or encrypted though so you can just copy/paste the files and it should run, except for the map editor which is compressed and encrypted.

    • The Least Fun Human Being On Earth says:

      MechCommander 1+2 were available on the website for a few years, but they were never legally released.

      The only thing that was legally release was the source code for MC2, which is now being used for a few mod projects, namely MechCommander Omnitech, which works in Windows7.
      link to

  3. Mavvvy says:

    The world is a better place when timberwolves stomp the digital plains.

  4. Dlarit says:

    Hell i’ll sign up i need some mechwarrior action whatever it is!

  5. Elltot says:

    Probs one of those browser based HTML5 games.

  6. Napalm Sushi says:

    Good to see this franchise making great strides.

  7. LuNatic says:

    That’s not an MWO trailer, that’s the teaser trailer from the cancelled one that got them into legal trouble a couple of years ago.

    On topic, I’d like to see a turn based hex grid mechwarrior tactics game, but on a larger scale than standard hex grid games. SupCom size maps anyone?

  8. Cinnamon says:

    Nice web page with a number counting down they have there. It reminds me of other great web pages with numbers counting down from yesteryear.

  9. jrod says:

    once long ago i played a game with tiny giant mechs on a piece of plywood covered with grasspaper and various repurposed model railroad scenery items… magical times indeed

  10. mckertis says:

    “MechCommander was a real-time tactics MechWarrior game”

    More like a tactical puzzle, i’d say. Akin to Commandos series, only with random loot.

  11. Brosepholis says:

    That trailer manages to make building-sized war robots seem as dull as watching milk curdle, which is quite an achievement.

    Mechwarrior seriously needs to learn a lesson or two from the Japanese.

  12. promenad says:

    I’ve signed up in hope of this being a reimagination of CyberStorm 2: Corporate Wars.

    • Galaxy613 says:

      We can only hope…

    • mckertis says:

      God i hope not. Cyberstorm 2 was such a letdown after the first one. Realtime ? Squares ? Tanks ? What was that all about ? The only good new thing about it was that enemies could recapture territory.

  13. RakeShark says:

    Well nuts, I was hoping for an Anthrax reference given the headline.

  14. frosty216 says:

    The Mechwarrior in that trailer had been my hope that maybe gaming isn’t hurtling towards apocalypse faster than Mayan calenders…. it looked absolutely amazing; And it was crushed under the 20 ton robot foot of yet another F2P. I just hope I can buy premium paint schemes on mechs for the low price of $15.00 each!

    However, I shouldn’t be angry at modern games, particularly as I can’t help but be amused at the recent trend of remaking every single old title in the PC genre as a much more enjoyable streamlined version, taking out all those pesky features (or even as far as changing it in its entirety) that made that classic much too complicated. You know, so that my primate, Monster drinking, ADD ridden self doesn’t throw my XBOX controller against my mommy’s HDTV in confusion and disgust.