Pop A Portal In Minecraft

My mind, it is blown.
We’ll just have to come to terms with rule #89: if it exists, it’s in Minecraft. As proof RPS (RedstonePistonSpawner) readers, here’s a look at the newly updated Portal gun mod that, when combined with the Portal 2 gels mod, manages to drop some Aperture Science all over Blockland, or Blockworld. What the hell is the name of the world that Minecraft creates, anyway? I’m calling it Cubea (pronounced like Cuba) from now on. Amazing video and instructions herein.

Getting this sort of effect isn’t terribly easy: you’ll need a pile of mods in addition to the main ones shown in the video. Alongside the gun and the gel, you’ll also need Modloader and Audiomod (they’re on the same thread), ModloaderMP, Minecraft Forge. With all those in place, you’ll be able to perform with portalling prowess, just like the video shows.


  1. Jsone says:

    The video doesn’t seem to be terribly relevant.

  2. DickSocrates says:

    #90 If it exists, there’s a sloppy, semi-functional, not very fun version of it in Minecraft, and nothing to do with it only mess about for 10 minutes before you question the direction of your life.

  3. Roshin says:

    Nothing to see here. Move along!

  4. RogB says:

    (edit ) nevermind

  5. gulag says:

    Craig, you’ll be happy to know that “Cubea” spawns you in a village, on what might be described as a ‘classic’ Minecraft world. Lots of interesting biomes nearby and plenty of animals.

  6. nullable says:

    It’s actually a bit funny because there actually is a game called Blockland.

  7. Phantoon says:

    The Yogscast kids call it Minecraftia, which seems redundant.

    I vote we call it “this land”.

    The joke being you could say it’s also th’ island.

  8. nootpingu86 says:

    Two funny things combined to make an unfunny one.

  9. Sigvatr says:

    I’m getting kind of bored of the Minecraft news. This isn’t a minecraft blog, but sometimes it seems like one.

    • Jonith says:

      It’s a PC Gaming blog and Minecraft is a PC Game, and thus they talk about it due to that being there job.

      And compared to a lot of websites who seem to give Minecraft some special privilages, RPS only seem to cover it as much as other big games (while also giving a lot of attention to smaller and sometime very weird releases)