Men Of War Assault Squad Gets New GOTY Demo

The team behind Men Of War: Assault Squad have announced that they’ve released a demo for their Game Of The Year edition, and you can get that demo here. They report that “It contains 3 playable missions (USA, Germany, Soviet Union) and 1 introduction mission.” This was one of my favourite games of last year – a multiplayer and skirmish remix of Men Of War that was eminently playable with or without friends. The GOTY edition simply throws in all the DLCs that came out for it, too. If you like tanks and using your mind to send tiny men to their deaths, then you should give this quite a serious whirl.


  1. Ephaelon says:

    Are the SP missions in Assault Squad mostly about controlling small squads, large squads or an even mix of both?

    Out of personal preference, I abhorred the large-squad missions in the past MoW/FoW etc. games and really prefer a SHOWW2 / Silent Heroes type structure with a small squad against the world.

    Still, nice to see a complete bundle out there.

    • Similar says:

      Assault Squad uses control points and reinforcements; if you hold a control point, you get access to various unit types (usually you start out with infantry and then the farther you get into a map and the more control points you capture, the more heavy units, such as tanks, you get access to, from what I’ve seen). So in theory you can choose to focus on small squads. In practice, something more may be needed.
      You’ll need units to hold the points you’ve captured, if nothing else.

      I must admit that it doesn’t really grab me, not like the original MoW did. Assault Squad’s focus is on MP/coop and that does affect the SP.

    • Chris Kramer says:

      The game with its DLC contains various types of missions from limited resources to big defence missions and medium sized assault missions.

  2. Godwhacker says:

    When did this get to be Game of the Year, exactly? Are the devs just saying “Well, this was OUR game of the year, OK?”

    • El_Emmental says:

      GOTY award are given by almost any game reviewers and news websites, even blogs are giving out GOTY awards. GOTY doesn’t mean much, it heavily depends on who is awarding it.

      When a publisher releases a GOTY edition, it’s a re-publishing of a previous game, with all added content/expansion packs/DLCs included in it.

      It is a “Game Of The Year” for the publisher, since the re-publishing cost of that old game, with all the DLCs, for a normal release price, is still likely to generate profit : it means the game sold really well. Thus, “Game Of The Year” awarded by the publisher.

      So when you see a “GOTY Edition”, it’s very likely it’s a “Game + DLCs/expansion packs”, but some bad-mannered publishers will not include the most interesting/expensive expansion packs in it, so double-check the content before buying.

  3. Easy says:

    This. This is the game that got me back into RTS’ing. I love it to bits. The amount of micro-management is nowhere near as bad as you might think (who care’s about picking up helmets? you don’t HAVE to, but sometimes it’s fun an heroic to run for it).
    The way sh**t blows up in game is as prutttty as it gets. Really really shines in MP (skirmish vs AI is fun tough, especially when co-oping with buddies).
    The only downside is that it can be really hard to find a MP game unless you’re a super ranked dude. I can’t tell you how many times I got kicked out of a lobby, and I wasn’t even joining ranked games! So the community around this game is hit and miss (like any I suppose). Best played with RPS friends.

  4. wodin says:

    Wasn’t this a massive fest of the click variety? If so I’m out faster than a man in a burning tank.

    • hunsnotdead says:

      No, this isnt Starcraft, nor Company of Heroes. Actually most of the time you will probably be direct controlling your units(nice tank sim vibe there), getting your infantry in cover, scouting, maneuvering, and not getting your stuff killed. No zerg rushes here.
      Its a very unique experience really, it has an actually working physics system(one time an explosion pushed an APC in a trench full of enemy soldiers.. poor bastards), beacuse of that, a neat cover system(i parked my mobile arty in advance position, poor little enemy at couldnt even scratch the wall i was behind, but then came the ISU152 with an AP shot that demolished the wall and wrecked my Nebelwerfer), no real hard counters(a T34 is no match for a Tiger frontally, but flanking with APCR ammo will turn the tides), a realistic damage model(vehicles and guns have different parts that can be damaged, they can get even decrewed and then rapaired and captured), an inventory system(eg:its pretty standard to loot enemy inf with your own, bandages, AT weapons, and MGs allways come in handy, you can even change the AA MG of the Panzer IV to a captured .50 cal, or a DShK, or even a lowly Bren LMG if so desired, also vehicles need fuel, weapons need different ammo), and the idea of crew(all vehicles/weapons need to be manned, and if the crew dies, they can be captured).

      Demo is worth a try, i would highly recommend it. ^.^

      Assault Squad is the most polished game of the Men of War series, with great multiplayer, only gripe is that it lacks a normal single player mode, it has coop missions, that can be played alone, but not the story driven Commandos-esque missions that previous installments had.

  5. Elltot says:

    Out of curiosity how does this compare to Company of Heroes(still my fave RTS), or are the only similarities them both being WW2 RTS’s?

    • Chris Kramer says:

      They have similarities but a lot of differences too, try out the demo to see for yourself.

    • I3LiP says:

      Its 1000x better. Men of War really is a superb series and the lack of recognition it gets from the community at large is criminal.

  6. subedii says:

    So does this still have an active coop community?

    If so, I might be interested. Played the previous demo, and whilst it was fun, it also felt pretty daunting at times trying to keep tabs on everything at once, when a single tank coming down the side could ruin your whole day.

    • Chris Kramer says:

      Try the German mission in the new demo, that might be what you are looking for.

      As for coop, the game is regularly in the top 100 most played games on Steam, so there should be really no issue to find coop mates.

    • MrWeed says:

      Just pop into the RPS group Steam chat when you feel like playing Skirmish, we often organise games there.