Warp’s Alien Antics Commence March 16th March

Charming-looking action-puzzler Warp, in which you play a cute (if slightly sinister) alien creature which must use peculiar reality-bending abilities to escape from its captors, is already out on the Xbox device, and will appear on Origin and Steam on the 16th of March. There’s a lovely launch trailer to underline this fact, and in it you can watch the protagonist, Zero, disintegrating terrified scientists.


  1. mentor07825 says:

    Seems actually interesting. I also enjoy the exploding bits.

  2. The white guar says:

    Best incarnate-and-explode-enemy move since the oddworld games!

  3. Kynrael says:

    Kinda looks like Alien Swarm graphic wise.

    I’ll probably buy that, it looks like it can be quite some fun.

  4. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    It’s a march joke!!!

    good, i love me some alien swarmy puzzzliness!

  5. Leman says:

    I played the trail last night on the Xboxen and got up this morning with the intention of buying it. Only now I don’t have to because Ill get this instead.

    The massive underground lab that you run about in is like something lifted from a SyFy special.

  6. trjp says:

    I gave this a whirl on the boxofXs and whilst it’s lovely to look at, there are some issues with the way it plays…

    1 – you can ‘warp’ into things and destroy them by ‘waggling’ the controller Left-Stick. There’s a lot of this to do and it got tiresome doing it pretty quickly – I’m not a performing seal, just make it a button press please (perhaps it is on the PC?)

    2 – there are challenge levels where you have to beat the clock getting from A-B or killing enemies or whatever. The game reloads the entire level EVERY TIME and then makes you sit-out a countdown too – really, really annoying (esp when the level often doesn’t NEED to be reloaded). The first one also has a punishing objective for the gold/silver slots which I suspect you’d spend a month looking at a loading screen to achieve :)

    3 – It’s a mixture of action and puzzling with relatively sparse checkpoints and there are bits you’ll need to experiment with which means repeating quite a lot of stuff – not awful but it gets a bit tiresome. It also repeats cutscenes (you can skip them but it involves holding a button for a couple of seconds so it’s still not ideal)

    It really is charming and quite original – the graphics are great in particular – BUT there are some real schoolboy errors in the design and by the time the demo was over they’d really put me off continuing…

    Horses for courses…

  7. Fuscus says:

    I’ve already sunk several hours into the game on 360 and the thing that’s most surprising is that it feels quite a bit like Shadow Complex. I don’t know quite what it is, but maybe it’s because there’s a little metroidvania vibe going on with backtracking to collect grubs and the puzzle-solving in a secret facility. I haven’t touched the challenges yet though because they’re pretty frustrating; a single misstep results in the whole map being reloaded. If you really only want to finish them for the extra grubs, waiting another few seconds while it reloads as punishment for failure is a pretty serious discouragement.

    Anyhow, the game works pretty well, is darkly adorable, and I don’t regret buying it.

  8. anna.nolla says:

    I’ve played this on 360 and strongly suggest you play it, but wait for PC version.
    The loading times on 360, which happen every time you die (countless times), gets really annoying. I guess that’s not needed for PC. If it also happen on PC, some programmer’s finger needs to be cut.

    The only bad points gameplay-wise is that a few times you get stuck in a puzzle or something and it gets really frustrating as there is no way to skip it.