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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Carried Away

Apologies in advance, because Lewie’s left the B Team, Will Templeton and Tony Heugh, in charge of the Bargain Bucket once more. We decided we’d do something different this week and find bargains on actual buckets, until we discovered that there’s currently no digital distribution network for them. So until someone develops that, we’re stuck with regular old videogames:
NeverWinter Nights Complete – £6.78/$10.73/€8.17
I’m someone whose DnD group is currently spread over four continents. I’m back here in Blighty, while our rogue’s in Brazil, the ranger’s in New Zealand, and our DM’s in Nigeria. We haven’t got the band back together in some time, and my elderly Dragonborn ice mage is starting to feel the thaw in her claws. Her frozen bones haven’t been exercised in more than a moon’s rise, and the mutterings, those dark thoughts that are both her own and from elsewhere, gnaw at the crinkled edges of her self.

Needless to say, I’m in need of a good roleplay break to wrangle some of these stories down, and Neverwinter seems like a perfect place to do it. GamersGate are currently offering 66% off every Neverwinter Nights bundle they offer – this one has both games and all expansions, but there’s also deals on bundles for just the first or the second.

Even as we approach the ten-year anniversary of the release of the first game, the community of people dedicated to building custom content is still strong, mirroring the DnD tradition of creating and running your own adventures. And every copy of NWN comes with content creation tools to build your own adventures if you choose.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – £7.99/$12.65/€9.62 (registers on Steam)
Black and gold cyber-renaissance in a troubled future, centred around a broken man who lost everything and must fight to unravel the conspira… listen, I just really enjoy playing hide and seek. Admittedly, I’m a sore loser – a sore loser who has swords in his elbows and throws vending machines off buildings – but if you’re going to approach a man who wears sunglasses at night, you have to plan for the possibility of an elaborately violent demise. Famous comic book writer Kieron Gillen quite liked this one:

Frankly, I can’t believe the Eidos Montreal team pulled it off. It’s a game which focuses as carefully on what’s important to its design as Arkham Asylum did, and manages to make the most maximalist of games actually tight. It looked at Deus Ex under a microscope and worked out a way to square the circle by doing something that was simultaneously enormously faithful and necessarily modern. I’m not sure anything compares to it. Game of the year!

Horrible boss fights aside, you can play and replay this game pretty much however you decide, especially if you enjoy cyber-hiding, techno-violence and, er. Robo-tranquilising?

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – £5 in the Origin client Due to Origin’s tendency to region-lock their deals, this may not be available everywhere, but if you’re able, I cant recommend Paradise enough. A racer that never leaves you short of anything to do, serious enough to give you supreme control and a competitive spirit while keeping its tongue so firmly in its cheek it’s likely to bite it off when slamming into a wall it didn’t see coming. Burnout Paradise is the game I’ve sunk more time in than any other, and the one I go back to when I’m looking for something that’ll guarantee a fun time. Get this game. But from the client, not the site, or you’ll be charged extra.

Age of Wonders series – £8.20/$12.97/€9.87
I like a good turn-based strategy game, doubly so in the fantasy flavour, so I’m not sure how these passed me by. Thanks to GoG, I’ve remedied that situation and can confirm after a few hours’ play that they are good and old and games, but also that they still look pretty and seem rather deep.

When Kieron interviewed him, design director Lennart Sas recommended new players try Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, “as the gameplay systems, multiplayer options, balance, and AI had all reached their peak.”

He also said that, given the opportunity, he would have liked to make another with a focus on online play, so maybe if we all buy the bundle, we can tinkerbell that dream into existence and be a lot less productive at work.

Alan Wake – £22.99/$29.99/€27.99
I spent hours in a confused scramble, making my way through fug in low light, desperately searching for coffee flasks and scraps of paper while trying to write something – anything – meaningful. No different to any other time when Lewie needs a sub for the Bucket, to be honest, but the thing here is that I did this in the game, too. There is a weird charm to its specific brand of nonsense, even embedded deep within some repetitive mechanics – I would say it’s worth a furtive look, even if it wasn’t worth the wait. Alec thought something similar:

“It is on to something, it really is. It also doesn’t seem to entirely grasp just what that something is, and instead repeatedly drops its clearly lovingly-made ball before it can stride into the sinister greatness it shoots for.”

As good as Steam sales can be, new releases are rarely cheaper when incorporeal than on slices of plastic, so this is a pleasant surprise. Not only does it come with 74% more pretty than the previous tellybox releases, it also comes with the benefit of the extra chapters that our console chums had to pay pretend money-points for. Additionally, if you purchase before February 23rd you get the collector’s edition with video commentaries, the soundtrack and a collectable PDF. And if you want the authentic couch experience you can always plug a controller in and scooch your chair back, I suppose.

Also of note:
Saints Row The Third is £11.99 with the code ‘pcgamer20’. This discount makes a return from its appearance last month and is no less of a deal for it. Registers on Steam.

Double Fine’s Kickstarter is still running, and depending on when you’re reading this will be just about to hit, or will just have hit, two million dollars (which is a lot). Anyone who pledges at least $15 (which isn’t a lot) will get a DRM-free copy of the game that’ll run on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

GoG are having a sale thoughout February that’ll give 10% off any two
games when bought together. Note that this doesn’t stack with other deals, so if you try to use it with the Age of Wonders one posted above the result might not be what you want.

Modern Warfare 3 is currently having a free weekend on Steam, and is £26.79 for the duration.

The Be Mine bundle is back up after the sheer force of the web taking the site down. It’s pay-what-you-want and it’s got The Ball, Beep, Wasteland Angel, Sideway: New York and Xotic, as well as a bunch of DLC and extras – including another game.

Don’t forget – maintains a constantly-updating list of game deals, and should be your first port of call for any news about our virtual bucket distribution system.

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