A Snippet Of Snapshot

Paparazzi will love Snapshot
In my life I’ve shot about 100 bullets and taken about 12 billion photographs, so why are the stats in games skewed towards bangthings? I’ll tell you why: Gov’t funded Big Ammo have been lobbying to have guns replace photographs in all games. Doom was originally about photographing demon families for their Christmas cards, until the developers were visited in the dead of night. Then it mysteriously became about killing things with bullets. Check the game code. It’s all in the code, people! Well brave soldiers Retro Affect are fighting the good fight with Snapshot, their bullet-free platform game where you use photos of the environment to solve puzzles. Five minutes of Zapruder-beating footage is right here. You can’t stop the signal!

Pixabyte’s Indie Interview covers a lot of aspects of the game, but reading between the lines I can tell it’s a call to non-arms. Everybody: grab a camera and reclaim the streets!

The release date remains “To Be Announced”, but you can be damn sure we’ll be sending a press entourage to obnoxiously fire cameras off in the developers’ faces at the first hint of one.


  1. whexican says:

    I’ve covered wars, you know.

  2. Squire says:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com
    Came up the concept in a dream eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

    Jokes aside this looks confusing as all hell. Is momentum preserved?

    • oldkc says:

      yes it is, hence turning the pic of the falling box: sends it flying screen left rather than down…. now you’re thinking with portals….

    • jamesgecko says:

      Well, I’ve been waiting forever for this to come out, so I guess three years might have passed since November. Things go all wibbly wobbly after a while, so it gets hard to tell.

      Now, if only Cly5m and darthlupi would release Velella… It’s been seven or eight long years there. :-(

    • Matt says:

      I saw this at the IGF booth at GDC 2009 so yeah, it’s been a long time coming.

  3. Berzee says:

    Oh look. Spikes.

  4. MondSemmel says:

    Dear Mr. Craig Pearson, Sir,

    I have noticed the conspicuous absense of any mention of the game Beyond Good & Evil in your post about photography. I believe this to be a critical but unintentional oversight and hope it will be swiftly corrected.

    Society of Concerned Beyond Good & Evil … Fan-ish … People

    I wish I was a native English speaker =|.

  5. StickyNavels says:

    That looks like a lovely thing. Clever, but not too clever – and quite pretty to boot!

  6. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    I shot one bullet and 20 photographs in my life. I made every one of them count.