The More Or Less Complete IGF Factor 2012

Aren't you glad to see this picture again?

They said it would never end. And then, on Saturday, it did. We’ve been posting our series of chats with the many splendid finalists in this year’s Independent Games Festival over the last couple of months, and, with the exception of English Country Tune (dev was worried about sounding boring), Mirage (dev didn’t reply) and Fez (dev wouldn’t confirm the possibility of a PC version) we managed to get mini-interviews with all the PC/Mac indie developers in the running for a gong.

In case you missed a few, didn’t understand what the hell it was all about or just like looking at neatly-ordered lists, here’s the complete series for your relaxed perusal. It’s a fascinating and diverse bunch of games in the finals this year, and if nothing else, it’s a rare chance to see what 18 different developers would say to the monsters in Doom if only they could talk to them.

Here are all the interviews, arranged in the categories the respective games are nominated for. That means games with multiple nominations appear multiple times below. So don’t moan about it, because boring.

Seamus McNally Grand Prize

Dear Esther
Frozen Synapse
Johann Sebastian Joust

Excellence In Visual Art

Dear Esther

Technical Excellence

Prom Week
Realm of the Mad God

Excellence In Design

Atom Zombie Smasher
Frozen Synapse
English Country Tune

Excellence in Audio

To The Moon
Dear Esther
Pugs Luv Beats (iOS)
Waking Mars (iOS)

Nuovo Award

At A Distance
Dear Esther
Johann Sebastian Joust
Fingle (iOS)

Huge thanks for your time to all the various devs who kindly agreed to do this, and best of luck to absolutely everyone in the finals. YOU ARE ALL WINNERS. But we’ll find out the official winners during GDC early next month.

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  1. Lambchops says:

    Definitely was an enjoyable series.

    Oh and you should totally pester Lavelle for a chat, I can’t really see how he’ll end up sounding boring!

    And finally just for kicks I ask fellow RPS comment folks. “what would you say if you could talk to the monsters in Doom?”

  2. Ericston says:

    “Please write me a sonnet on the subject of the Forth Bridge.”