Get Some Spec Ops: The Line in June

Makes a change from staring at a soldier's crotch
Ooh, I’ve come overall military. Let me try that again: “I don’t know what I’ve been told, Spec Ops: The Line is out June 29th”. Ah, military cadence is a wonderful medium for delivering game news. The Dubai set Gears of War-ish shooter that Adam liked but I have concerns about is taking advantage of the sweltering heat of summer and potential beach holidays. Imagine, an entire marketing campaign claiming to have brought about sand and sun. There’s also a multiplayer video that shows off the perks of pre-ordering, below.

This is notable because they’ve refused to even talk about the group fights, and here they are sneaking it out without as much as a military flyover or a 21 gun salute. From what I can discern, the game has ranked classes and level-based unlocks. That’s more than you knew before reading this sentence.

This is usually where I’d put the release date, but I’ve already sang it it to you. Instead I’ll limerick my way out of here: There once was a game from Dubai, coming out just before July, I wrote up a post, got scared by a ghost, and now I’m away for a cry.


  1. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

    multiplayer pre-order bonuses that gives the players who buys the game after it got released a major disadvantage ? yeah sure, players would love that, its the norm these days.

    what has this world come to?

    • rocketman71 says:

      Well, it looks like it will just give some items earlier for those that preorder. It’s better than the usual P2W, and it will be fair on release day. And those that buy after will get those things, it’ll just take them more time.

      I hate most multiplayer preorder bonuses for the effect they have on the games (see BC2), but this one is not one of the worst.

    • Wreckdum says:

      Except bonus XP… Preorder gets bonus XP. Unnecessary.

  2. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Super pre-orders get given a special feature. When they lose a game, they hit F5 to dispatch a highly trained mercenary unit to punch the player that got the highest number of kills against them.

  3. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I don’t know BUT I’ve been told

  4. TheGroovyMule says:

    Judging by the picture tag, I’d wager the author is an ass-man