Character Assassination: Hitman Absolution’s Cast

No barcodes, no baldness, no bullets. Wrong game?

Hitman doesn’t just have subtitles, it also has people, and not just the sort that are like pinatas stuffed with money waiting to be popped open by an enterprising exterminator. The first in the “International Contract Agency Files” series gives the background detail on Diana Burnwood, the hairless one’s handler. The word is that Absolution is a more personal story, so maybe the Olyphant man will be finding out who his friends really are, or somesuch. I bet he doesn’t have any friends, because he’s a surly murderer who shows up at the pub in a tie and makes everyone feel comparitively underdressed. Way to go, Hitman.

Delightful artwork by Ben Oliver, whose work I’ve admired in a few comics over the years.

Now you must also watch an interview with Marsha Thomason who does the motion capture work for Diana. She reckons games are filled with artistry and at one point says “money, money, money” in a high-pitched voice.


  1. kurtcocaine says:

    Money,money,money is at 1:54 for those who watched the second video only only for that

  2. TooNu says:

    She meant M not Q.

  3. Marinetastic says:

    Diana’s a northern lass :D
    If David Bateson isn’t back as 47, can we have Mark Strong in his place, please?

    • jezcentral says:

      I like to think I was the one who started “Mark Strong for Hitman” as I’ve been saying it for years, when there was a danger that Vin Deisel would play him in the movie. He would be perfect! (I do appreciate that him playing several hitman roles since may also have something to do with it).

      I see IOI are going with the Diana-betrayed-Hitman-to-save-him Theory, which is a little charitable, in my opinion. I would have thought that 47 would have been on the warpath after the events in Blood Money, aiming to kill her without having to wait to be ordered to. I see he’s even working for ICA again. Strange, but Hitman was never about the over-arching plot making sense.

    • Binary77 says:

      Lads, Mark Strong as Agent 47 is a great shout. It hadn’t occured to me before, but he’d be a great choice. I just wish they’d have picked him for the movie – oh & chosen a completely different director & script too.

    • godgoo says:

      I got confused and thought Mark Strong was Mark Heap… Now THAT would be a different take on Agent 47!

  4. Terragot says:

    If they insist on the ‘mature, dark, this is serious business’ continuous storyline, I hope they at least learn towards the heavily theme-based production of storytelling from their past games. It would kind of ruin the whole concept of what makes a Hitman game, if every time we played a mission, the story played out the same…

    For example, A New Life and Curtains down are prime examples from the series of how reactive game storytelling can be.

    Also, if they’re worried about motivation for the player, I always found labelling my objective as a child molester, or people trafficker usually did the job to give me the drive of ending their lives.

  5. Williz says:

    What’s wrong with that womans face in the First screenshot?

  6. Lambchops says:

    Rejected names for the character included:

    Linda Meltice
    Sheila Cookfood
    Shona Choptree
    Amanda Punchface
    Selina Overkilljoke

  7. Hakkesshu says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t keep the old voice actors. It’s funny, because Diana’s voice actress also does the pre-recorded “female computer train voice” here in Denmark. So you’ll be waiting for your stop and siddenly hear “please remember to bring your luggage… 47”

    Well, that last part is what I hear in my head every time.

  8. ThatGuy says:


    I still don’t like the idea that 47 kills Diana, I mean it doesn’t really make sense.

    Annoying really. Here’s a link to the trailer I’m referencing.If you don’t know what I’m on about just check the description.

    Maybe I’m late to the party and it’s already been discussed but either way, not happy.

  9. Aardvarkk says:

    I absolutely love these ‘behind the scenes’ ‘how are they made’ type videos for games.

  10. vodka and cookies says:

    I hope they so some sort of story recap in the game over the events of the previous titles as it’s been so long that I can barely recall what happened in them other than Agent 47 killed his creators in the first one and that’s about it, the rest of the games are all a blur.

  11. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    That picture at the top of the article looks just like Miranda from ME2 to my eyes.