Fly My Pretties: AION Goes F2P On 28th Feb

I think that would make walking impractical.

The last time I mentioned that NC Soft’s sort-of-flying MMO, AION, was going free-to-play I used the phrase, “there’s no such thing a free launch”. However, the accolades, the knighthood, the journalism awards and the general celebrity that came from such an extraordinary joke never materialised. This gross oversight should be sorted out quickly. And here’s your chance, because there’s a date for the change now, and more details of what happens if you were a subscriber. Because come the 28th February, Europeans won’t need one to get in.

The Euro switchover will take place in English, German and French at the same time on Tuesday, following on from what Gameforge AG say was a successful beta.

Those with remaining time on their subscription will receive currency vouchers at the value of six AION Coins per day left on the account. That’s the in-game currency everyone else will be wanting if they want to pay for the various premium content inside. The entire game will be open and free, but there will be restrictions on trading and chatting for non-payers, as well as longer cool-downs on instances, and lower payouts for quests, and various other limitations mentioned below.

Those who previously subscribed – and that means at any time, not just current subs – get “Veteran Status”, which bumps up the number of character slots from 2 to 8, unlimited chat, unlimited trade, private shopping, mail, gathering, Essecetapping, Extraction… That’s almost the same as the “Gold Status”, which still costs €10/m, except paying players will see massively shorter cooldowns on the majority of instances (non-payers and Vets will be waiting 118 hours on some, while subscribers have only 14 to wile away), along with 20% more AP and medals, more Courage Insignias, and various other boosts. You can see the full list here.



  1. Kdansky says:


    Nope. I still value my time way too much to play games that are not inherently fun after you’ve gotten past their compulsion drugs.

    • trjp says:

      You might think you’ve beaten your evident weakness over MMOs but you’ve yet to beat your inability to tell people every few minutes and so…

      Ask yourself – why post that you’re not going to play a game because you have impulse control issues – although in fairness your impulse control issues are why you posted I guess and so

      *disappears into a vortex*

    • Eagle0600 says:

      Because a question was asked, and then answered. I see nothing wrong with this. P.S. Not tempted.

  2. InternetBatman says:

    What they’re doing with chat makes sense, not allowing global or whispers off your friendslist will keep spam down.

    The rest of it sounds like paying for power / extra grind time, which is a problem.

    • trjp says:

      I think the odds are that Rift will persist as a subs game because it’s selling itself on high polish and high community interaction (which you can’t do when your community is rafter-packed with freeloading fucknuts).

    • jon_hill987 says:

      @trjp: I think you will find there are plenty of “fucknuts” in any multiplayer game, free or not.

  3. Chalky says:

    I think the potential of the GW2 beta has drained all possible temptation from me. Sorry Aion!

  4. RaytraceRat says:

    I must say, as soon as MMO goes F2P I lose any interest of it. I prefer to pay monthly fee and have the same experience as everyone else.

    • trjp says:

      Except that the ‘experience’ is the same in every F2P game I’ve played (not all of em but LOTS of em) – at least for players who aren’t taking the whole thing to the hardcoreMAXMAXMAXM :)

      If you mean “I must have everything every other player has because the idea that he has a nicer hat, faster horse or can get into an instance 2 hours before me will cause a ragestorm and my mummy will cry” then I get your message tho :)

    • RaytraceRat says:

      no, its more those small but annoying things, like trade/chat/bank nerfs. I know it helps with gold sellers and spammers, but still, not being able to talk to people until I pay feels bit weird :)

  5. Luggage says:

    The marketing of Aion was based on lies and deception from beta all the way into months after release. They always showed cinematic trailers with epic encounters, when the game itself was nothing but an excessive grind- and gankfest. Flying was more of a very limited gliding mechanic in most areas and nothing more than a countdown timer for people wanting to gank you in the PVP zones.
    The game launched without soul or polish and it’s highly questionable anything has changed when they are forced to switch to F2P.

    The only NCSoft developed or published game I’ll ever give a chance again will be GW2.

    • trjp says:

      All MMOS (and quite a lot of other games) are sold on lies and deception.

      MMOs have an excuse tho – they know how they want the community to approach the game but they usually fail to realise that the community will do everything in it’s power to do anything BUT what they thought it should/would/could.

      I used to hang on a forum with some really hardcore MMO types who had a plan for every MMO which came along (and I mean in detail, they knew how to level fast and get to the key PVE and PVP stuff quickly and dominate it). They headed into Aion and they stayed there forever – they loved it because it’s exactly what they’d expected and they dominated it the way they intended to.

      I guess that says more about the intentions of the developers than the players really – but it suggests the info is there if you just take the rose-tinted specs off…

  6. CaspianRoach says:

    Aion looks great and sounds nice, but underneath the good stuff it is a horrid korean grinding MMORPG which is dreadfully boring and daunting to play.

    • neolith says:

      This is pretty much what I was going to post. So I’ll just add that F2P always smells like pay-to-win and that I don’t consider that a good thing…

    • trjp says:

      F2P is usually dismissed at P2W by people who’ve not played it – and it’s a another excuse in the “I would have won but he had better sworda/loadout/cloak/gem/keyboard/latency/screen/socks/eyelashes than I did” pantheon :)

      What scares me is the number of games which make MORE money in F2P mode – which suggests they either had next-to-no subs OR there are a massive army of dub fuckers who buy lots of hats.

      If the latter is true (and I suspect it is) then I for one welcome them as a FANTASTIC way of financing my gaming hobby for me :)

    • Zyrusticae says:

      Yeah, the P2W thing is largely a myth perpetuated by the first F2P games which WERE P2W (but are no longer running or relevant). Totalbiscuit espouses on it here @ 8:05: link to

      And yeah, the majority of the income from the F2P games comes from guys with a LOT more money than sense. In other words, the wealthy and/or rich folks are subsidizing the game for everyone else – fine by me!

    • Swanny says:

      @CaspianRoach: Absolutely hit the nail on the head. Don’t even get me started on the crafting system- hours and hours of anvil-striking.

  7. aerozol says:

    Fly My Pretties is a pretty good New Zealand collab. musicians group. They record live albums every two years or so: link to
    Skip to 1min in. Enjoy!

    Re. Aion, I’m not so tempted. I’m sure this has been brought up on RPS before, but the ‘unexpected success’ of FTP is really going to have to diminish when all the big guns start competing in the same pond… Oh well, hope too many people don’t get burned.

  8. whexican says:

    I ave this horrible feeling that the F2P accounts means my wings will look they were made of cardboard, saran wrap, and broken dreams.

  9. sharkh20 says:

    This was probably the most boring game I have ever played. It takes forever to kill each enemy and for the first 30 levels or so, If you tried to take on more than one enemy at a time, you would die. The quests didn’t give near enough xp so it was pretty much a grind right from the start. With a f2p model, I would think that grind has become even worse.

    • trjp says:

      It is the pinnacle of ‘stand still and kick shins’ combat for sure – tho some of the Korean MMOs make it look easy and quick, to be fair.

      It’s still a gameplay model I’d like to see the arse of tho – even WoW introduced some degree of multi-enemy combat for most classes eventually…

  10. DigitalSignalX says:

    Calling AION a grind is an insult to true grinding games. My God you kids are pussies (and get off my lawn!). In AION you can reach level cap in a month. HAH! In Lineage II, (back during Chronicle 1-3 era) you were *LUCKY* to get 2-3 levels in a month, and when you leveled -everyone- on the server would PM you with congrats, even your enemies.

    Anyway, in other related news, it looks like the North American 3.0 update will also be a F2P conversion launch.

  11. jimjam says:

    GW2 trumps this