Hexy Beast: Fray Gets A Handsome Alpha Demo

UPDATE: My mistake, this is just the alpha labelled as a demo. Oh well, they SHOULD release a demo.

Original lies: We recently mentioned that Fray, the fancy-lookin’ sci-fi combat strategy project, had hit a paid alpha sort of a stage. You can also get a taste without coughing up the greenbacks, thanks to an “alpha demo”. So that’s a portion of the unfinished game, which you can get here. The demo contains two maps, two corporations, and six of the game’s classes, and a whole lot of hex-based strategic brain-challenge.


  1. Swabbleflange says:

    Cheers, m’dear.

  2. Antsy says:

    Ooh I’d nearly forgotten about this. To my desktop!

  3. goliath1333 says:

    Looks like you have to pre-order to play the alpha build. If I’m wrong on this can someone point me towards how to get into the demo?

    • lordcooper says:

      There’s a link right there in the post dude.

    • goliath1333 says:

      Yes, you download it. Install it. And it asks for a login. Creating one on the Fray page isn’t enough, still says wrong credentials. It says in the description at Gamer Hell that you need to pre-order to get access to weekly Alpha builds.

    • lordcooper says:

      And now I am sadface :(

  4. Anthile says:

    You had me at hex.

  5. Yemala says:

    I watched the early development of this, but, alas, it is currently multiplayer only. A silly complaint in this day and age, but bleh.

  6. BrainCandy_Yshaana says:

    Gameshell pulled our Alpha off our site and assumed it was a Demo. :'(
    There will however be a demo at release, just have to wait a bit !

    • diamondmx says:

      You’ll get more preorders if you put out something freely playable, I’m pretty much sure.
      I, for example, am curious – but not $20 curious. For that I would have to be at least fascinated.

      For reference, the scale is
      Apathetic > Curious > Interested > Intrigued> Fascinated > I’m throwing money at my screen why is it not loading

    • BrainCandy_Yshaana says:

      I completely understand your point, but this is an Alpha, as in the game isn’t feature complete and we are still actively working on the game. Our goal with the pre-order Alpha is to correct and add features, get feedback from people who understand what we are creating, have preordered and help us get to the point where the game is feature and content complete.

      Then we will release the game officially (as in, not an Alpha or Beta), there will be a demo, but the opportunity to influence the design, and get two copies for 19.99$ will be over.

  7. bilharzia says:

    Warning: There is an issue with X86 Windows. Players with Windows XP32bit / Windows Vista 32bit /Windows 7 32Bit won’t be able to play. Working to resolve this issue ASAP.

    That might cut their audience down a little.

  8. wodin says:

    Mulitplayer only..oh damn.

    Cancels download.

  9. tentaclesex says:

    Simultaneous turns are the best turns.