Saints Row The Third’s “Gangstas In Space”

The RPS office, yesterday.
Gosh, did we really miss this? New missions and stuff for the superbly horrible Saints Row The Third were freaking the site from orbit on the 21st. The new Gangstas In Space DLC apparently features “a big budget Hollywood blockbuster in which you must battle sexy alien invaders using new sci-fi weaponry”. Sexy alien invanders, eh? Hm. You can see that stuff happening in a new trailer, below, and the thing itself is on the Steams.

Frankly I applaud SR’s general use of the colour purple. The only game that looks like it is taking purple seriously in 2012 is Planetside, and even then it’s kind of basing it on previous purple designs. I’d like to see a new IP taking purple seriously.


  1. feffrey says:

    This one is even shorter than the first one.
    It is a lot of fun, and most of it is all new content, but I finished it in an hour.

    • Caleb367 says:

      This. I got this as part of the Season Pass – it’s way better than the Genkibowl DLC, good writing, great dialogue, and a merciless mockery of high-budget SF movies, but it’s really quite short and not *that* varied. Gives me better hopes for the next one, however.

    • Buemba says:

      Took me nearly 2 hours to finish, I think, but that’s mostly because I explored every nook and cranny of the movie sets to see if it would trigger any dialogue and replayed the final leg of the first mission a few times to kill all the spaceships.

      Of course my perspective is somewhat skewered since I got the season pass for free, but I think that was a good length for the DLC (I thought Genkibowl dragged on for way too long).

  2. Dominic White says:

    My comment on the previous DLC applies here – it’s probably not worth the full price they’re asking for it new, but if you get it as part of the free preorder perk bundle, then it’s a great bit of encouragement to dust the game off again and spend a few more hours in Steelport.

    Also, Gentlemen Of Steelport has updated to support this new addon. It’s a really essential mod, as it adds mission replay functionality among a few other nice perks, like being able to repaint and bling out helicopters.

    link to

    Good stuff. Co-op compatible, too, although both players need the mod, naturally.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Thanks for letting us know about Gentlemen of Steelport. My girl and I love the coop in this game. (Which, believe it or not, was HER idea to purchase, not mine – odd, ain’t it?) Nice to have a mod like that in the game.

  3. Jhoosier says:

    I had so much fun with this game. I’ll have to go back to it, once Skyrim’s finished. Not quite the same stupid fun as Just Cause 2, but close.

  4. Xan says:

    This DLC shows that the devs put barely any thought into the game engine and forgot to add a mission replay features that was in SR2

    Since once you complete it the game neatly tells you to load a previous save if you want to play the DLC again.

    And yes it’s short and not worth it unless you got it with the season pass or wait for a 50% off sale.

    • Nashk says:

      The whole game feels unfinished to me, and honestly while I can’t call it “unfun” it just doesn’t hold the same charm or fun SR2 had for me.

      I can’t quite describe it in words, but SR3 in its entirety just didn’t mesh together properly. Like the devs focused far too much on the “silly” and ended up flanderizing instead of refining and enhancing. Customization is cut down everywhere, fan favorite characters are killed off (which seems to be caused by rewriting a scrip multiple times during the game and not having enough time to finish), severely cut back missions, no replay, chopped up plot (probably caused by the rewriting mentioned above)…

      The game does plenty right, but it just isn’t up to par. If the devs had kept their act together, I think this could have been a masterpiece of a game.

      As I said, its a fun game, but it just feels short and without substance, which the DLC seem to reflect.

    • Scanty says:

      Oh, they didn’t forgot to add a replay feature. They couldn’t get it to work properly. The thing is, the city changes every few missions and they tried to account for that, but they got a lot of bugs because of bridges being pulled up and the city AI not really working the way it should then.
      You can all hear that in the Interview Tom Chick recorded on Qt3 with the lead designer Scott Phillips:

      (He also mentions the replay mod too. All those wonky bugs they encounter are the same they had to fight.)

  5. alphager says:

    I seriously regret purchasing the season pass. “Ganstas in Space” is just the same mission (run around and kill ~100 purple women) times three. Totally not worth the price.

    • CKScientist says:

      All games are about killing purple women over and over, when you get right down to it.

      Sometimes the purple women wear orc/arab/zombie suits, though.

    • caddyB says:

      What is this purple women you speak of and where can I get one?

  6. Moonracer says:

    sad to hear that this is so short as this was the one DLC I was excited for. But it still looks like fun so I’ll probably pick it up at some point.

  7. Valhuen says:

    Now this is how you produce DLC, something that has little to do with the core game, doesn’t feel “ripped from” the main story, but adds a completely new “setting”. Not commenting on the quality of the DLC (don’t own SRTR), just the idea behind it.

  8. FriendlyFire says:

    Am I alone who’s fine with just watching the trailer(s) for each new piece of DLC that comes along for Saints Row? Seems like you get most of the jokes and none of the filler.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much by not buying any of the DLC.