Got Space For Another F2P MMO? Here’s Nexus Conflict

If a game doesn’t have a connection to my favourite dark matter infused vacuum, I’ll usually take the time to write a letter to the publishers, developers, neighbours, suggesting a rethink. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get my door kicked in by a SWAT team and taken to a ‘facility’ for a rest and a cup of tea. Take Gamigo’s Nexus Conflict: It was originally a fighting game about two phones, a classic in the making you might think? But upon hearing about the burgeoning international movement known as SPACE!, they reworked the game according to my themes: it’s now a strategic MMO in the Black Prophecy universe. You know, in SPACE! Beta details and trailer are below.

Nexus focuses on capital ship-to-ship battles, behemoths up to 1.5km in size that you need to manage and configure. That’s why SPACE! is ace: 1.5km ships in water* would just sink, but in space I could balance one on my finger. The free-to-play browser/Unity game’s closed beta starts next month, and promises PvP, PvE and PvE co-op missions, crafting, and factions. And the video below claims to show actual game footage. It looks rather pretty. Up for it?

You can sign up for the beta now, with the first battles being fought in early March.

*My science teacher was Dr. Dre, before he dropped it and took up English.


  1. Antsy says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this has nothing at all to do with the splendid Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

    • Jekhar says:

      It seems so. Which is sad, because when i saw the article i thought Nexus finally got a sequel.

    • Moni says:

      Didn’t they try a Kickstarter project to get the sequel going, did they reach their goal? I can’t seem to Google it.

    • Arcanon says:

      link to

      This is the sample of the Nexus 2 project, but I don’t think it got alot of attention :(

    • 0positivo says:

      Nexus:Jupiter incident was a bloody good game. I got all excited too reading the title of this article, then found out it had nothing to do with it…

    • Hanban says:

      Oh Nexus was a really terrific game. Sad to see the kickstarter wasn’t as fruitful for it as it was for the Schafer project.

    • Zanchito says:

      Yeah, I got all excited thinking this would be a Nexus: Jupiter Incident sequel. Man, that game really made you feel like a fleet commander IN SPACE!

    • Jimbo says:

      Another +1 for Jupiter Incident. Great game.

    • Gnoupi says:

      They had a kickstarter equivalent on this site: link to
      From what I remember, it was the main project there, and they were far from their goal when the funding period ended.

      RPS article about it: link to

    • Gnoupi says:

      They had a kickstarter equivalent on GamesPlant.
      From what I remember, it was the main project there, and they were far from their goal when the funding period ended.

      RPS article about it: link to

  2. mentor07825 says:

    Black Prophecy is actually enjoyable, as long as you play with a group of friends. I’ll give this a swing then. I wonder how you manage these ships and how PvP works out.

  3. CMaster says:

    Not just in the Black Prophecy universe:
    Reusing all the Black Prophecy Assets – textures, models, sounds, music, even storyline. And all this as the Black Prophecy developers are forced to declare insolvency.

    • CMaster says:

      I should perhaps point out that as Gamigo both own and handle all the running of Black Prophecy, it won’t effect BP

      That said, as all Reakktor have been doing latley is working on more content for BP, one has to wonder about the nature and fairness of the contracts between KK and Gamigo.

      Reakktor are apparently considering a Kickstarter for a Neocron revamp/sequel. Can’t say I’d seem them raising enough money, but it might be a cause worth supporting,

    • fooga44 says:

      The devs of black prophecy deserve to go bankrupt. Black prophecy is just another wow clone in space. It has great graphics but the gameplay sucks. Freespace 2 is miles ahead of any space mmo. MMO’s naturally turn games into shit because they have to dumb down game mechanics in their attempt to get the bottom feeders of mmo land.

      MMO’s by their nature attract non-gamers who don’t like action oriented gameplay.

  4. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

    the whole mile size capship battles sums it up for me

  5. President Weasel says:

    Pykrete ships could be 1.5km long and float happily in water, although they’d be impractical for Caribbean cruises.
    link to

    • Kent says:

      Also, you cannot balance an entire ship on your finger, even in space because the ship would suck you up into it and you would break your finger in the process.

    • erikpurne says:

      @ Kent:

      Dude, if you’re talking about being ‘sucked up’ by the ship’s gravity well, you’re not even close. You could very easily overcome it with one finger. If not gravity, then why?

  6. etho says:

    I will probably give this a shot, and I will probably roleplay as the Psychopath Class Rapid Offensive Unit “No, I Won’t Respect You In The Morning.”

  7. speedwaystar says:

    i like the way these 1.5km long capital ships have tremendously powerful beam weapons *of the future* which appear to have an effective range of about 7 feet.

    • fooga44 says:

      lol most videogames take huge liberties in order to make the game fun. The moment you made a realistic space sim with cruisers that could fire from miles away is that is the moment the fun would be sucked out. Real combat is over quickly and it usually involves huge imbalances. Real combat is about as fun as being spawn killed repeatedly in first person shooters. That’s what real combat is like – as soon as you appear your dead. That’s not much of a game.

  8. Iskariot says:

    All these numerous MMO’s are killing me. I am sick of it.

    I would rather see a new open ended single player space fighting/trading game in the tradition of Privateer or Elite. A game like that in the Star Wars universe would be even better. I would love to play a smuggler, my customizable ship getting boarded by imperial customs, making a profit with illegal trade, doing some business for the rebellion, or being an independent bountyhunter and getting hired by whoever pays most. Why was there never a Star Wars game like that?

    But No MMO’s please, no more.