Indie Film Making: Us And The Game Industry

Those guys.

Indie Game: The Movie isn’t the only movie about, er, indie games. There’s another in the works, featuring the likes of Jenova Chen, Jason Rohrer, Edmund McMillen, Petri Purho, ThatGameCompany, along with many others, called Us And The Game Industry. And it’s fair to say they have similar themes. The major difference being, Indie Game: The Movie is finished, while Us And The Game Industry is stalled, needing more funding. You can see the trailer below.

I think it’s safe to say Us & features slightly different games – there’s heavy emphasis on Journey in the trailer below. It’s directed by Stephanie Beth, and her company Common Dreams Media. And, well, take a look:

There is a Kickstarter, looking to gain another $17,000, but as ever we don’t directly endorse giving to it, as we don’t know enough about the project or those behind it. I’ve heard you can make your own mind up about these things.


  1. N'Al says:

    I’ve heard you can make your own mind up about these things.

    What!? If you can’t be bothered to tell us what to think, then what good are you RPS, huh?!? WHAT GOOD ARE YOU!?

    • westyfield says:


  2. Domothy says:

    The speakers that the guy on the right has? I used to have them, and they’re crap.

  3. apocraphyn says:

    No offence to the guys, but I’d rather spend my money on indie games, rather than on a movie about indie games.

  4. lessthandan says:

    I’m glad to see that this movie actually contains some thoughtful insight and interviews about the industry; as opposed to “Indie Game: The Movie”, which looks like a sappy hipster art-film with all style and no substance.

    • AndrewC says:

      Yah, yah, I can’t stand that finished game movie, it’s so last year. I’m watching a different one, but you wouldn’t have heard of it. Yah.

    • Terragot says:

      Indie Game the movie? What’s that? A movie? Movies are so last year I now watch automated-photoscripted-zines.

  5. Terragot says:

    I don’t know whether to find this humble or condescending. You damn indie kids and your superior knowledge of art, if only all of us understood the weight death holds on us!

  6. Meatshield87 says:

    Stephanie is my film teacher so I really want to see this finished! I would never have picked her for one to make a film about the indie game industry but if this gets finished I know for a fact it will be damn good. She thinks about things in a much different way to what i imagine other directors would.

  7. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I dunno. On one hand I want to support this, on the other hand I feel a bit cynical about development costs for documentaries. You can make a documentary with $0, that’s what’s so appealing about making them. If they have exhausted traditional channels (you know, the people who would want something in return) then it seems that either they blew the budget and are trying to cover debts, in which case people donating are effectively paying back the original people that funded it, or that something about the production was flawed in some way. If this was truly a labour of love, they’d find a way to make it without spending any more money, as countless other docu filmmakers have done.

    • AndrewC says:

      The people making it need to live. It is very reasonable to ask to get paid to make something.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      This isn’t like the double fine situation, where they have an idea which they can’t get funding for via normal means. They’ve started the project, and presumably mean to get paid on completion. Somewhere along the line they ran out of money, and if as you suggest, they need more money in order to continue paying their own wages, then I don’t really consider that people need to bail them out. They could always put this on the shelf and do something else. I just think this is a bit cynical.

      Of course, if people want to donate money to them so that the project gets completed, then I wish them well.

      EDIT: By the way, they are asking you to donate $25 to receive the DVD in advance, which is probably more than it would cost to buy it retail. Compare this to double fine, who are giving the game to people who pledge less than what it will probably retail for.

    • Meatshield87 says:

      Yes but when you consider the cost of both flying the filmmakers to different locations and moving the equipment round the costs become huge. The director of this film lives in New Zealand so of course it’s not like they can simply go on a road trip to film a documentary. Flights can be cheap but not when you urgently need to get somewhere by a date and didn’t book in advance.

  8. MistyMike says:

    She like to play LOOONG time

  9. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I’m curious about about who the “and more” are.

    I love the look of Journey and would be interested in learning more about its development, but I find it hard to get into Jason Rohrer’s work. Interesting concepts, but beyond the initial “oh, I get it” there’s not that much game there (I’m thinking specifically of Passage… I’ll admit I haven’t played most of his other stuff).

    From the video the film seems to be only about Rohrer and thatgamecompany.

    To be fair, Indie Game The Movie has a narrow focus as well, but it also seems to have more of a narrative arc.

  10. vivlo says:

    Now i really want to play Journey.

    PS3 exclusive

    RPS don’t show us things like this :'(