InMomentum Patches In New Maps, And A GhooOOooost

B..b..b..but it's haunted!

InMomentum, the runny-jumpy leap-em-up from Digital Arrow, is getting its first major patch. Which brings me to the realisation that “runny” isn’t a good word to describe a game. Ew. However, it does mean the game is getting a bunch of new content, maps, as well as tweaks and improvements.

So amongst the new bits and bobs is a ghost feature. That’s a pretty sweet inclusion for anyone looking to compete against themselves. There’s also three new maps, Flux, Echo and Reflex, and you can skip tutorials. There are also improvements to the multiplayer lobbies, along with a “next game voting feature”. Here’s the full list:

• Added Ghost feature
• Debugged and re-added Trail feature
• Added Toggle Ghost interface element
• Added Toggle Trail interface elements
• Fixed Menu not saving the last played map, now it also saves last map played after the game was quit
• Restart Map now does not restart the music track in progress
• Music system now plays a new song when a new map is loaded
• Music system plays all tracks from OST before re-playing any song twice
• Added new map Flux
• Added new map Echo
• Added new map Reflex
• Tutorial segments are now skippable for faster advancement
• Updated multiplayer Lobby System
• Updated multiplayer Level changing
• Added multiplayer “Next Game Voting” feature
• Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity change would crash the game
• Fixed various smaller bugs and leaks regarding the game menu and game controls
• Fixed screen tearing problems in Fullscreen
• Optimized Fullscreen in Widescreen play

You can read why Alec thinks it’s a game you should play here.


  1. Flukie says:

    I honestly would rather play Tribes: Ascend if I fancy moving fast in first person.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I can’t jump from the side of walls in Tribes. It’s missing, in my opinion.

  2. Herzog says:

    Maybe they added some momentum too. Despite the name I think this game has no real flow. Think I am too spoiled of fluid q3 and cpm physics. Anyways, will have a look at it again…

    • Gnoupi says:

      I would suggest to spend time on the “Freestyle” map. There you can really go as you will, no constraints of globes to catch which are not ideally placed, or other things like that. You can really have a better flow, since it’s your own flow.

      It will remain more floaty than a Q3 engine, though, for sure, and the feeling is closer to flying/gliding than a Q3 chain of jumps.

  3. Hakkesshu says:

    Really wanted to like this, but everything about the design just rubs me the wrong way. Like they intentionally did everything in their power to sabotage any feeling of actual momentum and fluid movement.

  4. tomeoftom says:

    Yeah I think they screwed the feel, especially as there’s no physicality to anything.

  5. Juan Carlo says:

    This game sucks balls.

    I was hoping for a “Mirror’s Edge” meets “Tron” type experience, but instead it’s a tedious reach check point after check point with no story line type thing.

    Plus, unlike Mirror’s Edge there is really no “feel” for your own body. So you basically just feel like a disembodied cursor. Which is probably the biggest single flaw with the game. You never feel any sort of physicality or gravity or actual momentum. You are just a floaty disembodied cursor moving through space.

    I really hate this game. And it probably won’t change unless they completely overhaul how it plays.

    • Juan Carlo says:


      I didn’t read his review or anything. And I am not a professional game reviewer, or anything. But I can say with (my own) authority that Alec is totally wrong if he ” thinks it’s a game you should play.”

      Do not waste you money on this tripe.

      It sucks both my balls, vag, and also my ass.

      ALL AT ONCE!

      Which, of course, is the only recommendation that you need.

    • morbius says:

      The game actually was supposed to have a very interesting and original story expansion, there is a tiny teaser of it in the tutorial. Some very interesting mods of play were also planned, but again, you have to balance what you can do with the tiny amount of resources you have. Who knows, some day maybe…

  6. Muzman says:

    Oddly, the feeling of momentum and the visual design is one of the things I thought may not work, but they got very right. The game is quite responsive and exhilarating once you pick up speed with a genuine sense that you are building momentum, as they say.
    Its the other aspects that are wanting.
    It’s possible the level design doesn’t help. The learning curve is quite steep and you can think you’re getting it when you’ve actually got a long way to go in skill. I think they underestimated that aspect and needed to ease people in a lot slower. I maintain they got the movement core of it right, however. They just needed to show that better.

  7. bill says:

    I was really excited about this, it looked lovely in design and idea. But all the videos I’ve watched look really un-fun. It’s mainly the level design – lots of narrow beams and places to fall, and lots of need for side strafing jumps, etc. It looks weird and un-natural in motion and nothing like the mirror’s edge I’d hoped for.

    Almost bought the bundle it was in just to try it, but in the end I decided it didn’t look appealing. Sad to say.

  8. Borborygme says:

    Since I played that runny game my keyboard is all sticky D:

  9. cosmicolor says:

    I wonder if the devs regret the art direction they went for, seems like it’s totally worked against them with the sheer amount of people who expected another Mirror’s Edge and got something else.

    • siegarettes says:

      That’s every complain I’ve heard about it. “I thought it was going to be like Mirror’s Edge”.

      I found that if you judge it on its own merits, its an enjoyable, although very skill based experience. Well, as long as you only play time trial and not the stupid ball collecting mode.