Hexes And Mechsies: Mechwarrior Tactics

Yesterday, the chug of a guitar echoed around RPS as a mech made a drop into enemy territory. Today, more mechs and from the same universe, but these ones are a great deal quieter because they exist in the frozen screenshots of Mechwarrior Tactics. Perhaps as you look at the hex-based battles you’ll be inclined to play raucous music from your personal collection. That is your choice and although I’d suggest something of a more baroque nature to accompany tactical cognition, do not feel compelled to follow my lead. Click to make ’em mech-sized. Or at least a bit bigger.

HEXES! I knew they were in there somewhere. And here’s more of them!

There’s not a huge amount of information on the game out there, but it doesn’t look like a Facebook mech-farming game, as the developer’s pedigree had for a brief moment terrifyingly suggested. Here’s what has been revealed, along with the very important fact that it’s all turn-based.

Earn Experience and new resources as you advance your level through gameplay
Upgrade and customize your Mechs in your Mech Bay
Make the most of each Mech’s unique configuration for total battlefield domination
Customizable Mechs – seamless store integration means never having to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission
Asynchronous Combat: Multiple concurrent battles with players from around the world
Competitive ranked games and global leaderboards lets the world know you’re in charge. Play for a chance to win larger, more meaningful reward payouts
Watch and share your completed battle using a unique cinematic replay feature


  1. Premium User Badge

    Gassalasca says:

    I came a little.

  2. pseudoart says:

    Mechwarrior tactics? Why not call it what it is? That’s Battletech right there! =)

    • Lord Byte says:

      While most grognards know the Battletech games and universe, most other people know it only as Mechwarrior.

    • lunarplasma says:

      I do still think it should be called Battletech though.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      If it’s not BattleTech then it’s more Mech Commander than MechWarrior. Guess it might come down to licensing or something stupid like that though.

    • Gundato says:

      I want that so badly.

      And I don’t see anything other than Mechs in the screenshots. So Mech* probably still makes more sense.

      Also, calling it “Battletech” might imply the full rules of the tabletop game. Whereas Mech* means they can do whatever they want (within reason) to make it more conducive to what they are shooting for.

      But yeah, I am loving the return of Battletech. Hell, most of the novels are available as ebooks these days (last year it seemed to just be Warriors and Blood of Kerensky, but now you can get more of the ones set after the clan invasion. Which gives Kai Allard-Liao his happy ending for all of a year or so).

  3. lurkalisk says:

    There’s really only one kind of music that works with turn based strategy for me, after sinking so much time into Civ IV in the days of yore…

    Anyway, this is definitely looking more promising.

    • bglamb says:

      “There’s really only one kind of music that works with turn based strategy for me, after sinking so much time into Civ IV in the days of yore…”


      It’s a Bette Midler CD I used to play on loop whilst playing Civ II.

    • lurkalisk says:

      I was thinking the soundtrack to Yentl.

    • 0WaxMan0 says:

      The writer to that track ‘Christopher Tin’ actually won 2 grammy’s for it (first grammy win for a computer game). He also has an album link to christophertin.com, I can confirm that the other tracks are equally as good and play well together.

  4. TheBigBookOfTerror says:

    I don’t understand. This looks good. How did that happen?

  5. Skeletor68 says:

    I used to listen toThe Hives while playing Alpha Centauri. Chairman Yang was the main offender.

    Also can I have this game, the new X-COM and Starbound right now please?


  6. Brothabear says:

    Love these companies rebooting mechwarrior/battletech. They are doing Gawds work! It been too long since there was a mech game, let alone a mech game that didnt have shit to do with anime

    though I am pissed off we dont have ingame screnns of mechwarrior online yet of course. Good things come to thoes who wait I suppose

  7. Yuri says:

    I literally cannot wait for this to come out soon enough.
    Mechs and turn-based strategy. On hexes. God.

  8. Elenar says:

    Was there a similar hex-based mech strategy game like this made in the mid 90s? I seem to remember one but I can’t remember the name.

    • Strange_guy says:

      Don’t know about the 90s, but there’s a 2003 hex based mech game which has been released for free- link to matrixgames.com:.Warring.Suns

      Though it is nowhere near as pretty as those screenshots look.

    • RobinOttens says:

      Yessir! Mission Force: Cyberstorm. Set in the Earthsiege/Starsiege/Tribes universe. I remember loving that universe and never really being interested in Mechwarrior.

      Sad those games don’t run on newfangled computers anymore.

      Edit: Thanks Galaxy613! You made the sun shine a bit brighter this day. Now I’m off to see if anyone’s patched Starsiege too.

    • Galaxy613 says:

      Cyberstorm 1 works with a community patch. Cyberstorm 2 works out of box. Earthsiege 2 needs an updated installer you can get the sierra help page but otherwise still works. All of this on a 64bit W7 machine.

    • Jebediah Adder says:

      I also recall a top-down hex based mech strategy game from the 90’s. Tried to google it, but couldn’t nail it down for certain. It might have been Mech War, but somehow my memory has preserved a far more fetching image of the graphics…

    • HSuke says:

      Oh God, Yes! Do want now.

  9. HisMastersVoice says:

    That… is… beautiful.

    It’s like we flashed back to the 90s but took our GPUs with us.

  10. Skeletor68 says:

    As an aside it brought back memories of the first Heavy Gear. What a game!

  11. bateleur says:

    I love the concept… but unfortunately I have my cynic hat on today. Balancing turn-based wargames is incredibly hard. Correspondingly, I’m finding it hard to have faith that the developers have the right skills to pull this off.

    It’s not just me, right? The sequence goes something like this:

    * Buy exciting new turn-based game.
    * Run through the tutorial content.
    * Fifteen minutes later you’ve figured out builds and strategies which break almost every mission.
    * Wish someone would do this kind of thing properly.

    • Joshua Northey says:

      Frankly it is extremely hard to balance SP campaigns in a tactics game because no matter how strong you attempt the make the AI it will still trounce a player. So you are left with giving it huge resources.

      In my opinion MP is the way to go for long term re-playability with this type of game. Look at something like Wesnoth which has had a small but top shelf MP community running for like 5+ years.

      If this could be as balanced as Wesnoth MP but with Mechs and better graphics that would be awesome.

      *Full disclosure I was a Wesnoth MP dev for a couple years in there somewhere*

  12. caddyB says:

    Is it Battletech on computer? REALLY? REALLY? CAN I HOPE?

  13. robinbloke says:

    All we need is giant bouncing dice across the battlefield scattering the mechs like candy and it’s there.

    House Davion shall conquer again!

    Although we’re likely all playing mercs…

  14. subedii says:

    I’m not entirely clear on this, is this going to be a stand-alone product, or a F2P game where the “store” they’re talking about is a microtransactions store?

    If the latter well… let’s just say I’ve rarely seen good things of trying to combine strategy with F2P, or any sort of imbalanced progression system in general (*COUGH*C&C4*COUGH*COUGH*) where guys at different ‘levels’ have access to different things.

    • caddyB says:

      Skins maybe? Painting your mechs pink is a big deal after all.

    • BobsLawnService says:

      This is the reason why I’m suddenly not interested in the game. It sounds absolutely awful.

      A store makes absolutely no sense in this context.

    • subedii says:

      @ CaddyB:

      Customizable Mechs – seamless store integration means never having to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission

      If that means what it sounds like it means, it isn’t skins they’re talking about. At least not solely.

      I mean a LOL style model might work, but that sentence seems to imply otherwise. Assuming of course it is F2P / microtransactions.

    • MrPyro says:

      @BobsLawnService: I’m hoping they mean an in-universe store, in which you can use in-universe currency earned from missions to buy mech upgrades.

      I’m really really hoping.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      There wouldn’t be any doubt about having to close the game to use the in-game currency though. That they mention how seamlessly the store integrates into the game is a pretty damning indictment of equiping your mechs via microtransactions.

    • MrPyro says:

      Stop crushing my hopes!!!

      (yeah, I went back and re-read the line and it does seem to indicate that. Sad face)

    • Joshua Northey says:

      Who is playing all these garbage FtP games that come out? How do they make any money? I have tried several and I always decide they are complete trash before I ever get anywhere near giving them money. I think FtP games have gotten a total of maybe $5.00 out of me total.

  15. Malibu Stacey says:

    As a former BattleTech & Mech Commander 1 & 2 player, I thoroughly approve. Definitely one to look out for.

  16. Ett_1762 says:

    you had me at hexgrid…

  17. carn1x says:

    All this mech crap just makes me yearn for K-Bots.

    • subedii says:

      Who DOES own Total Annihilation at the moment?

      And what in the world are they doing with it?

    • Bobtree says:

      No idea, but I recommend giving Zero-k a spin if you want to scratch the TA itch.

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Tried Zero-K, interface is a mess of tooltips and tiny buttons, they manage to make units uglier than in the TA-based Spring games like Balanced Annihilation… I won’t be coming back.

  18. RogB says:

    i have a curious twinge in my groin area. TBS + Hex + good graphics?

    its like someone has actually been listening to the initial Xcom FPS outrage

  19. MadTinkerer says:


    First we get two faithful X Com reboots. Then Tim Schafer announces a new 2D point & click adventure. Now we have a new turn based, hexagonal terrain Mechwarrior.

    It’s like someone finally axe-murdered all of the clueless marketing execs at all the major publishers as they so very much deserve. Or… wait… THAT’S IT! THANK GOD FOR ZUCKERBERG!!!

    Don’t you see!?! Facebook is absorbing all of the attention of all the idiots who would otherwise be ruining our fun! They’re all too busy making every last Facebook game suck to realize that people are actually putting money and effort into making proper oldschool games!

    And now I don’t have to go on that killing spree after all!

  20. Matt says:

    I would’ve gone with “Hex Mechs”, myself.

  21. r3spawn says:

    “seamless store integration means never having to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission”

    I was literally about to do a happy dance until I read that line

    I guess that’s what you get when you hire a developer that works exclusively on facebook games

  22. Nallen says:

    Is there one of those discussions some where about who beats who in a giant stompy robot deathmatch, like the millions that exist for Superman vs. Hulk, Terminator vs. Robocop and Pirates vs. Ninjas? I could totally kill an afternoon reading Evangelion vs. Mechwarrior vs. Zoids or something.

  23. waha says:

    >customizable mechs
    >turn based

    it will be GLORIOUS!
    i have high hopes for this, they better don’t fuck it up

  24. buzzmong says:

    Awesome news, apart from the store thing, which will hopefully be something you seek out rather then being thrusted into your face during the game.

  25. JackDandy says:

    I understand it’s very focused on P2W mechanics, which is really too bad.

    • Dominic White says:

      And where did you get this information, given that they’ve only just shown the first screenshots of the game today?

      RPS is the only place on the internet that I’ve seen chanting ‘PAY 2 WIN! PAY 2 WIN!’ whenever something that isn’t traditional retail.

  26. imperialus says:

    Looks badass. It’ll be interesting to see how they monitize it though. There is such a wide range of capability among IS mechs it would be really easy to turn it into a P2W game in a sort of “Want a heavy mech?” 10 bucks for a Catapult, 5 for a rifleman, ect.

    • HothMonster says:

      Jeeze the pessimists around here. It would be easy to turn ANY game into p2w. You just have to hope the devs are not just greedy assholes.

    • Billzor says:

      “Customizable Mechs – seamless store integration means never having to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission”

      Sounds pretty greedy to me.

      I imagine that instead of resource points being allocated to you after a mission, you’ll salvage some things during the missing ala Mechcommander, but if you really want that Clan LRM or LBX10 and don’t want to wait for a chance find in the salvage, then you’ll shell out some cash.

      I’m also guessing skins, support vehicles and extra resource points will be available through the store, as well.

  27. Jim9137 says:

    Mechs in the night

    all right

  28. Robert says:

    Mmmmm, I like tactics games. I’m not particularly fond of mechs, but I’ll live. :-)

  29. Azhrarn says:

    DO WANT!

    looks amazing, I’d love to get my hands on that asap. ^^

  30. Svant says:

    “Players earn, collect, and purchase combat and aesthetic resources to outfit each Mech and prepare for the next online battle.”

    Really sounds like the nail in the coffin for this game. Just online battles where you buy shit to play >.<

  31. SirDimos says:

    Funny, I was just telling a friend yesterday how much I wanted a remake of Mission Force: Cyberstorm, and even loaded it up with VMWare and played through a few missions just to sate my nostalgia.

    I couldn’t be happier seeing a very similar game in production. I really hope that they give us plenty of room to customize. Too many remakes these days “streamline” these sorts of options. I don’t care if stacking massive amounts of armor, heatsinks, and jumpjets on a weaponless mech is a retarded loadout – I still want to be able to try it out.

  32. 1Life0Continues says:

    How has Front Mission not been mentioned yet? I certainly got massive FM vibes from these screenshots. The amount of enjoyment I got from that series (what was released outside of Japan anyway) was boundless. Wielding dual shotguns and executing massive finishers on giant mechs in the middle of a city was pure bliss.

  33. RegisteredUser says:

    I was just dreaming of Crescent Hawks inception the other night and wondering whether anyone would ever remake something as awesome as that again.

    Story, exploration, tactical mech battles..shooting inferno launchers at humans and smothering them with 1 shot..