Prepare For A Stolen Weekend: Heist Is Free On Steam

They're frowning on the inside
Ooh, I’m in PSA mode: bank-robbing FPS PayDay:The Heist is free on Steam this weekend, and 50% off if you choose to buy it. Dan Gril loved it, and I concur that it’s an excellent mash-up of gaming and film influences: everything from the opening sequence of The Dark Knight to Heat is mined and tossed into a Left 4 Deadish co-op run and gun. It’s kind of the perfect weekend game, if your idea of the perfect weekend is shooting policemen and being able to get to sleep at night afterwards. And if you’re not planning to play this, why not tell us what you are up to that’s so important that you can afford to ignore a free game? It better be damn good.

Here’s a ‘Let’s Play’ of the opening level. It has spoilers, obviously, but it’s actually a game where a little foreknowledge helps a great deal. While co-op fuckuppery is fun, knowing the space you have to play in and getting a clean getaway is much more rewarding. Skip to 7 mins 3 seconds to get past the preamble.

I want to see it climb those Steam charts, people.


  1. Gnoupi says:

    And if you actually want to buy it, I recommend you use Impulse, from Europe: link to

    It will allow you to pay in dollars, leading to something close to 7.5 euros instead of 9.99 on Steam. (And for the same result, since it’s a Steamworks game)

    • Dana says:

      I prefer Amazon myself.

    • Gnoupi says:

      But you can’t buy on Amazon’s download service, from outside USA, if I remember.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address.

    • lonewolf80 says:

      Amazon had the game on sale for $5 USD a couple days ago…it seems they’ve raised to price to match Steam’s. Also, apparently you can bypass Amazon’s “region restriction” by using any US address.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I wouldn’t advise changing the billing address too much. When you pay by card, your billing address should match the real one, the one your bank knows. At least the country.

      If not, there is a possibility that your bank will cancel the transaction, as a protection (from people stealing from your account, from another country, typically). So you will put yourself in an unpleasant situation, and maybe some fees, and it’s not really worth the hassle. (It actually happened to me when buying on GetGames, since there was a big difference between the euro and gbp price).

    • moaspfh says:

      Fun little game but can I reiterate how much I loathe the art direction? Those masks are appalling, who thought they were a good idea? link to

  2. iARDAs says:

    Freaking awesome game, Thought the game needs more maps for sure. This will be my first free weekend trial purchase it seems.

    • Juan Carlo says:

      It’s a good game. I’m not sure it has the content to support a free weekend, though. You can play through all the missions in like 4 hours. And if you do nothing but play, you could even probably get all the unlocks in like 12 hours or so.

      It doesn’t have a versus mode so for me the game doesn’t have much replay value.

    • zaphod42 says:

      Its a great game for sure. I remember being interested when I heard about it, but It looked kinda meh and I’ve had so many games and so little time so I kinda ignored it.

      The comparisons to Left 4 Dead are very accurate, that is actually what it feels like above everything else. L4D but you kill cops instead of zombies… works for me.

      Yeah, it could use a few more maps, but for $9 its a ton of value. And L4D only had 4 maps.

      Also, I love how one of the maps is literally called “Heat Street”. Its the street fight scene from the movie Heat, and they aren’t even pretending otherwise.

      Which is fine, because the whole movie heist theme is great, one of the things that really sells me on this. They did a good job of the character voices, the level design, etc.

      Very surprised by how good it plays. :D

  3. kirkbjerk says:


    Well log analysis lab report
    Sequence straigraphy lab write up
    Sedimentary basin analysis exam study
    Matricies exam study
    Statistics exam

    Although ‘free’ is a debilitating word for a college student. Even with all the study I have to get done this weekend, I’ll likey succomb.

  4. sidhellfire says:

    Maps, more damned maps!

  5. spirit says:

    I’m in there like swimwear.

  6. Herr Dr. Face Doktor says:

    Free weekends have sold me too many games not to become a more regular occurrence. If Steam could do this every week they’d be rolling in dough.

    • scottossington says:

      you mean they will be rolling in even more dough

    • zaphod42 says:

      Yeah, exactly! Its brilliant. Games like this I was very on the fence about, it could end up being good, but also, I’ve bought a ton of shitty games (like all other gamers) and have learned to be wary about my wallet.

      But after trying it out for free, playing the full game, you know what? Sold.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      If they did a 25% off keys in the Mann Store, people would shit bricks and Gabe could finally build that 5-story mansion out of Ferraris that he’s always wanted.

  7. Tei says:

    The graphics are superdetailed and realistic, the weapons hand very well, and the maps feel different. Its a great small game.

    • Mijit says:

      @ Tei, The graphics are anything but “super detailed & realistic”, they’re functional at best, hilariously bad at worst.

      The gun models are particularly bad at times.

      link to

    • notjasonlee says:

      no shit. this is probably one of the developer’s moms. get outta here, old lady!

  8. Chris D says:

    “And if you’re not planning to play this, why not tell us what you are up to that’s so important that you can afford to ignore a free game? It better be damn good.”

    Downloading Saints Row 3 seeing how it’s 50% off?

    • gou says:

      and I’ll be refreshing rps constantly in hope of the promised guild wars 2 article because I have become addicted to a game I haven’t even played yet :|

  9. mjig says:

    I got it for $5 on Amazon a couple of days ago. Fantastic game for the price, even in single player. Going to try to rope some friends into coop this afternoon.

    Why aren’t there more games like this? Everybody played cops and robbers as a kid, surely there has to be a large market for it.

  10. Malibu Stacey says:

    And if you’re not planning to play this, why not tell us what you are up to that’s so important that you can afford to ignore a free game? It better be damn good.

    DotA 2 and yes it is (it’s also free too).

    Still might give this a look depending on how much it needs to download.

  11. zin33 says:

    people ask for more maps yet ive played over 50 hours and yet i couldnt still beat em all in overkill.
    finish them on overkill then ask for more maps :)

    • Pyrosity says:

      Why should people be required to beat the current maps on the hardest difficulty before getting new ones? What logic is that?

      Maybe I get tired of or hate one or two maps and don’t want to try to beat them on overkill, what then? :P

  12. soco says:

    Looking forward to this with a couple buddies of mine. If we have a full four I’ll be pleased as punch, maybe even convince everyone to get the discounted 4 pack to split between us.

  13. KillahMate says:

    I will in fact be finishing Portal 2, so there.

    Also, the opening sequence of The Dark Knight wore its own Heat influences quite liberally.

  14. Gotem says:

    I was planning to wear a U.S. president mask and rob a bank and after that go surfing during a storm

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I believe the surfing level will be in DLC…

      “You’re sayin’ the FBI’s gonna pay me to learn to surf?”

  15. Snakejuice says:

    Bought on release, played one map then uninstalled it. Why? The weapons felt like pea shooters. Now I’m seeing people comment here about “great game”, “weapons hand very well” etc. Did they by any chance change the gunplay in a later patch? If so I might reinstall and give it another try..

    • notjasonlee says:

      god no, it’s an AWFUL game. i convinced two of my friends to get it and we lasted two levels before quitting it forever. cops respawn INFINITELY, so if you don’t move forward (ie, get shot 300 times), you run out of ammo and lose. and that’s just one of the many problems with the game. it is left4dead in all the wrong ways, basically.

    • DoctorBrain says:

      I recently bought the game from Amazon – I have soft spot for heist movies/games and they were selling it for $5. I have to agree with you, the game is underwhelming at best. The guns definitely do feel like peashooters; on just normal difficulty it can take most (if not all) of an AR magazine to kill an enemy. Advanced enemies (similar to the special infected in L4D) take even more. You’re constantly running out of ammunition. On top of that, the graphics are subpar and the gameplay has a lot of unnecessary filler – events that shouldn’t really take all that long end up taking up 10 or 15 minutes. An example of this is when you have to light a van on fire to burn out its occupant – it takes forever, since you have to put on one can of gasoline, then fight off a wave of police, then put on another can, rinse, repeat.

      I see a lot of people talking up the game, saying how great it is and praising its success, but I can’t help but feel they must be talking about another game.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      The cops come in waves, called “Assaults.” During these Assaults they will constantly try to come at you. Think of it like L4D’s horde waves. Usually, there’s a “cool down” time of about 45 seconds, maybe a minute, where they spawn a lot less, hang back and don’t rush you, and will easily give up (surrender and become hostages if you injure them enough). After that, it’s back on again. Bain, the guy on the radio, will tell you when the cops are pulling back and when the next Assault wave is about to begin. Listening to him is actually very useful and important.

      Considering you have 3 weapons, you should have enough ammo. If not, well, that’s why you have ammo bags that players can equip themselves with. If you don’t want to push through during an assault, then wait until the wave dies down and the cops pull back. Use that time to move forward, as it will be a LOT simpler. However, the final assault wave does not end. They will come infinitely until you reach the end. On most maps it’s fairly easy to get to the “safe zone.” Green Bridge being the one notable exception to that. (that last run on Green Bridge is tough…)

      When you start off, your guns are VERY inaccurate. This will ease up once you gain a few levels and unlock accuracy perks for the guns, and you will eventually get a red dot sight once you gte to a certain level. Gaining levels is, actually, very easy to do. Especially once you beat a few missions on Overkill. 145 might seem really high, but it’s not really hard to get there. Especially if you have friends or clanmates to play with.

      I admit the graphics aren’t all that great, but they’re sufficient. The levels are pretty short, only about 15-20 minutes long. Heat Street, where you have to smoke the guy out of the van, is a bit of a PITA, and the van thing is kind of annoying, but it’s a nice change of pace from a lot of the other maps and it really only takes about 5-7 minutes. It just seems longer. Overall, the levels do feel rather varied and they don’t feel repetitive at all. You’d be hard pressed to mix them up.

      If you like L4D, then you might like this. It’s not perfect, but it is a fun game, IMO. But, hey, diff strokes for diff folks.

  16. Brise Bonbons says:

    I’ve been curious about this game, but my group of friends already have Killing Floor, EyE, Borderlands, and L4D2 not getting played, we can manage without another option to ignore. And honestly those games all have more interesting atmosphere and subject matter, at least to my taste.

    This is not even touching the truly ludicrous backlog of games I own but have never even installed, much less played… Also I mean to actually buy Crusader Kings 2 one of these days.

  17. hypercrisis says:

    Fun little game but can I reiterate how much I loathe the art direction? Those masks are appalling, who thought they were a good idea?

    • Oak says:

      Someone who really liked The Dark Knight.

    • Harlander says:

      You can pick a different set of masks in-game; inexplicably, it’s called BEEEEEEEF. It’s gas masks or something.

  18. Andy_Panthro says:

    My only exposure to Heist is the following series of videos from Jibar and Rutskarn:

    link to

    Which make the game seem a touch ridiculous really (although no doubt fun).

    However, if I want multiplayer manshoots action, I will stick with Counterstrike, Firearms and TF2.

  19. Jim9137 says:

    Why am I reminded of the specialists?

  20. Torgen says:

    Well, this weekend I’m participating in two alpha tests (one for a friend’s company,) some Star Trek Online (roped into by another friend and am curious about some of the gameplay mechanics,) need to see if my connection is any better in Perpetuum, and make a showing in my World of Tanks clan that I haven’t played with in over a week.

    Added to that, I *really* don’t like the “shoot cops who are just doing their job protecting the public” that this game involves.

    • Tom OBedlam says:

      So not a fan of GTA, HL2 or Mafia?

    • Kwask says:

      HL2 cops weren’t necessarily doing their jobs just for the public’s safety, most of them were just doing it so that they would get better living conditions.

    • jezcentral says:

      Same here. I mean, I don’t mind playing Saints Row 3; at least they start the shooting. Shooting police for the sake of shooting them as the whole point of the game rubs me up the wrong way.

      This game has always been a no-buy for me. Strange, as I am aware that it’s not real.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      If it makes you feel any better, most of the times the cops do shoot first. Also, you can take cops hostage during the “cool down” between assault waves.

      Also, I might be wrong on this, but I swear the cop rushes on some levels, like Green Bridge and First World Bank, are less brutal if you take a lot of the guards hostage in the beginning instead of just killing them.

      But, yeah, there is a lot of cop killing. I dunno. To me it’s no real different than kids playing “cops and robbers.” It’s an easily defined concept of rivalry, not some esoteric sociopolitical stance. But I can certainly understand why it turns some people off.

  21. MadMatty says:

    meh. another bunch of self healing bullet sponges.

    • KaL_YoshiKa says:

      This comment couldn’t be more wrong.

      1. They have Self Regenerating armor. It drains extremely quickly (especially on higher difficulties).

      2. Actual health does not regenerate.

      3. The only way to regain health is medkits dropped by someone carrying them.

      4. Medpacks are extremely limited and take up valuable slots for other items (like ammo which is ALSO extremely limited).

      Honestly all things considered this game is one of the strictest modern shooters around in terms of health.

  22. gayylalgli says:

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    Soldiers is in some ways reminiscent of the Commandos series, but the scale and nature of the battles you fight make it a little more comparable to a real-time version of this year’s Silent Storm. You can control your troops in standard real-time strategy fashion by selecting, pointing, and clicking. The context-sensitive controls do a good job of letting you position troops smartly behind cover and corners, jump fences, or take over vehicles and fixed-gun emplacements. Where Soldiers distinguishes itself is that it lets you take direct control of individual soldiers or vehicles, using the mouse to aim weapons and the arrow keys to move and steer. While this is presented as an option, it is, in fact, a necessity, because directly controlled troops are infinitely more efficient than the ones you order around more indirectly.

    • Gnoupi says:

      And what this has to do with Payday?

    • jezcentral says:

      Expect a spam link to a 4biz or dolphin commerce site to appear here in a week or so. It’s a tactic to avoid being moderated.

  23. hamish says:

    just tried it first one or two rounds is kinda fun, but for me the guns are very arcade like l4d2, looks like heat movie but no comparison in sound, its also very much based on unlocks, if youv’e played games like swat 4 or l4d1, you may be disappointed but its free so try it out.

    PS anyone know modern Swat 4 type game?

  24. longhaia says:

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  25. Yage says:

    Yea! Kill 300 people to rob a bank.

    • CMaster says:

      We joke on TS when playing this about how Bain is the worst heist planner ever.

    • Yage says:

      Obversely one would be robing the bank to give to the poor so the hundreds of slaughtered people is completely justified. Robin Hood stye.

  26. Josh04 says:

    I’m in a production of Henry V!

  27. ScorpionWasp says:

    Way too unrealistic for my tastes. Whenever my human character is taking hundreds of assault rifle shells like they’re nothing while killing other humans in one shot, I’m grabbed violently by the colar and dragged right out of the experience.